How to Get the Best Buys from Amazon Warehouse Deals

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Amazon Warehouse Deals: Amazon warehouse is a subsection of Amazon that offers mind-boggling discounts of up to 70%. Amazon Warehouse Deals program offers you a chance to buy used or slightly damaged merchandise from Amazon at discount prices.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

What is Amazon Warehouse?

Not all goods returned to Amazon go back into seller inventory; those that don’t, but are still in “good” condition may be sold as an Amazon Warehouse Deal.

Since Amazon specializes in returned, warehouse damaged, used or refurbished products, they can’t predict future availability for any item, so inventory continuously changes. Check back often and order quickly.

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Amazon Warehouse Product Conditions

Amazon uses conditions such as “Like New” to give you an understanding of the overall condition of the product is in.

Then they help you better understand the item by using listing comments unique to that item. They all go through a set of quality control tests at the warehouse.

Why You Should  Patronize Amazon Warehouse

Let’s say someone would have a received iPad as a gift, but would have really wanted it in another color. So, what do they do? They return it. Since they have opened the new box, it cannot be sold as a brand new product.

This is exactly when the price of that product goes down–although it is in perfect condition. This is exactly where Amazon Warehouse Deals come to play.

With great discounts and a 30-days replacement policy, Amazon has your backs, and it is always at your service solving queries, issuing replacements, and returns when requested, although within the eligible period.

How to Find Brand New Amazon Warehouse Deals

When you are shopping on Amazon and you are ready to purchase, do:

  •  Look at the price and notice the option for “Available at a lower price from other sellers, potentially without free Prime shipping.” How to get an Amazon Warehouse Deal.
  • Click on the “other sellers” link and this will take you to other options.
  • If an Amazon Warehouse Deal is available, it will show up here and you can select it. You will tell if it has Prime shipping available.
  • You will see the Open Box–Like New option or other description for other options.How to get an Amazon Warehouse Deal – Mom Tech Blog
  • Another way to search for Amazon Warehouse Deals is to go to the storefront and search for whatever you are interested in.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Shipping Policy

Eligible items sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Prime Shipping, free 2nd Day Shipping, or Free Super Saver Shipping — it depends on the details of the individual offer. Amazon Warehouse Deals don’t ship to international addresses.

If a buyer returns an Amazon Warehouse Deal and Amazon handles the error, Amazon will pay the return shipping cost.

Amazon Warehouse Warranty and Returns Policy

Perhaps the best part of using Amazon Warehouse is that it’s still subject to Amazon’s usual returns policy and customer service.

That means that if you’re unhappy with a product for any reason – whether it’s more damaged than you expected or it’s simply not quite what you wanted – you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

However, it’s worth noting that most, you won’t get the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty if you’re buying used, so you take a bigger risk on any faults that develop beyond the first month.

 Is Amazon Warehouse reliable?

The products sold on Amazon Warehouse are tested by Amazon, though sometimes what qualifies as ‘Very Good’ to the company’s testers, may only seem ‘Good’ to you. However, you can find relief in the 30-day return policy should you run into any issues.

Why Are Amazon Warehouse Prices So Low?

Here are some reasons a product is listed by the Amazon Warehouse:

  1. Damaged outer packaging (may have been banged in transit or the package been opened)
  2. Lost instruction manuals
  3. Small scratches or other insignificant damage
  4. At or near its expiration date

Amazon gives a detailed description of the reason each item is being sold as a warehouse deal, so you should fully know its condition before you buy it.

Worst-case scenario: if you’re not happy with the item, you can return it under Amazon’s 30-day return policy.

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