How to Get Your Citi Government Travel Card in 2022

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Get Your Citi Government Travel Card: Looking for the easiest ways to apply for a Citi government travel card? Carefully peruse through the following details below.

How to Get Your Citi Government Travel Card

Travel cards are a popular, convenient, and secure way to buy foreign currency and take it overseas. Essentially, travel money cards are specially designed debit cards that you load up with foreign currencies prior to traveling.

The advantage of pre-loading the card with your choice of currency is that you can do so when the exchange rate is at its most favorable. You can as well convert your money into foreign currency when it’s worth the most.

What More?

Spending in the local currency also means you won’t pay currency conversion fees every time.

Once abroad, you can reload your card or change the currencies around via the internet or your mobile phone.

You can use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs, shop for souvenirs, pay for restaurant meals or book accommodation online.


What to Look for in a Travel Money Card

The ideal card in our books has two main features: it allows you to lock in a favorable exchange rate before you go and gives you the ability to load multiple foreign currencies onto one card.

What to Look for in a Travel Money Card

The exchange rate offered is of great importance to us when comparing travel money cards on your behalf.

Another key consideration for a travel money card is fees; we look at various charges which can add up and eat a hole in your travel budget. For instance, what does it cost to load and reload the card, and what is the cost of a foreign transaction?

Other Factors to Consider

This is the cost payable when there are insufficient funds available in the local currency and the card automatically loads funds from a different currency.

You will also assess the convenience and cost of converting any foreign money back to Australian dollars when you return home.

Travel money cards must be loaded with your own funds – it can’t be a travel credit card in disguise.

What is Citi Government Travel Card?

Official Government Travel has just become easier and more fun to use with the Citi Government Travel Card.

Since 1812, Citi has been serving customers with innovative banking and financial solutions. In the credit card industry, Citi has set the standard for the world to follow.

How to Apply Online for GOVCC

The Citi online GOVCC application is a relatively cumbersome process that requires 4 signatures before submission to Citi:

  1. The A/OPC initiates the online application process by sending an email to the applicant to notify them that the process has started;
  2. The application moves to the applicant;
  3. The applicant stamps the signed application and then forwards the application to his/her supervisor for signature approval;
  4. The supervisor approves/signs the application, sends it back to the A/OPC for final review/approval, and forwards it to Citi for final processing.

Each person in the submission process of the online application must be in place to sign the application as it passes through the system.

BEST PRACTICES: DoDEA recommends using the “failsafe paper” cardholder application.


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