How to get a girlfriend

How to Get a Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend is a question that has baffled men throughout history. You’re about to learn how to get a girlfriend by becoming her obvious choice, so the girl you’re interested in chooses you over all the other guys chasing her.

how to get a girlfriend

Why is it Important to Know?

Look, plenty of guys figure out how to get a girlfriend on their own, and you’re free to do the same, but there are plenty of reasons to get the tips ahead of time.

To begin with, if you know how to get a girlfriend, you can stop worrying about what to do next with a girl you like.

Stressed-out guys make the wrong decision and ruin a lot of potential relationships.

Another reason to get an answer to how to get the girl right away is that you will have a better chance of success.

If you have a girl you really like and don’t want to blow your chance, you should follow these tips.

Finally, there are some guys who just don’t know how to approach girls or how to proceed.

They just don’t know how to get the practice they need to improve their chances of getting a girlfriend, and they’re sick of waiting.

Knowing how to get the girl now can be a lifesaver for those men.

1. First Things First

Do You Want or Need a Girlfriend?

Whatever else you have planned, the first thing you must do is commit to this process.

Ask yourself why you want one and get the answers straight.

If nothing worthwhile is popping up, you might as well save yourself the stress.

So, sit down, look at yourself in the mirror, and declare, “I need a girlfriend.”

Own that desire and use it to motivate you to achieve your goal of getting the girl.

To truly achieve this, you must be willing to follow each step and not give up.

Don’t be disheartened. You will see results. But you must want it.

Determine the Appearance of the Ideal Girl

You’ll never fully understand the answer. That’s how relationship chemistry works.

You can’t predict who will be ideal for you and vice versa.

But you can still give yourself a head start by knowing what you want and don’t want in a girlfriend.

Setting expectations helps you avoid making dating and relationship mistakes or appearing desperate.

So, what qualities do you seek in a girlfriend?

Do you want a girl similar to you or one who will push you out of your comfort zone?

You don’t have to look for that type of girl.

But answering the question “who do I want to be my girlfriend?” and “Why do I want a girlfriend?” is just as important as answering “how do I get a girlfriend?”

Understand Women

Understanding women is an eternal challenge that we all know we must face.

You’ll never be able to answer this completely, but if you want to know how to get a girlfriend, you must work on finding a few answers.

This isn’t all that difficult. Women, like men, desire to be respected.

They want to be attractive, but they don’t want that to be the only thing people notice about them.

That means knowing how to compliment women just enough and asking the right questions to keep them interested.

With a bit of charm and humor, you’ll be doing well for this step.

They want to be heard and encouraged.

Consider most of your emotional needs and then imagine how you would feel if you received the attention you want to give a girl.

Now that you’ve completed your preparation, it’s time to figure out how to meet women and see if you’ve truly learned anything.

how to get a girlfriend

2. Going for the Kill

Stop Trying to Find a Girlfriend

The first step in getting a girlfriend is to stop trying. You’re shocked, right?

Instead, go into every new interaction with a woman, expecting nothing in return.

You’ll be surprised at how “not giving a shit” about the outcome makes girls chase you.

Guys who don’t care about impressing random girls stand out like a rose amongst thorns.

Women want a challenge, so when a guy comes along who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and disagree with women, it shows he’s a guy worth talking to.

Make Her Take Notice of You

Maintain your appearance and hygiene. This is a simple way to increase the girl’s attraction to you.

Shower on a regular basis to keep your hair and body smelling fresh.

Dress in clothes that make you feel confident and attractive.

Wear clothing and jewelry that entices women and sparks conversations.

Leather jackets, jewelry, and tailored suits are excellent places to begin.

You might even consider getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted.

Anything you can do to change up your presentation will help you attract a whole new wave of female attention.

How to Approach Her

Begin by scouting the area. What is she doing? Is she with friends? Is she amused or bored?

Before approaching her, get rid of any other excuses that are holding you back.

Limiting beliefs like that will get you nowhere. Make direct eye contact with her to get her attention.

When you notice the girl looking at you, try to maintain eye contact for several seconds before smiling and looking away.

This will give her the impression that you really like her and will pique her interest in you.

Then, choose a time when she is alone or not in the middle of a conversation, and decide whether to approach her alone or with a friend if necessary.

Approach Her with Assurance

Finally, approach with as much calm as possible. Try to convey confidence.

That will help to smooth over any awkwardness.

Smile, relax your body language, and approach in a non-confrontational manner as if you were asking a shelf stacker where the butter is.

As you speak to her, make sure your vocal inflection isn’t too high and annoying, as if you’re desperate for something.

Use a neutral or downward vocal inflection instead. You’re in luck if you have a voice like Vin Diesel.

While talking to her, keep a smile on your face and lean slightly backwards so you’re not in her face.

Maintain eye contact with her and explain why you just had to say hello.

Give Her an Honest Compliment

Tell her why you approached her and be as specific as possible.

Use the first thing you noticed about her that drew you to her.

Perhaps it’s her cute smile, her dimples, or the fact that her hair is being tied back for the first time.

If you meet her as a stranger during the day, say,

“Hey, I know this is random, but I just walked past you and thought I had to go back and talk to that girl.”

Make her laugh to demonstrate your sense of humor.

You could do this by telling her a joke or a funny story, or by lightly teasing her to get her to laugh. 

Getting her to laugh will make her feel more at ease around you while also increasing her attraction to you.

Knowing When to Move on

Whether it’s the end of a conversation or a conversation that just won’t go anywhere, you must know when to walk away.

If you’re having a great conversation, don’t cling too late.

Make an excuse, get her number, and get out of there before she gets sick of you.

This is known as the push-pull effect.

It’s always a good idea to take a step back in any new interaction so she doesn’t worry you’ll never leave.

3. Going on Dates

Invite Her out on a Date

Don’t try to accomplish everything in a single text.

First, pique her interest, comfort, and excitement about meeting you, and then ask her out on a date.

Insinuating the idea of a date first is an easy way to naturally steer the conversation towards one.

Maybe you met her in a coffee shop, and she’s a coffee addict.

You can then mention a new boutique coffee shop that has recently opened in town.

Then simply combine the two and suggest that you go check out that new coffee shop together.

Be Yourself

By being yourself, you can exude confidence. Don’t try to be someone else just to get a girl to like you.

Girls find natural confidence attractive, so if you’re just being yourself, she’ll be much more likely to fall for you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself.

If you’re confident in yourself, she’ll notice and feel more at ease around you.

When talking to girls, always try to be genuine and honest.

Begin the Date by Complimenting Her.

Women can spend hours selecting a dress, applying make-up, and styling their hair for their first date.

She has done everything for you; don’t forget to express your gratitude with an honest compliment.

“Wow…you look incredible.”


Have High Expectations

Having high expectations of others communicates to them that you are a high-status individual who is not a pushover.

This is extremely appealing to women because it demonstrates that you respect and love yourself.

You are confident in yourself and determined to achieve your goals.

Calling her out if she’s late for the date is a great way to bring this attractive trait to light.

She’ll appreciate it more and make a mental note to never do it again.

And she’ll probably compensate for her tardiness with a kiss later!

A high-value male will also be a true gentleman, treating women as ladies and being respectful of others.

Help her sit, open doors, and go above and beyond in a chivalrous manner.

Show your appreciation for her and others by tipping servers or bartenders.

To gain respect, you must first earn it.

Physically Flirt with Her

Physical flirting will occur naturally once you stop worrying about the outcome with every girl you meet, relax, and have some fun!

Start with these baby steps if you’re worried about a girl’s reaction to you touching her:

– Brush something out of her hair, but graze her neck with the back of your hand on purpose.

– If you’re sitting next to her, place your hand next to her nearest leg and use your little finger to touch her outer thigh.

– High-five her and lock your fingers for a fraction of a second before releasing her.

If she reacts positively, you can extend the time you touch her; if she reacts negatively, pull away and try again later.

You’ll know she’s comfortable with physical contact when she starts giving it back to you.

Such as leaning on your arm, grabbing your hand, pushing you playfully, and so on.

These are all clear indications that she is both comfortable and, more importantly, attracted to you!

how to get a girlfriend

4. Sealing the Deal 

Make the First Move and Kiss Her

Women want to be overwhelmingly desired, not rationally considered.

So as soon as you notice the signs she’s into you, make a move and kiss her.

Here are some additional indicators to look for to ensure that your move is not rejected:

– She fiddles with her hair while talking to you

– Keeps her gaze fixed on your lips –

– Laughs at all your jokes (even if they’re not funny)

– She leans in to hear you speak, rather than you leaning in to hear her.

Believe me, these are all bright green lights indicating that she wants you to kiss her!

When you make your move, don’t rush it.

You’ll know it’s time.

When you’re both smiling, or you’re in proximity to each other (possibly even touching).

And her eyes dart down from your eyes to your lips.

Even if she rejects you the first time, she will respect you for having the courage to try again.

And she will most likely accept your advances the second time.

Keep Her Interested in Between Dates.

Get her hooked between dates by not being always available, making her curious about you, and flirting with the future.

When you’re too available and text her back right away, she’ll think you have nothing else going on in your life.

Although she may appear upset or angry at you, she secretly does not want you to prioritize her.

Especially if you are only “sort of dating” and not emotionally invested in a relationship.

The more you keep her guessing about you, the more she’ll want to go on another date with you.

This is exactly how you get a girl completely obsessed with you. 

Don’t get me wrong: telling a girl you love and miss her is fine when you’re finally together.

But NEVER in the early stages of dating.

Women will flee if they believe you are more emotionally attached to them than they are to you.

Officialize it

When you’re dating a girl you really like, it’s easy to get caught up in the “let’s solidify things” trap and try to make things verbally official.

This is how it works:

You develop feelings for a girl and want to spend more time with her.

Your attachment to that future with her grows in tandem with your feelings for her.

You really want to be her girlfriend, so much so that you begin to feel nervous and insecure around her.

Then, you begin to feel a little possessive. 

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that NONE of this is appealing to a girl.

It’s strange, though, because doing this stuff feels very natural when you like a girl.

So, what’s the answer?

It’s straightforward but paradoxical.

When you’re with her, you try to have as much fun as possible while you’re together… and NOT attempt to confirm or secure anything.

You can tease her about future meet-ups, but don’t try to lock her down while you’re with her.

To keep it open-ended, simply add the word “sometime.”

“We should definitely rent motorcycles and ride down to that secret beach someday.”

After a few dates, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend should feel natural. Never try to force it.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Get a Girlfriend Easily?

Request that a friend set you up.

Chat with people on social media.

Consider using dating apps.

Participate in a new group or club.

In public, approach girls

2. How can I make a Girl fall in Love with Me?

Accept her as she is. Put her first. Show appropriate affection.

Demonstrate your reliability and dependability.

Show your generous and caring side. Surprise her occasionally.

Make genuine compliments. Dress to impress.

3. What Age should I Have a Girlfriend?

For many children, the age of 16 appears to be appropriate.

But it may be entirely appropriate for a mature 15-year-old to go on a date.

Or to make your immature 16-year-old wait a year or two.

You should also think about what other parents are doing.

4. Which Age is Best for a Kiss?

There’s no need to wait for the official first date to get some face time.

Americans agree that children are ready for their first kiss at the age of 15, while the average age is 14.

More FAQs

5. How can I Impress my Crush?

Put on your invisible crown. Remember that confidence is seductive, so be at ease in your own skin.

Maintain your independence. Take care of yourself.

Maintain your fitness. Discuss your life’s interests.

Show off your silly side. Have a good sense of humor.

Maintain genuine interest.

6. What Nickname can I call my Crush?

Love (or lovely).Please ditch the British accent.

*cue Usher voice* Booboo Bear. This is for when you suddenly fall hopelessly in love (IYKYK).

The Honey Pot. Aww, and you’re Winnie the Pooh to him.

Sugarplum, Sweetie, Sweetheart or Baby Boy (or Baby Girl).

7. How do You Tell if a Girl Likes you?

She reschedules a date she is unable to attend.

 Makes an effort to carry on the conversation.

She compliments you and tries to make you happy.

Clearly nervous in your presence.

Her body language is friendly.

She remembers what you tell her.

You notice her staring at you on several occasions.

So, if you’re serious about getting a girlfriend, you need to set your priorities straight.

Because your primary concern should not be how badly you need a girlfriend.

You must devote yourself to something far more important:


Women are drawn to men who have faith in themselves.

Who knows what they desire.

Who live a life they are proud of and refuse to allow others to dictate their actions and decisions.

None of this requires you to transform into a completely different person.

All it takes is knowing who you are, and what you want, and pursuing it.

That’s how you get ahead in life and find a girlfriend.

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