How to get Money from Billionaires
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How to Get Money from Billionaires and How to Find Those Who’ll Help

– How to Get Money from Billionaires –

Many billionaires philanthropists give away money to deserving causes and individuals each day. As long as they can have their name on something.

How to get Money from Billionaires

How to get Mone from Billionaires & How to Find Billionaires Who’ll Help. They have their own causes and charities that are close to their hearts.

But sometimes they will also choose to help others who have genuine needs, a great business idea, or the enthusiasm that got them started on the path to riches.


What Kind of People Will Get Help with Money from Billionaires?

Before seeking for How to get Money from Billionaires, note. What kind of people will get help from billionaires? If billionaires should start helping everyone that seeks help from them, they won’t have any money left.

Though we are not very sure, here is the list of people that may likely get financial help from billionaires.

  • People that have a critical health condition and can’t get help from anywhere else.
  • People that live on the street and would love to live a better life if money is available.
  • Those who are physically challenged/disabled.
  • People who have great business ideas but don’t have the money to execute the ideas.
  • People who have genuine prospects but don’t have money to further their education.

There are other sets of people too. And if you are lucky enough, you might get help without being among the stated categories of people.

How to get Money from Billionaires

Below are some tips on How to get Money from Billionaires:

1. Get in Touch with People Who Give Money Away

To learn how to get money from Billionaires, note this. The first thing to do is to get in touch with people who give money away to individuals. Find their profile and find as much information as possible.

It can be their identity, their lifestyle, their hobby, their profession, their social life, and their all activities. It’s all about them.

Most millionaires are usually not active in social media. Social media is a kind of restriction and wasting time for them.

Their life focuses on building the business, sending their children to education and personality classes to grow them up with millionaires’ minds, involving their wives in some social activities, and gathering with their groups as millionaires.

2. Have Good Intentions

This is one of the ways on How to get Money from Billionaires. The fact that these millionaires have a lot of money does not make them stupid, they work hard to earn their money, and they wouldn’t be giving it out to just anybody that asked.

Nevertheless, they are humans too, and they would help people who are really in need of money. So you have to let them know you have good intentions for the money they are about to help you with.

For example, stating that you need help with academic sponsorship is better than saying that you need help to buy a Bugatti.

3. Don’t Overdo it

Do not think because you see billionaires are helping people, you can seek one out and ask for financial help up to millions of dollars, you won’t get it.

We can’t specifically say the maximum amount of money you can seek. But you should know when you are asking too much.

4. Be Honest

This is one of the tips on How to get Money from Billionaires. If a billionaire should help you out and he/she later discovered that you lied, either of these two things may happen;

  • You may face jail time at the court of law for fraudulent activities/extortion.
  • Or because of you the billionaire may develop trust issues and wouldn’t want to help anyone to come for help after you. And that is on you; you do not deserve to live among humans.

In some cases, both can happen. So please, be honest in all your dealings, there is a reward for it.

5. Be Polite

How to get Money from Billionaires

You being polite is very important. It is their money; they are not obliged to give it out. You shouldn’t send them an email demanding they should help you with money.

They will not even reply to your email. Your politeness will move them to help you, and you should thank them in advance also if you are not sure they will help you.

One other thing, if your intention has some tremendous benefit to other people, let it be known in the email.


6. Write Efficiently

This is one of the tips on How to get Money from Billionaires. The first thing you have to know is that this type of email should be formal, don’t write like you are writing to your family or friend.

The content should be concise and direct to the point. Another point to consider while writing is to use proper English; avoid grammatical errors as much as possible and do not use slang or other unofficial languages.

It is advisable to write the email in the English language, the billionaire you are directing the email to will determine which types of English to use. E.g., Britain or American.

7. Use a Responsible Email Address

You can’t expect to use the email address that sounds rascal to ask for financial assistance and hope to be helped.

Imagine someone using ‘[email protected]’ to seek financial help from someone and expect even to be considered.

The email receiver would have assessed you and decided you don’t worth it. Know that there are lots of people seeking help from the same person, so do not disqualify yourself from the start.

8. Never Beg

This is one of the tips on How to get Money from Billionaires. They do not and never will entertain a begging letter or e-mail.

They got their money through hard work and will expect anyone requesting money to show that they are willing to make that extra effort to benefit communities or other individuals.

And not just line their own pockets.

9. Work for Them

This is one of the tips on How to get Money from Billionaires. Considered in a simple way, working for them is always possible.

Will Smith said, “If you want to be rich, work!” Work for them and derive money from them. That is the best you can do.

Where to Find Billionaires and Millionaires

A sample email for Money

The most obvious place is the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. Another place to look is The Economist. Don’t forget to seek the contact details of millionaire celebrities as some of them also like to help out good causes and individuals with donations.

Find their profile in magazines, books, and exactly on the internet, too. There are usually special magazines for business executives or millionaires in which the contents are all about them.

How to Collect Contact Information

Once you have identified as many people as possible, write their full names, the company they work for, and their contact details.

It is unlikely you will find a direct contact address for any rich person; instead, it will be through their public relations or customer service representatives.


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