How to Write a Company Profile with Samples and Templates to Aid You

How to Write a Company Profile: Whether a startup, small, or Fortune 500 company, a company profile is very important for any establishment to advertise their mission and vision first hand.

What is a Company Profile?

Put simply, this is a way to introduce your company professionally to future customers. Here you can tell briefly about your services and products, current status, etc.

However, whether your company is new or experienced, you should create something original and interesting for your potential clients.

A business profile is a kind of resume for your company. The entrepreneur should give all the necessary information about higher business and highlight a company’s strengths.

When writing a company profile follow the rules of resume preparation. Try to tell briefly why people need to work with you.

How to Create a Company Profile

Basic Information

Reading your profile people want to know what it is. That’s why you should specify general information about your company.

It can also show your orderliness and effectiveness. Be sure to specify the enterprise name, the year established the field of the company’s activity, contact info, and your official website.

If you have any additional basic details about your company, specify them too.

Your header, for instance, could look like:

  • Big Joe’s Construction Limited, Construction Company
  • Blackwood Office Suite No. 304, 3rd Floor, Blackwood Towers, Downtown Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA.
  • Phones +555 70 3921 6695, +555 80 9933 1759

More Specific Information

For this purpose, you can consult with your secretarial or human resource staff to know up-to-date details in several areas.

Probably, you don’t need all this information but it can simplify the process of corporate profile creation.

You may need the next information:

  • Number of employees;
  • Turnover.
  •  Low turnover shows stability, but in any case, it’s a good statistic to have on-hand;
  • Catalog of business activities.
  • This means the fields that you work with;
  • Exceptional equipment and specialties. For, example, if you are the only Nigerian company that produces very rare medicine, specify it;
  •  Your methodology and software used by you;
  •  Certifications;
  •  Imports and exports;
  • Amount of output you can handle Your future clients need to know if you are ready to meet their needs; Delivery statistics.

How many products you deliver in a certain period Specify your accounts and clients. It shows your future clients if you work with companies like theirs.

Make it short and attractive

When thinking about how to write a company profile, remember that you’re not writing a novel, it should be short and engaging.

They just need to understand what they will get working with you. If they are interested, they will try to find out more.

Experience has shown that flowery language doesn’t demonstrate your professionalism. Be simple and clear.

Keep a Clear Format Throughout

Some creative souls can let their imagination run wild when it comes to writing their business profile template.

So, if you happen to be one of those people, listen carefully to the following advice! You need to ensure your format is clear and clean throughout, including the same font and size for the body text and headers.

Don’t overpower your profile with irrelevant visuals and funky colors. Stick to those that are in line with the rest of your brand.

 Include Testimonials

Any good testimonial can add value to your brand, simply by giving consumers feedback from another customer.

It’s no longer your word (that may be biased), but that of another person that is in the same position as they are.

In a B2B company, testimonials from your biggest clients are ideal. In a B2C organization, on the other hand, short quotes with feedback that ties in with your values are best.

You want to hit the reader with real feedback, without seeming too promotional.

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