How to Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player Using Third-Party Tools

Sometimes when you play videos taken with your phone on your PC, the video appears in the wrong orientation in Windows Media Player. Here’s how to rotate a video in Windows Media Player using third-party media players.

  How to Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player Using Third-Party Tools

Is it Possible to Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player?

Sadly, Windows Media Player does not support video rotation. In fairness, this should not come as much of a surprise. Other tools have been released over the years that offer a far superior media player experience.

Windows Media Player is good for playback of video files, including HD/Blu-ray standards. However, rotation and advanced filters are not options with this tool.

As a result, you will have to use a third-party tool to flip your video.

Rotating A Video For Windows Media Player

If you want to continue using Windows Media Player, you’ll need another app to handle things like fixing and rotating videos.

Different options are available for rotating a video for playback in Windows Media Player:

Each solution rotates your video with the minimum of fuss, saving it in a format Windows Media Player can play.


Other Options

Try Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter can help you rotate a video on Windows and supports many common video formats like MP4, WMV, MOV and AVI. It offers a free version that will let you rotate videos, although you’ll need to purchase the paid version to avoid having a logo on the exported video.

After you install this tool, launch it and select the “Video” button to choose the video you need to rotate. This will add the video to the editing pane where you can click the scissors icon to the far right to access the editing tools.

Click the green “Rotate” button to rotate the video 90 degrees to the right at a time. Once the video looks good, click “OK.”

You can then click the “Convert” menu and select the format you want to use for the edited video. You can then click “Convert” to save the updated video to the same folder as the original, or you can update the preferences. You’re now ready to play the video in Windows Media Player.

Use Video Flip and Rotate

 How to Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player

You can also rotate a video on Windows if you use the Free Video Flip and Rotate app from DVDVideoSoft. After you install and launch the app, just drag the video you need to rotate to the main video pane, or you can click “Add file” to select the video from File Explorer.

You’ll see a set of lines and arrows below the video that are buttons you’ll use to rotate the video.

To rotate the video to the left by 90 degrees, you’d click the first arrow that points down to the left. To do a 180-degree left rotation, select the second curved arrow that looks similar to a “G” shape.

The third arrow pointing down to the right rotates the video by 90 degrees to the right, while the other options flip the video vertically or horizontally. You can use multiple buttons to rotate the video until it looks right in the preview area.

Select a format to save the updated video from the bottom-left list and then click “Save.” You can then open the rotated video in Windows Media Player.

Try Kapwing’s Online Video Rotator

To avoid the hassle of installing apps on your computer, you can rotate a MOV file or other formats such as MP4 and AVI using the Kapwing website. You can sign up for a free Kapwing account and avoid having any logos on your exported video.

After making your account, visit the site’s “Tools” page to find the option for its video rotator. You can then click the “Upload” button to select the file from your computer and open a video editor page with a live preview of your video.

Use the three buttons under the left “Rotate” pane to rotate your video 90 degrees at a time to the left (button one) or right (button two). The third button will flip your video horizontally. The online app will show your video’s current rotation and dimensions below the buttons.

Once you’re satisfied, click “Create” for the Kapwing server to process the video. You’ll soon see a page where you can download the edited video and then play it in Windows Media Player.

How to Rotate A Video With VLC Media Player

To rotate a video with VLC media player, start by visiting and downloading the app.

  1. Open the video via Media > Open File.
  2. To rotate the video, use Tools > Effects and Filters then Video Effects > Geometry.
  3. Look for Transform, check the box, and set the drop-down box to rotate as required. You can rotate videos by 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
  4. Click Save, then Close to finish, and Play to view the fixed video.

Unfortunately, this isn’t temporary; it will also rotate all subsequent videos played in VLC media player. As such, remember to disable rotation by clearing the Transform checkbox.

How to Rotate A Video With VLC Media Player

To save the rotation and view the rotated video in a different app such as Windows Media Player, use the Convert/Save tool.

  • First, complete the steps above, then open Media > Convert/Save and click Add.
    1. Find the file you wish to rotate, then Convert/Save.
    2. In the subsequent screen, find the conversion Profile and click Settings (spanner icon).
    3. In Profile Edition, click Video Codec > Filters and check the Video transformation filter.
  • Click Save, then Start to begin the conversion.

VLC media player will display a bar to denote progress. Once this has been completed, click Play to enjoy the rotated video.

With the file saved, view the rotated video in Windows Media Player or any other player of your choice.

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