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How to Get Free Products and Money Writing Reviews for Amazon

– Writing Reviews for Amazon –

Get Free Products and Money Writing Reviews for Amazon: Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company and millions of people are earning money leveraging their services. How does writing Amazon reviews fit into the equation?

Writing Reviews for Amazon

There are multiple ways to leverage Amazon to earn money online, including selling products in an Amazon store or promoting affiliate products on your social media channels like YouTube or Instagram.

With this post, we’re looking at how you can actually get paid to write reviews for Amazon, and make long-term income.

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How to Become a Top Amazon Reviewer

Make sure it’s linked to an email you frequently check and include some information about yourself in your account profile.

Sign up for an Amazon Account

It’s good to list the types of products you’re interested in reviewing. You do NOT need to use your full name or a real picture of yourself.

Download the Amazon App

Get the app for your smartphone.

It comes with a barcode scanner, which makes it super easy to look up products you already own.

If you really want to buy something to review, companies always match new product releases with sales and coupon deals. It should always be cheap and easy to find something to review.

Start Writing Reviews

Write honest, unbiased reviews of products you’ve already tried.

What products do you buy over and over again — and why? Which products did you hate so much you’ll never buy them again?

Remember to check your grammar and spelling!

Consider Product Questions

If you’re at a loss for words, think about the questions you’d have if you were a customer buying an item on Amazon.

“Is it worth my money? Does it really work? Are there better brands out there?” Genuinely try to help the customer decide whether this is the right product for them.

Check the Number of Reviews

If an item has too many existing reviews, it’s unlikely anyone will read yours.

If an item has few or no reviews, you have a greater chance of being noticed.

Your ranking only improves when you get “Helpful Votes” from customers who felt you helped them make a decision about their purchase.

Review the Types of Items You Want to Get for Free

When I started reviewing a lot of health products, I got inquiries from supplement companies before I was even a Top Reviewer.

If you consistently review the same things repeatedly, you’ll become an “expert” in the field.

Pay Attention to Product Release Dates

Many companies release new products at least two weeks before they’re for sale on Amazon. The faster you post your review, the more likely it is someone will give you a “Helpful Vote.”

Update Your Account Often

If you have more “Helpful Votes” than reviews, your ranking goes up.

If you write too many reviews before you get any “Helpful Votes,” you’ll actually make it harder for yourself to improve your ranking.

Create Review-Focused Social Media Accounts

Start social media accounts devoted to your Amazon reviews. Companies target reviewers based on age, gender, and social media following.

Once you become a Top Reviewer, companies sometimes request you give them shout-outs on multiple social media accounts. The more expensive the product, the more advertising the companies will want from you in order to get items for free.

Tips that Can Make You a Top Amazon Reviewer

Most of you must be aware that many successful bloggers and YouTube Channel owners receive a lot of free goodies to review their products.

Start your own Blog or a YouTube Channel

Similarly, Amazon also sends P.R boxes to these bloggers and YouTube channel owners to review their products. You can also start your own blog or channel to become Amazon Product Tester. You can also do affiliate marketing for Amazon and get paid.

Market Yourself

Marketing yourself will gain much attention from other customers towards you. Your opinion needs to have influential power to gain public visibility so that other customers will read your review of the product first before settling down with the product.

This will also bring the attention of brands and retailers as they are constantly looking for reviewers. Similarly, you can start putting your reviews on Amazon because every Amazon reviewer is tracked if you can market yourself and your review.

Don’t forget to add your contact details on your profile or in the description box for brands to contact you.

Find Amazon Review Trading Sites that Provide Free Amazon Products

Joining any Amazon review trading site is one of the easiest ways to get free stuff from Amazon. These trading sites are basically sites or groups where you can sign up to receive products for discounts or for free.

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