How to Delete Profiles on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Looking for a way to Delete Profiles on Xbox One and Xbox 360? Using an Xbox 360 without an Xbox profile is next to impossible and is not at all recommended. Here is a step-by-step guide for you!

Delete Profiles on Xbox

There are a lot of reasons to delete a profile from an Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

It’s a good idea to remove your profile before selling your console or giving it away so that nobody else is able to gain access to your account.

In some cases, deleting and recovering a profile can also fix problems that occur due to corrupted data.

While you can delete profiles from both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, the process is not the same for each console.

Delete Profiles on Xbox

Reasons you Might Want to Delete your Profile

You might need to delete your Xbox profile from your Xbox 360 because you’re getting rid of the console or upgrading to the next generation of the Xbox.

Thankfully, deleting an Xbox profile from an Xbox 360 is quite simple, arguably easier than it is to actually add a new Xbox profile to an Xbox 360.


Before you Delete an Xbox Profile

First, let’s quickly look at what happens when you remove an Xbox profile.

This process only removes the saved account from your Xbox console.

It does not delete the account completely, so anything saved in the cloud, like Achievements or saved data uploaded to Xbox Live, is safe.

You’re free to sign in to the account on another Xbox using its sign-in info.

If by chance you do want to close your Microsoft account permanently, see Microsoft’s account closure page for details.

Otherwise, if there are any local data on your Xbox that you haven’t synced to the cloud, you should do that first before removing the profile.

Make sure your Xbox is online and that you have backed up your game saves before you proceed. Otherwise, you may lose data that hasn’t synced.

How to Delete an Xbox 360 Profile

Xbox 360 consoles handle Gamertag profiles in a somewhat unique way.

The profile is tied to the device that it’s stored on, but profiles don’t have to be stored on internal hard drives.

This is due to the fact that the Xbox 360 was originally available both with and without a hard drive, so consoles without hard drives needed to have the ability to store profiles on removable media.

What that means is when you turn on your Xbox 360, the profiles you see may be stored on the internal hard drive, one of the memory cards, or even on a USB flash drive.

To delete a profile, you need to figure out exactly where it is stored.

How to Delete a Profile on Xbox One, Including Xbox One S and Xbox One X

  • Access the system settings menu on your Xbox One. This can be accomplished by pressing the Guide button on your controller, navigating to System > Settings, and pressing the A button.
  • With the settings menu open, you will need to navigate to Account > Remove accounts.
  • If you have multiple profiles associated with your Xbox One, you will need to select which one to remove at this point. Highlight the profile you want to remove and press the A button.
  • If you only have one profile associated with your Xbox One, it will be highlighted automatically. In that case, just press the A button to proceed.
  • The final step is to highlight Remove and press the A button. This will finalize the removal of the profile from your Xbox One.

Now you know how to delete a profile on your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or Xbox 360.

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