How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers 2022 Update

If you have been using Telegram, then you should have known of its extensive array of stickers. But what is so amazing is the fact you can create and share your own stickers.

Create Your Own Telegram Stickers

Telegram is a popular app for messaging on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the Web.

The app has a strong focus on security and privacy and has thus earned a loyal following for those involved in technology. But the average user often uses it to interact with family and friends and connect with people with similar interests.

Basic Requirements to Create Stickers for Telegram

You can’t just upload images and the program will let you convert them to Telegram Stickers. There are some basic requirements to create Telegram stickers.

  1. You need a Telegram account and Application installed on your Android, iOS, or Windows computer. If you don’t have an account, then create an account first.
  2. The image file should be in PNG format with a transparent layer and must fit into a 512×512 square.
  3. You must send Images as a file. Because image compression is not allowed in stickers.
  4. You can assign over one sticker to an emoji. But, it is recommended to use two stickers in an emoji.
  5. It is much better to use white stroke and shadow effects for the image on the Sticker.

How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers

Step 1: Design Your Sticker

To create Telegram Stickers, you do not need to be a graphic designer. But it’s outstanding if that’s real. For you to grow your talents, this is another useful way.

Some telegram stickers, including photos and text, are perfect for amusing memes. Such items just require basic skills in design.

How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers 2020 Update

The stickers you create must follow uniform design requirements. Those are super simple requirements:

  1. Sticker Telegram must be a PNG image with transparent background, size 512 × 512 pixels.
  2. Each sticker must be a separate image file. Design and upload them to your desktop easier on mobile devices, so you may want to use Telegram for Mac, Telegram for Windows, or Telegram Web.
  3. You can choose the icon for the sticker package. If you want an icon, design a 100 × 100 pixel PNG image with a transparent layer.

It is important to understand that using things like movie quotes to create a sticker is copyright infringement. That’s exactly how memes are created, but unlike meme, your sticker package may be removed from Telegram, if the copyright owner complains.

It also shows that there does not seem to be a copyright check when you upload your design.

The average Telegram sticker package includes 10 to 20 stickers, but you are not limited to the number of uploads.

Some packages have more than 100 stickers and you can continue to go back, and add new stickers even after you have published (published) the package.

If you feel that the registration of Photoshop is just to design the sticker slightly overkill, these are free alternatives to Adobe software.

Step 2: Find the Telegram Sticker Bot

When your Telegram sticker is complete, find the Telegram sticker bot here. You can do that by clicking on the link above or by opening Telegram and entering ‘stickers’ in the search field.

Click on the conversation and you will see a list of commands you can use:

  1. / newpack to create new Telegram sticker pack
  2. / addsticker to add sticker to existing package
  3. / delsticker to remove the sticker from the package
  4. / ordersticker to rearrange the stickers in a package
  5. / stats to get usage stats for a specific sticker
  6. / top to see the top stickers in your package
  7. / packstats to get usage statistics for sticker pack
  8. / packtop to see your top sticker pack
  9. / cancel to cancel any command you just used

Click Start to open the conversation and start setting up your sticker package.

Step 3: Upload Your Telegram Sticker

Telegram bot sticker makes it easy to upload and publish your designs. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Enter the command / newpack and press Enter .

2. Sticker bot will ask for your package name. Enter the name and submit it.

3. Now, click the File icon to upload the first sticker. It is important that you upload it as a file, not an image. If you use the Camera icon , the bot will reject the image.

4. Bot will ask you to assign emoji (emoticon) to the sticker. Select an emoji that best fits the sticker and press Enter to send it. You can assign some emoji to a sticker, but Telegram recommends not assigning more than two emoticons to each sticker.

5. Repeat steps 3 – 4 for each Telegram sticker you want to add.

6. When you’re done, enter the / publish command and send it.

7. If you want to add an icon to your sticker package, upload it in the same way you uploaded the remaining images and send it to the bot. If you don’t have the icon, just send/skip and your first sticker will become the icon for this package.

8. Finally, send the bot the brief name of the sticker pack to use in the URL. For example, the package in the image is ‘Classic Alice’, so the URL is .

How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers 2020 Update

All operations are complete! Click on the link to your Telegram sticker package to see what everything looks like. If you have more than 10 stickers, you can scroll through them.


Start Sending Your Telegram Sticker

Telegram has no sticker store or any other way for people to browse all existing stickers. This means that your package will “stay motionless” until you and your friends send the stickers you have made.

When you click on the URL of the package, you will see two ways to start sharing your Telegram sticker.

  1. Share: This option will forward your package link to a contact or group you choose on Telegram.
  2. Add Stickers: This option will add packages to your collection, so you can send individual stickers to your Telegram contacts. Then, your friends can view and add packages by clicking on the sticker you sent. That’s how the sticker is spread.

How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers 2020 Update

Sticker alone is enough to give up other messaging apps and choose Telegram, but there are more reasons Telegram is the only messaging app you need.

From secret conversations to the ability to correct spelling in messages you’ve sent, Telegram has a lot of features you can use.

Take the bot Telegram as an example. These simple ‘assistants’ can help you with any problem, even a bot reminds you to sit up straight every 30 minutes.

Having read through this article, we are convinced that you’ve been informed and educated. Kindly drop your comments below and keep visiting Suntrustblog for more updates.

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