How to Play Checkers

– How to Play Checkers –

Checkers is essentially the American adaptation of the widely played game Draughts (pronounce “drafts”), which has a variety of variations. The game has an interesting history and is really old. This article has provided some steps on how to play checkers. 

How to Play Checkers

What are Checkers?

Fans of board games all across the world have been enthralled with checkers for thousands of years. Due to its complexity and depth, it has earned the moniker “a mind sport of kings and men.”

Despite appearing simple, the game has been studied and hypothesized to a similar degree as other timeless games like chess or backgammon.


More Things to Know

Each participant in the two-person game of checkers is given 12 discs, 12 of which can be either light or dark in hue.

64 squares, usually black and white or black and red, alternate between light and dark hues on a conventional checkers board used in the United States.

The chess-sized board is used, and the two games are frequently sold as a set.

How to Play Checkers


While rules differ from nation to nation, these guidelines apply to the game of American Checkers, which is enjoyed by both kids and adults of all ages.

The Basics

Two players compete in a game of checkers. The game starts with 12 colored discs for each participant. (Usually, one set of pieces is red and one is black.)

The 12 dark squares nearest to each player are where they should position their pieces. Moving first is Black. Then, each player takes a turn.

There are 64 squares on the board, 32 of which are dark and 32 of which are light. Each player has a light square on the right side corner that is nearest to them in the arrangement.

When the opposing player is unable to move, one player wins the game. The majority of the time, this occurs as a result of the opponent’s pieces being all either captured or walled in.

Instructions on how to Play Checkers

Step One


Firstly, position the board. Place the board between you and the opposing player while you cross your arms. The board should be turned such that each of you has a red corner square to your right.

If your board isn’t black and red, pretend that it is by imagining the lighter color on your board to be red and the darker color to be black.

Next, choose the starting player. Determine who will go first. You can simply agree, toss a coin, or decide based on who won the most recent game.

Regardless of what you decide, the starting player receives the black and the opposing player receives the red checkers.

Step Two

Set up the board. assemble the board Each player places all twelve of his checkers in the first three rows on his side of the board, on the black squares (and only the black squares!).

Take the initiative Any checker owned by the first player (black) in the row closest to the center of the board is first moved diagonally in one place.

Due to the fact that checkers may only move diagonally, the game is only ever played on black squares.

The next player moves into step five. The following player moves one of his checkers one square diagonally. Your only option at this point in the game is to advance your pieces.

Step Three

How to Play Checkers

Switch roles Continue taking turns in this manner to advance one checker at a time or the same checker.

Jump and grab When it is your turn, you can jump your checker over your opponent’s if it is in front of you, that is if it is on a black square diagonal to yours, and if there is an empty square on the other side.

You should now remove the checker from the opposing player’s board and set it aside.

Keep in mind that there must be an empty square between each one to ensure that you are only long-jumping over one checker and not two.

Step Four

Continue switching off between moving and jumping. Tell your rival, “Crown me!” if you are successful in moving a checker all the way to the other side of the board.

He will have to take one of your captured checkers and put it on top of your checker. Now that you have a towering, mobile “monarch,” you can move him both forward and backward.

Repeat until you succeed. Up until one player captures all of the checkers belonging to the other, players will alternately move, jump, and be crowned.


Conclusively, checkers is a game so old that Egyptian monarchs played it 4,000 years ago while the pyramids were being constructed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you Jump Kings in Checkers?

Checkers can not jump Kings.

2. What are the Moves of Checkers?

Sideways, forward, or diagonally towards the opposing home space.

3. What is the Goal in Checkers?

To win back one’s players and eliminate every opponent piece from the board by jumping the opponent’s pieces and removing them from the board.

4. What’s the Best First Move in Checkers?

Your first checker (piece 1) should be placed against the board’s edge in the first column from the left or right.

5. How do you win 2 Pieces in Checkers?

A King occasionally has the ability to jump over the same stack twice in one move, taking two of its pieces with him.

6. How can Kings Move-in Checkers?

Diagonally forward and backward.

7. How does a Checkers Game End?

When the opposing player is unable to move, one player wins the game.

8. Can you Jump Two Kings in Checkers?

Multiple jumps apply to kings as well.

9. What can a Queen do in Checkers?

A queen advances by traveling diagonally through any number of vacant squares.

10. What Happens if Both Players can’t Move in Checkers?

The game is a draw.

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