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How to Get Free or Cheap High-Speed Internet Access Legally

Get Free or Cheap Internet Access Legally: If You Don’t like paying for your internet and you wish there was a way to get unlimited free internet, legally?. This article is available with solutions and options on how to achieve if you read the contents religiously.

You can access the web for free from anywhere and on any device – at home on your computer, or out and about on your tablets and mobile devices.

It’s actually much easier than you think. This is not some kind of hack or some illegal method.

We’re talking about completely free and legal ways you can get free internet access from almost anywhere and on any device. So let us get down to business.

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How to Get Free or Cheap Internet Access.

Use Free ISP

There are many options for getting free or cheap internet but most of us don’t know about them (that’s why you’re reading this, right?)

Finding these plans isn’t really easy. That’s where AllFreeISP comes in. It’s a search engine for cheap and free internet plans.

It allows you to find free or cheap internet providers in your area quickly and easily. Here is how you can use it:

Visit All-Free-ISP.com

Official site: http://www.all-free-isp.com/

Choose your state from the drop-down menu or enter your zip code on the right site. The site will then search its database and display a list of providers in your area.

Click on any of them to get the details you need to contact the service providers to set you up.

What I like about this site is that it breaks down the list by city. And it gives you all the necessary information for each particular ISP and the corresponding services


This is one of the best companies in this field.

The company began in 2012 with the mission of ensuring that “no one is left off the connected grid.”

It is the world’s first 100% free mobile plan provider.

Not only they offer 100% free wireless internet access, but they also offer 100% free cell phone internet services for Android and iPhone.

It comes with unlimited calls and text (between FreedomPop users) and even free international calls.

Here is how is the juice:

  • They’ll send you a small wireless access point.
  • Turn the device on whenever you want to get online.
  • Browse the web for as long as you need to.

The best part is that you can use the wireless access point on any device – laptop, desktop, phone, iPad. In fact, you can connect up to 10 devices using that one access point.

Now, to ensure these devices are returned to them when the time comes, they do ask for a deposit. They have a few options from $49 to $189 depending on the device(s) you want to use.

And yes, you will get your money back if you send the access point device back within a year. If you don’t send it back, you won’t get the money back.

Official site: http://www.freedompop.com/

For a detailed look at the services they offer and pricing and plans, check out our FreedomPop review.


Juno’s offer gives you access to 10 hours per month. Again, there is no contract and you are not obligated to purchase any of their paid plans.

You can use the service to access the internet for free on your computer at home, mobile phone, or any other internet-connected device.

Official site: https://www.juno.com/free

You can also create as many email addresses as you want.

Use Everyone On (Connect to Compete)

This option is for low-income families.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has a program known as Connect to Compete (which has partnered with EveryoneOn.org) that is trying to bring internet connection to disadvantaged communities.

Their purpose is:

Connect to Compete is a national private and nonprofit sector partnership created to increase broadband adoption and digital literacy training in disadvantaged communities throughout the United States. The initiative is designed to help residents improve outcomes in education, health, and employment through broadband opportunities and technology solutions.

Through this program, you can get internet access for free or very cheap.

The availability of it is subject to factors such as location, availability of funds, and the applicant’s income level.

You can use the site to find offers for cheap or free internet service providers.

Here is how:

Visit http://everyoneon.org/.

Enter your zip code in the box next to the “Find Offers” tab.

From the list of available offers pick one and click on “View Offer” to get more details like contact and eligibility info.

Official site: http://everyoneon.org/

Try NetZero

Our younger readers may have never even heard of NetZero. It was one of the original dial-up internet providers.

Virtually everyone and their neighbors were using NetZero at the time and still do.

These days the company isn’t as big and popular as it used to be (thanks to bigger and more innovative competitors like AT&T!)

It is still in the game though, and lucky for us, they also offer free internet.

But it’s limited to only 10 hours per month and it’s not high speed. Yes, it is the good old dial-up.

The good news is that you don’t need to buy any equipment. It uses your existing phone jack and modem.

They don’t use the mobile router that we are so used to now. To get set up, you have two options:

Order an installation CD that gets you to access to the free Internet. Or download their software online.

The process is actually very quick and easy. It takes but a few minutes to get set up.

One of the best things about NetZero’s plans is that you are under no obligation to buy any of their premium plans.

If you are, however, looking for affordable internet services, they do have plans at very reasonable prices.

Official site: http://www.netzero.net/free/

Try WiFi Free Spot

And here is the last and easiest option to come by, Free Wifi Hotspot. No Starbucks isn’t the only place with free WiFi!

There are tons of businesses and locations all around you with totally free WiFi and finding them is very easy through WiFi Free Spot.

Here’s how:

  • Visit wififreespot.com.
  • Click on your state.

When the page loads, you’ll see a huge list of companies in your local area that offers free WiFi.

What I like about it is that they even list the address (and sometimes contact info) of each company.

Another great little piece of info that is shown next to each company’s name is whether or not you have to purchase something to use the free WiFi.

Most companies don’t have that requirement, but some do (like one McDonald’s in our area.) Knowing that is helpful so you don’t drive all the way down there just to find out that you have to actually spend money to get access.

Perhaps the best thing is that you may even be able to find free WiFi right around your house so you can get internet even on your home PC.

Official site: http://www.wififreespot.com

That’s where we wrap it up. With the above I hope getting free internet will not be a problem, now you can enjoy it. Please don’t forget to share this content with friends.

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