How to Delete Amazon Order History

– How to Delete Amazon Order History –

Are you looking for a technique to get rid of your Amazon order history? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. The finest part is that you can easily hide or delete your Amazon order book’s buying products list history. Here is a discussion on how to delete amazon order history.

How to Delete Amazon Order History

Since its beginnings as an online bookstore, Amazon has come a long way.

You can now buy almost anything from the huge shop.

When you want to make a purchase from the privacy of your living room, this comes in useful.

However, if you’re charitable enough to share your Amazon Prime login with friends and family, or just purchase from a shared computer, there’s always the risk that your recent behavior will be discovered.

And there are moments when you’d rather no one else knew what you’re up to.

Amazon is currently the world’s largest eCommerce corporation, and most of us have at least one active account.

However, in order to receive speedy delivery, we must subscribe to a paid prime service.

Note That

As a result, not everyone can afford a monthly subscription.

Sharing Amazon accounts around friends and family members is a frequent way to deal with difficulties.

As a result, when you buy something on Amazon, it saves the information in your order history.

At the same time, if you share your Amazon account with family or friends, they will be able to quickly access your purchasing history.

As an example,

Let’s say you want to buy a gift for your wife, and you’re both shopping online with the same account.

Your wife, on the other hand, can see what you’ve added to your cart or what you’ve bought from your Amazon shopping history.

You don’t want to ruin the surprise of a birthday present.

Amazon allows you to move purchased items from your Amazon order history to “Amazon Archived Orders” to avoid this problem.

Users can hide their Amazon order history without deleting it using the Amazon Archiving tool.

In summary, when using the same account for online shopping, account users can hide Amazon orders from family members.

Can I Delete an Amazon.com Order?

Can I Delete an Amazon.com Order?

The short answer is that you can’t remove an order from your history completely.

At the moment, there is no way to completely remove an Amazon order from your purchase history.

The only other option is to “archive” an order, which allows you to remove an order from your main order history.

The order will remain in Amazon’s system (connected to your account) even after it has been archived, and you can see it on your “Archived Orders” tab on the desktop internet version of Amazon.com.

If someone has access to your Amazon account and understands how archived orders function, they can find the orders you’ve hidden.

This means that archiving isn’t a guaranteed technique to keep track of your Amazon purchases.

You’ll need to create a new Amazon.com account and deactivate your old one to accomplish this.

Even if you deactivate your account, Amazon.com may (or may not) preserve a record of everything you’ve ever bought from the site.

So, here’s the moral of the story: Don’t buy sensitive products with your main Amazon account or a shared account with others because those transactions will most certainly follow you for as long as you keep that account active.

Know What Is Archived Orders on Amazon Account?

Know What Is Archived Orders on Amazon Account?

On an Amazon account, an archived order is a technique to hide or delete an item’s history.

If you don’t want to share the specifics of your ordered things in a shared account, this option is really beneficial.

Every time you place an order on Amazon.com, the order is saved in your account history, allowing you to search for previous orders and re-buy products you’ve already purchased.

Order history can be hidden by archiving orders rather than deleting them.

Remember that Amazon Archiving is a manual operation that you must complete yourself; it cannot be configured to run automatically.

This method can be employed to conceal Amazon transactions.

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How to Delete Amazon Order History or Hide it 

How to Delete Amazon Order History or Hide it 

The simplest approach to hide your ordered item from your Amazon account is to use “Archived orders.”

Users should keep in mind, however, that they cannot delete their Amazon order history permanently.

Otherwise, Prime users can create a “amazon household account” to share Prime perks and digital content among their adult family members.

The Amazon home allows two or more people to add their accounts.

As a result, individuals can keep their purchase history, item lists, and suggestions private from other members.

What is Order History Page?

A customer’s past orders are displayed on an order history page on an ecommerce website.

You can use this page to see, track, and manage orders.

It can also be used to reprint invoices, check the status of orders, and so on.

Hide or Delete Amazon Order History On Pc Browser

To archive Amazon orders history from Amazon India and other regions, read and follow the instructions below.

1. In your web browser, go to the official Amazon website and log in with the correct credentials.

2. Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account, go to the top right corner of the screen and select “Returns and Orders.”

3. Amazon will now display you a detailed list of all the products you’ve ordered in the last three months.

4. You can also manually adjust the order history date.

5. To do so, go to the top of the page and adjust the setting to show orders from a different time period.

6. Now is the moment to locate the order or item from your Amazon order history that you want to hide or delete, and then click “View Order Details.”

7. To remove it from the Amazon Order list, click “Archive Order” (located under the Order ID number).

8. In front of you, a new pop-up screen will emerge.

9. To confirm your action, click “Archive Order” once more.

Your chosen item will then be moved to the archived folder, and it will no longer appear in your order history.

Note: You can only hide up to 500 Amazon orders, but you can still see them in your Amazon account’s “Archived Orders” area.

Alternative Method – Select “Orders & Return” >>> “Archive Order” from the selected item >>> “Orders & Return” >>> “Orders & Return” >>> “Orders & Return” >>> “Orders & Return” >> Click the “Archive Order” button to confirm your action.

Hide or Delete Amazon Order History From Amazon App (Android)

1. Unlock your phone, navigate to the app drawer, and sign in to the Amazon app on your phone or tablet.

2. Go to “Your Orders” and look for and pick the item you want to hide.

3. To remove it from the order history, tap “View Order Details” and then “Archive Order.”

Hide or Delete Amazon Order History From  Amazon iOS App

Amazon’s Android and iOS apps use the same user interface.

We can use the same method to hide Amazon purchase history on iOS devices as we did with the Android app.

1. Open the Amazon iOS app and log in using your account credentials.

2. If you’re already logged in, you can skip this step.

3. Find the goods you want to remove from the order list by tapping “Your Orders.”

4. To remove it from the order history, tap “View Order Details” and then “Archive Order.”

As can be seen, we can easily hide Amazon order data but not erase them.

If someone has account access, they can still see the “Archived Orders.”

To keep your order history, order list, and recommendation private and separate from other members, create a household account.

Fact About Deleting Order History From Amazon Account Permanently

Fact About Deleting Order History From Amazon Account Permanently

Order history on Amazon accounts can be easily hidden by shifting them to “Archived orders.”

You can delete or remove your browsing history on Amazon, but you cannot permanently delete your order history.

If you want to delete your order history, delete your current Amazon account and then start a new one.

However, keep in mind that your previous account’s order history will be archived on Amazon’s server.

Not only Amazon, but most online shopping companies never enable you to delete or clean your purchase history in order to keep track of their users’ activity.

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How to Avoid Sharing Order History

How to Avoid Sharing Order History

It’s advisable to keep different accounts if you don’t want your partner to see what you’re shopping on Amazon,it’s excellent practice to do so anyhow!

You may not be aware that people who reside in the same home can share Amazon Prime access.

This is Possible so you don’t need to have separate accounts to take advantage of the free shipping, Amazon Prime TV, and other benefits.

Those benefits are available to all account holders in the same household.

How To Hide Amazon Pay Balance?

How To Hide Amazon Pay Balance?

We can view all of the added Amazon Pay balance money transactions in the order history, just like other things.

Go to “Returns & Orders” >>> search for the desired Amazon Pay Balance >>> click “View Order Details” >>> select “Archive Order” and the Amazon Pay Balance history will be moved to the “Archived Orders” area.

“How to archive Amazon purchased history on Amazon to hide order list?” is the question.

The items can be hidden using Amazon’s archived orders tool, but they are not permanently erased from your account.

Anyone who has access to your Amazon account can readily view your Amazon archived items.

Prime members, on the other hand, can split the benefits and set a limit for adults and children in their households.

All of your purchase history, item list, and recommendation are kept private and independent from other members of your Amazon household account.

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