How to sell on Mercari & Tips and Tricks You will Need to Guide You

How to sell on Mercari & Tips and Tricks You will Need to Guide You.

How to sell on Mercari: You can easily make some money by selling your unwanted items online on Mercari. Mercari’s primary focus is moving used and new merchandise quickly and efficiently through a photo-centric sales marketplace.

How to sell on Mercari

Since setup is simple and everything is manageable through a mobile device, Mercari is well suited for starting a side hustle. And there are no restrictions on item quality on Mercari, which makes it a useful space to move old, outdated, or outgrown merchandise.

How Mercari Works

Mercari is a safe and easy mobile marketplace for buying and selling clothing, electronics, household goods, specialty items, and more.


Just snap a photo of the item, add a description, and enter the price to list.

Once your item is purchased, Mercari will send you a prepaid and addressed shipping label (unless you selected to ship on your own). Just print the label, package the item, and you’re ready to ship!

Once your buyer receives the item, they’ll rate the transaction, and you’ll receive payment.


Browse anything from clothing, beauty products, electronics, and more!

See something you like? Tap the Buy button to purchase, and we’ll notify you as soon as it ships.

Buy with confidence because, with Mercari’s Buyer Protection Guarantee, we don’t release your payment until you’ve confirmed that the item has arrived as described.

Once you’ve received the item, and it’s as described submit a rating so we can release payment to your seller. If there is an issue with your item, do not rate, and instead, contact us via the Help Center within 3 days of delivery to request a return or refund.

Selling what you already have

  • No cost to you. It’s free to create an account and list products.
  • Time is your only investment. If you enjoy taking photos, writing descriptions, and posting items to the app, it’s a win-win.

Buying items to sell them

  • Reading the market. Buying items to resell can be profitable, but you’ll need to understand your customer base to actually generate sales.
  • Managing overhead. Make sure your profit margins are viable, and that you’re not spending more than you’ll actually make.
  • Hidden costs. Using Mercari to start a business may require you to buy extra products, such as a label printer to stay on top of shipping, quality packing tape to secure boxes, and a scale to weigh packages.

What type of payment does Mercari accept?

Mercari accepts all many standard payment options:

  • Major credit cards (Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay

Sellers have guaranteed options when it comes to getting paid by Mercari as long as the seller follows these specific guidelines:

  • Ship your item as described in the original post. Disclose all relevant details and be sure the buyer receives what they are expecting. This includes information on condition, flaws, color, size, and accurate photos of the item.
  • Ship within three business days. Confirm shipment with a tracking number through the app or website.
  • Follow the terms and conditions. Don’t sell any prohibited items, stolen items, counterfeit items, and the like. Read the terms and conditions before getting started.

Guaranteed payouts will be made through one of two ways: instant pay or direct deposit.

Instant pay Direct deposit
Get paid within minutes
Get paid within 2-5 business days
Deposits your balance to a debit card
Deposits your balance to your checking account
$2 fee for cash-out
Free if over $10, otherwise a $2 fee.
Cash-out maximum $500 per month
No monthly maximum cash-out

How much does it cost to use Mercari?

How much does it cost to use Mercari?

Just as Mercari tries to make it as easy as possible concerning the variety of things you can sell, Mercari also makes it easy when it comes to fees. Mercari charges a flat 10% fee on all sales, and there is no charge to list items.

Action Fee

What to watch out for when selling with Mercari

Selling on Mercari can be a great opportunity, but there are still potential risks to be aware of:

  • Time management. You’ll have to manage the customer service side of your business efficiently, answering questions, dealing with complaints, and navigating tricky situations regarding items.
  • Shipping fees. Mercari only charges 10% to sell through its marketplace, but shipping costs can quickly stack up. Even if you sell something locally, you have to ship the item to get paid through Mercari.
  • Saturated market. Since it is free to list, there is no barrier to entry, meaning that everyone can spam-post items with no investment aside from time. Taking high-quality photos and writing concrete descriptions can help you rise above the noise of the market.
  • Pay comes after item delivery. You won’t get paid until the buyer has received the item and verified it is what they ordered. It is important to factor this delay, in addition to the time of a bank transfer, into your overhead costs.
  • No international market. Shipping is limited to the United States.
  • Taxes. You’ll be earning freelance income when selling through Mercari, which carries its own set of tax burdens you may not be expecting.

A lot of these pitfalls are avoidable by reading up on Mercari before selling to make sure you understand tax implications, selling timelines, and shipping conditions.

Tips and tricks to selling on Mercari

Since Mercari is all about selling items fast and constantly shifting your inventory, traditional marketing methods aren’t highly recommended here. Practices like paid ads, social media campaigns, and the like won’t be as effective here. Here are some ways to advertise your Mercari items for free:

Tips and tricks to selling on Mercari

  • Post about it on social media. When you have a new item for sale, share it on social media with a link to your item. Don’t do this too often though since you don’t want to overload your friends’ feeds.
  • Promote your item on Mercari. Sellers can promote an item to help boost sales by lowering the price of the item for special buyers who have “liked” the item in the past week. This price reduction is by 10% for people who have “liked” the item or 5% if you want the promotion to be for everyone.
  • Offer free shipping. Buyers tend to gravitate towards items offering free shipping on most online marketplaces, including Mercari. Take advantage of this to boost your sales.

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