How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals at Home in 2020

How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals at Home in 2022

– How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals –

If you want to learn how to make your own vinyl decals and stickers at home, maybe for your own custom vinyl decals business or for your friends, family, or yourself! 
How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals at Home in 2020

This is an easy way to make your own custom vinyl stickers and turn this into a business you can run from your own home.

Uses for Vinyl Decals

The uses for vinyl decals have few limits. There are countless creative ways to use these stickers at home, work, school, and anywhere else you can think of. Here are just a few of them:

  • Decorate toys and models, especially RC cars, trucks, and boats, etc.
  • Decorate kid’s bedrooms
  • Drawer labels, including storage, draws used for knickknacks
  • To customize giveaways at weddings and other events
  • Promotional purposes, e.g., windows, doors, mugs, bottles, and packaging
  • Mobile advertising
  • Signs and posters
  • You get the idea. Decals are truly versatile, and you can create them in any size, shape, and color.


Beginner’s Guide to Making Decals at Home

This section assumes you have a keen interest in making vinyl decals but with little knowledge. My beginner’s guide here walks you through the tools and procedures needed in easy-to-follow steps.

You need these essential tools to make your own decals:

  • Dedicated cutting machine
  • Inkjet printer
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors, Tweezers, X-Acto knife
  • Reusable squeegee
  • Materials needed for making decals include:
  • Printable vinyl
  • Clear vinyl laminate (optional)

The above are the steps on How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals.

Design Software: There are several programs to choose from. Here are 5 popular options:

  1. Sure Cuts A Lot 5
  2. Canva
  3. Maestro Label Designer
  4. Adobe Creative Suite
  5. Microsoft Word

There are others, so be sure to explore all your options before you decide. Also, some cutting machines come with dedicated software as part of the deal. Let’s now look at the above starter kit in more detail.

A computer

A computer is very important to have because if you select a design of your choice, you will need to edit it the way you want.

You can create your own design using Photoshop on the computer to make your work faster. Also, you can scan designs that you cut from a newspaper or any other source into the computer for editing.

The Plotter

This is a very sharp blade that you can use to cut your vinyl with. It is designed to be large so that it can cut through rolls of vinyl that is up to three feet or more in width.

Cutting Machines

There’s no way to avoid computer-controlled cutting machines unless you want to cut by hand. They create decals with flawless edges as they cut to perfection.

The smaller models look like regular desktop printers and are quite easy to use. The difference is that they have razor-sharp blades rather than ink nozzles. We’ll look at a few of the popular models later.

Inkjet Printers

You need an inject printer if you don’t already have one. There are lots of printable vinyl choices for use with regular desktop inkjets.

Not all vinyl is equal, so make sure you buy the right material for the type of job. The best thing about inkjets is that you don’t need special inks to print on vinyl.

That keeps things simple and cost-effective. The ink may take several hours to dry thoroughly, though

Decal Cutting Mat

Rotary cutting mats are essential for safety and precision purposes and also extend blade life. They’re inexpensive, so try not to skimp.

A decent double-sided self-healing mat should last a long time with proper use. They come in different sizes and several materials like synthetic rubbers, plastics, and rugged vinyl.

Cutting mats with gridlines make light work of the trickier tasks.

Scissors, Tweezers, X-Acto knife

You need a few tools to make vinyl decals, especially if you cut them manually. A decent pair of scissors let you quickly remove the newly cut section from the vinyl.

Some designs require a little finishing off, and that’s where the wedding pick, tweezers, and the X-Acto knife come into play. You risk making a botch of this process if you try to do it with makeshift tools.

Reusable Squeegee

The reusable squeegeee, also the vinyl application tool, is another essential part of the decal tool kit. It’s the only way to guarantee smooth substrates.

A quality squeegee applies evenly distributed pressure so that the transfer tape clings perfectly to the vinyl.

Printable Vinyl and Vinyl Laminate

There’s no shortage of printable vinyl, but you must choose the right product for your decals. Good quality vinyl is durable and uses a permanent adhesive.

Most vinyl is pretty weather-resistant and should last up to one year outside. You can add another 3–4 years to its outdoor life if you use a clear vinyl laminate. Printable vinyl sheets are available in rolls and all colors and finishes.

Step By Step Guide on How to Make Vinyl Decals

Step By Step guide on how to make Vinyl Decals:

Choose Your Design

This is one of the steps on How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals.

The first thing you must do is choose the design you want to use. If you already have a logo in mind, that is great but if not, you can create from scratch to make it very unique.

However, the fastest is to select an existing design. You can get a design from a newspaper or you can create one using Photoshop.

Scan the Design

If you cut your design from somewhere, then you will have to scan it into the computer.

This will help you to carry out the next step which is design editing. But if you selected it online or created it in Photoshop, you will just go to editing immediately.

Edit the Design

This is one of the steps on How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals.

Editing has to do with the necessary adjustments you will make in the shape or colors of the design. Also, you have to resize the design so that it can fit the space of your item.

Increase the Decals on a Page

Well, this will help you to minimize the waste of vinyl paper. The truth is that the paper is very costly and you can use one single sheet to make multiple decals as long as you avoid design overlap.

Do a Mock Print

This is one of the steps on How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals.

You can do a mock printing on white paper to make sure that the color comes out well and the shape is also right for the target space. Before printing, make sure that you have placed the paper very well to avoid mistakes.

If you are confused about the side to use, use something to mark one side of the paper so that you can be sure if the paper will face down or up.

Print the Sheet on Vinyl Paper

The next is to print the sheet where you posted many decals on the vinyl paper. If your design is a multiple layer type, you can print the same image in two places.

However, if you find out after printing that the ink is not sticking to your vinyl paper, it means that the side you loaded in the printer is the wrong side.

Preserve Your Printed Decal Sheet

This is one of the steps on How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals.

Preserve your printed decal sheet

In order to protect your decals from fading, you need to laminate the sheet.

Press the sticky side of the laminate sheet down to your decal sheet and feed through the laminator preferably a cold-press type of laminator. Remember to trim those excess laminate out before putting it in the machine.

Cut the Decal and Apply

After laminating your decal sheet, you can start cutting the decals one after the order and placing them on your object.

When you place it on the object, use your X-Acto knife to trim off the excess sides. Then peel the backing from your vinyl sheet and stick your decal to the object.

I hope this information on How to Make Money from Making Vinyl Decals has really been helpful to you. Do share your opinions and suggestions in the comment section. Also, share with your love 0nes and media accounts.

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