How to End a Letter to the Government (+Company, Friends & Clients)

It is really necessary to close your letters properly, whether you’re writing a commercial letter, recommendation letter, or congratulatory letter. How to end a letter determines a strong conclusion and it can also leave your reader with a good opinion.

How to End a Letter to the Government

Importance of a Good Letter Ending

It is important to conclude a letter politely and properly because it’s the final thing your reader will read.

It establishes the tone for subsequent contact, enables instructions or next steps, and fosters a relationship with your reader.

Your letter’s conclusion can also contain vital information the reader needs, such as your first and last name, job title, phone number, firm and many others which are depending on how you choose to structure it.

A letter’s conclusion should also include a closing phrase, a signature, and a sign-off.

How to End a Letter

1. Sincere

Especially in a formal business letter or email, this formal closing is usually suitable. It communicates your sincere wish for the message to be understood.

2. We Hope to Speak Soon

This goodbye line is suitable in all circumstances and encourages further interaction. When you want the reader to respond, this is a wonderful concluding statement.

3. I Appreciate Your Time

Another common and recommended conclusion is the one that gives thanks to the reader for the time spent reading your letter.

You should use this closing statement in emails or letters when you are requesting a favor or hope to be taken into consideration, such as in a cover letter.

4. With Gratitude

Use this closing to thank the reader for their time in reading your message. It is advised to make use of it for interest and cover letters.

5. Email

  • I’m grateful.
  • (Your name)
  • [Business website]
  • (Business logo)

6. Hand-composed Letter

  • best regards
  • (Signature in hand)
  • (Your name)
  • [Telephone number]

7. Faithfully

This one is a level above, even if “respectfully” comes out as a touch subservient. Again, confirm that it is appropriate for the situation.

There are alternative possibilities if you envisage someone reading it and cringing.

8. Respectfully

Make sure it fits the situation because this one has a regard undertone.

For example, it would be uncomfortable to close a letter to your landlord with “respectfully” if you were listing several terrible mistakes and abuses.

9. Thanks Once More

Why not thank me again if you’ve already said it? If your concluding line also expresses thankfulness, just be cautious not to tread on it since you don’t want to ruin the ending with an awkward “thanks again.”

10. With Gratitude

You can avoid overusing the word “thanks” by using this one. Also, it sounds less awkward than “gratefully.”


Tips on How to End Your Letter

Tips on How to End Your Letter

A strong letter conclusion is formal, considerate, and unambiguous. You should consider the following factors while deciding how to conclude your letter:

What You Hope the Reader Will Think

You can create a letter conclusion by taking some time to consider how you want the reader to feel after reading your letter.

For instance, you might use terms like “instantly” or “as soon as possible” in your letter’s conclusion if you want the reader to feel an urgency.

What Details the Reader Needs to Know

As you close your letter, include all the contact details, deadlines, and other instructions the reader will need.

If they require your email, phone number, or work title, you may add some of the information in your conclusion or signature.


It is customary to conclude your letter with recommendations for the next action, guidelines, or details.

Think about the desired result in terms of the activities you want the reader to do because of reading your message.

 At the conclusion of your letter, include these. Even if you went into great length explaining anything in the body of your letter, it might be beneficial to quickly summarize the major points towards the conclusion.

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