How to Open the Metro Fun Savers Account With Metro Bank in 2020

How to Open the Metro Fun Savers Account With Metro Bank in 2020.

How to Open the Metro Fun Savers Account: Metrobank is one of the top three banks in the Philippines. Metropolitan Bank have an exclusive savings account for kids and teens 7 – 18 years of age called the Fun Savers Club account.

How to Open the Metro Fun Savers Account With Metro Bank in 2020

No matter how young they may be, opening this account can teach children a lot about frugality and money management. Here is everything that needs to be known.

Requirements for Opening a Metro Fun Savers Account for Children

  • Two (2) 1 x 1 recent ID pictures
  • School I.D. (must have at least 2 photocopies)
  • Birth Certificate Xerox Copy (bring along the original for verification purposes)
  • Php500 for the initial deposit (and also the maintaining balance)

What’s an In-Trust-For Account or ITF Account

Kids (even babies) below the minimum age requirement can still obtain a savings account of their own. This is the ITF account or In-Trust-For account. Parents/Guardians should bring the following:

  • Original Birth Certificate of the baby/child
  • 2 valid IDs of whoever is opening the account for the minor
  • 1 x 1 picture of the parent/guardian
  • 1 picture of the baby

Details about the Fun Savers Club Savings Account

Details about the Fun Savers Club Savings Account

  • The minimum initial deposit is 500 pesos.
  • The maintaining average daily balance is 500 pesos.
  • The minimum ADB to earn interest is 4,000 pesos.
  • You can have a free educational trust benefit worth 50,000 pesos for accounts reaching the minimum average daily balance (ADB) if something tragic happened to the parent/s.
  • They offer free personal accident insurance worth twice the ADB, not to exceed P1 million (with minimum ADB requirement).
  • They offer exclusive discounts and privileges from partner establishments (mentioned below).
  • Both peso or U.S. dollar savings accounts are eligible for enrollment.

Metrobank Fun Savers Club accounts are a great way to teach children about money and responsibility!

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Fun Savers Club Gift Check (FSC-GC)

The FSC GC is a special gift check intended to initially fund a new FSC Account or to add funds to an existing FSC account. It is an ideal birthday, baptismal, graduation, or Christmas gift for children below 18 years of age. This is the perfect gift alternative for any occasion.

The FSC GC can be purchased over-the-counter at any Metrobank branch for only P500.00.

Product Features

  • Minimum Amount: P500.00
  • Eligible Purchasers: Depositors and non-depositors, individuals and corporations
  • Beneficiaries: Individuals below 18 years of age

Benefits of a Metrobank Fun Account

Benefits of a Metrobank Fun Account

  1. Easy to purchase. Relatives/non-relatives can do away with documentary requirements in account opening.
  2. It provides a value-for-money gift alternative.
  3. It’s an affordable gift.
  4. It is a gift that offers more than its cash value—freebies, discounts, insurance, and educational benefits to club members.
  5. It’s a lasting gift.
  6. This account ensures the customer that the gift is used as intended (that is, to encourage saving).

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