How to Start Extreme Couponing and Benefits of Shopping with Coupons

How to Start Extreme Couponing and Benefits of Shopping with Coupons.

How to Start Extreme Couponing: Extreme couponers can get a huge amount of product for little money, an attractive option for some college students. Here’s how to adopt the life of an extreme couponer:

How to Start Extreme Couponing

Benefits of Using Coupons When Shopping

So, what are the benefits of using coupons while shopping? Well, the most obvious reason is SAVING MONEY. However, you only save money when you’re not wasting it on things you don’t need or won’t use. Here are three other benefits of using coupons when shopping.

  1. You can build a stockpile of items you regularly use so you won’t have to buy items again for months. (For example, You purchase name-brand toothpaste on sale at Target and use Target Cartwheel, a store coupon, and a manufacturer coupon. You pay only $1.00 each. STOCKPILE enough until the next sales cycle!)
  2. You never pay full-price on all of your favorite over-priced items.
  3. You can bless others with items. Have a coupon for something you won’t use but you know someone who can use it? That’s a great reason to buy. Couponing can help you be a better giver.

 What You Need to Start Extreme Couponing

  • A printer for printing online coupons (or just use a cashback app on your phone)
  • A laptop or computer
  • A plastic binder with dividers/labels
  • Store flyers
  • A local newspaper (and/or any other mail subscriptions with coupons)

How to Start Extreme Couponing

1. Get the Sunday Paper

The Sunday paper has the majority of coupons for the week. Simply having a Sunday paper on hand and thumbing through it to find the things you buy anyway will help you get started. Simply cutting these coupons can save you 10% on your grocery bill.

Focus on the things you buy every week. Toilet paper, shampoo, and other Health and Beauty items frequently have coupons that you should take advantage of.
Start asking your neighbors, friends, and family if they get the Sunday paper. Save that coupon flyer and scope deals from stores nearby. Check your area for a local paper. This is usually free but will contain some flyers as well.

2. Get Organized

Once you get the hang of using coupons for items you buy frequently, it is time to organize further. Cut all the coupons and store them. It doesn’t matter how you store them, as long as you can recognize that you have a coupon for a particular item when you can see it, and you can manage them well. There is nothing more frustrating than finding a coupon once you reach home. You could try a coupon organizer. Some stores will honor coupons after the fact if you bring in your receipt.

3. Pay Attention to Sales

Pay Attention to Sales

The best time to purchase items and use your coupons is when they are already on sale. BOGO deals are a wonderful thing, but 1 and 2 dollar sales also add up. Do not miss opportunities when they present themselves. If something is normally 3.99, but on sale for 1.99, and you have a coupon for 1.00 off, you would have a net savings of 75%. Nothing to sneeze at.

Make sure to only buy things you will use at some point. Spending $10 on laxatives is fine and good if you need them, but if you aren’t going to use them, you are just wasting money. Alternatively, you can donate these items to charity.

4. Double up on Coupons

The real kicker is going to be when your store has “BOGO” or “buy one, get one” free sales. You can use a manufacturer’s coupon for both items, even though one is free. For example, if an item is on a 3$ BOGO, you can use TWO 75-cent manufacturer’s coupons, bringing the cost down to 1.50 for both items.

Some stores also release store coupons that are meant to be used at that particular store. You can use both a store coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon in most cases, but you should refer to the store’s coupon policy. Even if the store will not take both coupons, keep the store coupon. Competitors will frequently honor other store’s coupons.

Once you can combine another store’s coupons with manufacturer’s coupon, then take to another store that honors competitors coupons, you may end up walking away with the item for next to nothing (or even free/payback!)

5. Forget Store and Brand Loyalty

Store loyalty is a wonderful thing, but to really maximize your savings, you have to be willing to go to other stores and play the game a bit. Brand and store loyalty will only hold you back from really amazing deals. Pieces start clicking into place once you realize you have two store coupons from store A, then go to store B (where the item is BOGO) and use manufacturer’s coupons on top of that.

Remember that coupons are usually good for quite a while, and the item you need will assuredly be on sale somewhere before they expire. Bide your time, and jump on deals when you see them. Wal-Mart will price match special prices from competing retailers.

6. Learn further tricks

Some places have double or even triple coupon days. Places that do have these days are a wonderful place to live and take advantage of coupons. If you stick with couponing, you will become extremely adept at working the system and can get some amazing deals.

Extreme couponing can almost become an art form, and you will be able to stretch your food budget very far if you pay attention. Rebates are a further step you can take, though this is mostly limited to alcohol, especially beer sales. Something to the effect of buying both the beer and $6 worth of produce/meat or other items. Do not ignore these!

7. Make an email account for couponing

Sign up on the company website. Make an email account specifically for joining the manufacturer’s online mailing lists. You can get great coupons online to print out and further your savings. This is especially handy when you really need something and can’t wait for a sale. You can target specific coupons and print them out for some light savings. Consider also signing up for couponing blogs; that will show you where the great deals are.

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Final Tips for Couponing

How to Start Extreme Couponing: Final Tips to Couponing

  • Don’t just buy something because it has a coupon. Only buy what you need!
  • It pays to check. A brand name with a coupon isn’t always cheaper than discount brands, and buying it at a more expensive store that accepts your coupon could still be pricier than buying it somewhere else.
  • See a free coupon magazine? Don’t just grab one, grab several! Even if coupons are limited to one per transaction, you can use them again on another trip!
  • If you have a high-value coupon, hold out until that item is further discounted for maximum savings.
  • If you’re really keen for savings, write to manufacturers of products you love & you’re likely to get some coupons of appreciation in return. Extreme couponers vouch that this works quite often.
  • Know the terms & conditions of your coupon before going out so you are prepared to explain them on check-out if need be. Shoppers behind you will also be grateful if you know what you’re doing and are prompt!


Couponing can be a little intimidating at first, but it is worth it. Start out extreme couponing by simply using coupons. You will start to notice patterns and trends for sales, and the more complicated deals will start to click. Something might be on sale at Winn-Dixie, BOGO at publix, and manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons. This can be a bit confusing, but with some practice and footwork, you will get the finer points straightened out, and soon will be couponing with ease.


You will make mistakes from time to time and miss some deals. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You will get it next time, and maybe something even better. You will spend less money than you ever were before and will get better at juggling the details.

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