How to Use southwest Travel Funds 2022 and Travel Refund

– How to Use Southwest Travel Funds –

You probably must have heard about the Southwest flight service that just seems to be too good to be true and perhaps want to confirm how real that could be. Well, let’s get to see if all you have heard is all true.

How to Use southwest Travel Fund and Travel Refund

How to Use Southwest Travel Funds and Travel Refund

Read through this article to find out all you need to know about the Southwest Travel Fund and Travel Refund.

One thing we love most about Southwest Airlines is the option to cancel a flight and still put the unused funds towards future travel. If you’ve made use of this perk or planning to try it out. It’s time to get all started.

What are Southwest Travel Funds?

For those who may wonder what are travel funds, they are easy to understand. Sometimes, you have to cancel your flight reservations.

Then you end with unused flight tickets, they convert the funds for your later use. We refer these to as travel funds.

You might have canceled your flights before. You might even be a recipient of gift cards for travel as a passenger with Southwest. If that is so, then you most likely have travel funds left unused.

Those who have upcoming flights, they can excellently use these funds.

Southwest travel funds come in three principal ways. The first one is via the regular Southwest LUV voucher. We can give this to you when there are delays or other issues with your flights.

Then you can have your travel funds come in the form of gift cards. The third way is if you get them as gifts from your beloved ones.

Southwest does not impose cancellation fees. For this reason, you may fully use the total cost of your ticket to buy another one. But you should know that there is a condition applied in this case.

The offer is valid. It remains so as long as you cancel at least 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.


How to Use Southwest Travel Funds

To see how much money you can put toward your next trip, view your travel funds on Southwest’s site.

Let’s say if you received the funds on December 3, 2019, or later, log into your Rapid Rewards account and click “View Travel Funds” to view your available balance.

When you’re ready to use the money, you’ll have to manually enter the travel fund info when you book your new flight.

How to use Southwest Travel Funds

If you received travel funds before December 3, 2019, the process is unique. Visit Southwest’s Check Travel Funds page to look up your info.

You’ll enter your name and confirmation number for your canceled ticket; you can enter up to four confirmation numbers at a time.

It’s important to keep track of your flight confirmation numbers if you plan to use the lookup tool since this information won’t be accessible from your Rapid Rewards account.

If you’ve misplaced your flight confirmation number, try doing an email search for your Southwest confirmation notice.

To redeem your Southwest Travel Funds for flights online:

  • Select your flight and begin the checkout process.
  • Under “payment method,” you’ll be able to select “Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or LUV Voucher.”
  • Enter the information requested (e.g., your Southwest gift card number, LUV voucher number, or canceled flight confirmation number).

Can I Convert my Southwest Travel Funds to Points?

If you have unexpired Southwest travel funds, you’ll have the option to convert travel funds into Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

Depending on how you plan to use those funds, this may or may not be a good idea.

If you plan to book a flight prior to your funds’ expiration, converting might not make sense. Most times, you could lose money on the funds-to-points conversion, which gives you less flight for your money.

However, there are some cases in which converting might be the right idea. This is the case if:

  • You have existing Rapid Rewards points but are slightly short of how many you need to book the desired flight. Converting funds to points would give you a large enough balance to book the trip you want.
  • Your funds will expire before you can use them. Here, converting to Southwest points is a great way to keep the bulk of your credit from expiring and preserve your credit for future use.
  • You book flights for your family, friends, or other groups. Travel funds are linked to your name and can be used only for your own flights. Rapid Rewards points can be transferred, shared, or used to book flights for others.

Can I Transfer my Southwest Travel Funds to Someone else?

They assigned southwest travel funds they can redeem to a specific traveler and on airfare only for that traveler.

If expired travel funds are converted to a LUV voucher — or if unexpired funds are converted into Rapid Rewards points — those can be transferred to or used by someone else.

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Can I Transfer my Southwest Travel Funds to Someone else?

How Do I Extend my Southwest Travel Funds?

Southwest travel funds expire one year after the original purchase date, regardless of when your original flight is changed or canceled. Although southwest never charges change fees.

It also has a very strict policy of never extending travel funds beyond that one-year date.

If your funds expire before you’re able to use them, all is not lost. You can call Southwest and ask that your expired funds be converted into a LUV voucher.

If approved, this one-time courtesy comes at a cost of $100 (which is deducted from the voucher’s value).

You’ll then have six to 12 months to spend the funds on that LUV voucher.

Anyone not just can use LUV vouchers by the original traveler offering even more flexibility for the use of these funds.

How Many Southwest Travel Funds can I use?

You can use up to three forms of payment per Southwest transaction, including travel funds and vouchers.

As long as your travel funds are valid for the flight date and passenger(s) in question, you can apply as many as three separate vouchers to the same purchase.

It’s important to note that because Southwest only allows up to three forms of payment per transaction, your combined vouchers must cover the entire cost of the flight(s), including fees and taxes.

If you don’t have enough travel funds to pay the entire balance — or are using LUV vouchers, which require taxes and fees to be paid separately.

You’ll be limited to using two vouchers. In that case, you will need to use an alternate form of payment, like a travel credit card, for the balance.

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