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How to Cancel Paramount Plus

– How to Cancel Paramount Plus –

You’re not alone if you’ve been trying to figure out how to cancel Paramount Plus. We’ll show you how to cancel Paramount Plus subscription on your devices. As we all know, each gadget has its own method of activating and disabling services, and we’ve covered all of them here.

Paramount Plus, the company’s video-on-demand service, is a popular streaming service.

It’s available on all of today’s video consumption platforms, including Android, iOS, Roku, and many TV services.

To keep up with the competition, the company has dramatically increased its content.

As a result, users from various platforms can watch the most recent series and movies on their devices.

The corporation periodically gives discounts to make the Paramount Plus subscription more appealing.

If, on the other hand, you wish to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription for whatever reason, you’ve come to the proper spot.

More than 2,500 episodes and over 30,000 TV episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

Nonetheless, it is not the most popular service, as others have more to offer and hence attract more subscribers.

If you have a Paramount Plus subscription and are unhappy with the content, you can cancel it at any time, even if it is only $5.99 per month.

But how do you turn off Paramount Plus?

It can be done in a variety of ways.

People must cancel their subscriptions using the same approach as when they first signed up.

If you enrolled using a mobile phone, the official website, or an Apple TV, you must cancel your subscription using one of these methods.

This article will show you what to do in various situations.

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How to Cancel Paramount Plus on the Web

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on the Web

One of the simplest ways to cancel your Paramount plus subscription is to go to the official website.

Of course, if you’ve always subscribed through the official website, you can use this method. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Open your browser and access the Paramount Plus website.

2. Now, sign in to your account using your credentials.

3. When you’re signed into it, check the page for the Account tab. You should see it in the top right corner of the page.

4. From there, click Account.

5. Now, scroll down until you see a section named “Subscription & Billing”.

6. Click the Cancel Subscription button from the end of the section.

7. Choose one reason you’re canceling.

Finally, select Complete Cancellation.

Keep in mind that if you select Cancel Subscription, you might get an offer to extend your Paramount Plus subscription for free for another month.

After all, Paramount Plus wants to maintain you as a subscriber, so they’ll try all they can to persuade you to stay.

If you wish to take advantage of the offer, you can click it, but if you don’t, you should just click Continue Cancellation.

Because it has access to all the Star Trek shows, many people refer to Paramount Plus as the “Star Trek network.”

So you have the option of watching older Star Trek series or current shows like Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Short Treks, and more.

However, if this isn’t enough to keep you close, or if there isn’t a show that appeals to you right now, you should proceed with the cancellation.

There are a variety of additional services that may be more suitable for your needs.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on iOS

On iOS, you may also cancel your Paramount Plus account.

This is true if you originally signed up for the membership on an iPad or iPhone.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to make this happen:

1. Open your iPad or iPhone.

2. Go to the Settings App.

3. Now, click on your name.

4. Click Subscriptions.

5. Once you find Paramount Plus, tap it and then select Cancel Subscription. This will complete the cancellation.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Apple TV

You may also use an Apple TV to cancel Paramount Plus if you have one.

Of course, the directions will vary, so you must be aware of what you should do.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 4th generation TV or a later model. The following are the procedures to canceling your Apple TV subscription:

1. From your Apple TV, go to Settings.

2. There, select Users & Accounts. Now, pick an account of yours that is relevant.

3. Select Subscriptions.

4. Now, select Cancel Subscription for Paramount Plus. This will complete the cancellation process.

You’ll also need to follow a different path if you signed up for Paramount Plus through Apple TV channels.

You’ll need to contact Apple’s tech support, who will be able to assist you.

So, if you’re in this circumstance, be sure to call them.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

There are a few different procedures to take when signing up for Paramount Plus via services like Roku, Amazon Prime Video channels, or others.

To cancel your subscription, you will need to go to their respective official websites.

If you have a Roku subscription, you can perform the following:

1. Open your Roku device and go to the home screen.

2. From there, pick the Paramount Plus channel.

3. Now, take the Roku remote and press the star key on it.

4. Choose Manage Subscriptions.

5. Now, just select Cancel Subscription.

If you’re still having trouble canceling your Roku membership, contact the service provider and ask for assistance.

They may walk you through the actions necessary to get the desired outcome.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Android

You can cancel your subscription if you signed up for Paramount Plus via an Android app.

The following are the steps you must take:

1. Take your Android device.

2. Open the Google Play Store.

3. Now, tap Menu, and from there, tap Subscriptions.

4. From the list of subscriptions, choose Paramount Plus.

5. Next, tap Cancel Subscription and then confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Fire TV

Maybe you’re a fan of Amazon’s Fire TV ecosystem, and you utilized it to get a Paramount plus subscription.

You can also use it to cancel your subscription if this is the case.

You’ll need the following instructions:

1. Go to Amazon and then go to the Memberships and Subscriptions page.

2. Now, pick Manage Subscriptions.

3. Next, select Manage Your Prime Video Channels.

4. Look for Paramount Plus, and when you find it, click Cancel Subscription.

5. Bear in mind that if you subscribed through Prime Video, you will have to use the Amazon Contact Us page as ViacomCBS advises it.

You can cancel Paramount Plus in a variety of ways, depending on how you signed up for the program in the first place.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on the Web

If you subscribed to Paramount Plus through a web browser, a smart TV, or a gaming console, cancel it.

1. Open Paramount Plus in a web browser and sign into the account if you’re not already logged in.

2. Move your mouse over your account name at the top right and then click Account in the dropdown menu.

3. To cancel Paramount Plus, go to your account icon on the webpage.

4. In the Subscription & Billing section, click Cancel Subscription, then click Yes, Cancel.

5. Find the option to cancel your subscription from the account page.

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Canceling Your Paramount Plus Amazon Prime Add-on

Let’s say you’ve been experiencing trouble using the Paramount Plus website or app to manage and cancel your subscription.

If that’s the case, it’s because you added this account to your Amazon Prime membership as an add-on.

Your Amazon Prime membership gives you access to Paramount Plus.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime manages and maintains all billing and account information.

Visit the Amazon website and log into your Prime account to cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime. Then:

1. Click “Manage My Prime Video Channels”

2. Choose “Prime Video Channels”

3. Click “Cancel Channel” under Paramount Plus

Potential Problems When Cancelling Paramount Plus

Potential Problems When Cancelling Paramount Plus

When it comes to canceling Paramount Plus subscriptions, one of the most common issues customers have is forgetting where they signed up for the program.

Paramount Plus streaming access is available from a variety of third-party providers and platforms, in addition to Roku and Amazon Prime:

1. Apple TV

2. Apple TV Channel

3. Fire TV (Amazon Apple Store Subscriptions)

4. iPad

5. iPhone

6. Android devices and associated accounts

What if You Forgot Your Paramount Plus Login Credentials?

It’s also conceivable that you’ve forgotten what email address and password you used to set up your Paramount Plus account.

Worse yet, you may no longer have access to the email address you used to register.

If this is the case, contact the Paramount Plus customer service team.

You can also utilize the DoNotPay Recover Passwords solution to recover your login credentials if Paramount Plus is unresponsive.

Contacting Paramount Plus Customer Support

Start by going to Paramount Plus Help if you’re having difficulty with your Paramount Plus account.

You can find the answer to your problem by scrolling through the list of frequently asked questions.

If this does not work, you can contact us at:

1. Online Ticket; Sending a support ticket

2. Phone Number (888) 274-5343

3. Email: [email protected]

For many individuals, Paramount Plus is a convenient platform because it only costs $5.99 per month, but it isn’t the best and doesn’t offer as many shows and advantages as other services.

It simply isn’t for everyone, therefore cancellations aren’t uncommon.

Regardless of how you joined up, canceling your subscription is simple.

So, if you wish to cancel, follow the instructions outlined in this post and everything will be fine.

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