How to Cancel eBay Order

You might no longer want the thing you purchased on eBay. Sadly, eBay does not make returning an item the simplest thing in the world to do. This article has given some steps you should take when it comes to how to cancel an eBay order.

How to Cancel eBay Order

About eBay

The online retail giant eBay brought approximately $10.8 billion in revenue in 2019.

There are 1.5 billion active accounts on the massive retail network, and 182 million people use eBay worldwide.

Those figures undoubtedly hide a few buyers who wish to cancel eBay orders. But how can an eBay order be canceled?


More Details

For its consumer-to-consumer sales and online auctions, the eBay shopping network is well-known. Order cancellations are often under the seller’s control.

The effectiveness of an eBay buyer’s request to have a seller cancel a purchase may depend on whether the seller has already shipped the item.

With the expectation that the buyer will get the package within two weeks, sellers have three days to send an item.

What can you Cancel on eBay?

Payment system

If you can’t complete a sale on eBay, either as a buyer or a seller, you can try to cancel the order within 30 days after the original purchase.

Through the eBay website, you must get in touch with the opposing party and request that they accept your cancellation. If the cancellation is approved, you will often get a full refund.

How to Cancel an eBay Transaction?  

On eBay, vendors are not obligated to grant a customer’s request to cancel an order.

However, if a customer places an online order for a product with the explicit expectation that they must receive it by a specific date, they are free to cancel the order if they do not.

The purchaser may then ask for a refund. Buyers might find comfort in eBay’s Money-Back Guarantee.

More Things to Know

This will allow them to ask for a refund from the seller if a seller never ships an item or declines to issue one. Customers might attempt to cancel eBay transactions.

When requesting refunds, returns, or notifying sellers that they have not received their orders, purchasers can use eBay’s Get Help tool.

Steps on how to Cancel an Order on eBay

How to Cancel eBay Order

  • Locate the seller, then select Contact.
  • Choose a topic, choose “Other,” select “No, I Want to Contact the Seller,” and then click “Continue.”
  • Send your message after you type it.
  • Click the Respond Now button in an email to confirm your cancellation.
  • Then click Send Response after selecting “I Accept the Seller’s Request to Cancel This Transaction.”

How to Contact for Help on eBay

How to Cancel eBay Order

Customers might try contacting eBay if neither the seller nor eBay’s support sites are able to provide them with the assistance they require.

The automated assistant on eBay will make an effort to fix the problem. Customers can also choose to call and chat with an eBay customer support representative.

However, attempting to get through to customer support representatives can be frustrating, and spend time waiting in a phone tree.

Additionally, eBay does not prominently provide a phone number on its website for contacting customer care.


How to Request a Refund on eBay

Customers who prefer to ask eBay for a refund should follow these steps:

  • View the Purchase History page.
  • Declare that you didn’t receive the item when you choose More Actions next to your item.
  • Choose Refund.
  • You can contact the vendor by message.
  • Choose Submit refund request.

Conclusively, you can always get in touch with eBay’s customer service team, and they might be able to help you cancel your order if you have trouble completing this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you Cancel Order after Payment eBay?

Even if your customer has already paid for the order, you may cancel it up to 30 days after the sale.

2. Why can I not Cancel an Order on eBay?

If you have already sought a return or have reported the item’s non-delivery.

3. Can eBay Seller Refuse to Cancel Order?

Yes, you can.

4. Can I Cancel an eBay Order Before it Ships?

Sure, you can.

5. How do I Cancel a Transaction on eBay as a Seller?

Go to Orders in Seller Hub (opens in new window or tab) or Sold in My eBay (opens in new window or tab).

Choose Cancel order under More actions after finding the order you want to cancel. Select a justification for the cancellation, and then click Submit to complete.

6. How Long does a Seller have to Cancel an Order on eBay?

30 days.

7. What Happens if you Commit to Buy on eBay and Change your Mind?

They can get in touch with the seller and request that they end the sale.

8. Can eBay Force me to Pay?

No, they can’t force a buyer to pay.

9. Can eBay Mess up your Credit?

Absolutely, they can.

10. Can I Refuse to Give a Refund on eBay?

No, you can’t refuse the refund.

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