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How to Braid Hair (Simple Steps)

It is easier to say than to do to learn how to braid hair. Even braids that are advertised as “simple” (whether seen on celebrities or in social media videos) appear to require superhuman hand strength. To aid with that, this article has been written for you.

How to Braid Hair

How to do a Dutch Braid

  •  Your hair should be divided into three equal parts.
  •  By looping the left piece of hair under the centerpiece, then the right piece under the center, and grasping and adding small parts of hair each time as you go, you can create a Dutch braid. (An inverse French braid comes to mind.)


How to Braid Hair

  • As you go along the back of your head, add hair from your roots. Use an elastic to hold.
  • Simply clip any bottom parts that don’t fit into the braid up toward the middle to make it look more finished.

How to do a Front Crown Braid Hair


  • Making a clean part at the arch of each brow will allow you to divide your hair into three portions. On either side of the central part, clip all the hair away.
  • In order to tame flyaways, brush out the center area and prime it with Beachwaver Braid Balm. Then, beginning at the rear, Dutch-braid the portion toward your face according to the instructions above. Stop braiding when you reach your forehead; don’t go all the way down.

More Steps to Follow

  • The unbraided hair should be divided into two portions; clip one of them behind each ear. Use a three-strand braid to secure the loose section, then pin it behind your ear.
  •  On the opposite side, repeat.
  • Make a three-strand braid after using the Braid Balm to prepare the remaining hair (all your hair should be braided at this point). Either on the side of your head or the back, twist and pin the braid into a bun.
  • Ensure that all pins are buried and secured. To achieve the chic peekaboo look, loosen the two braids at the front.

How to do a Braided Ponytail Hair


  • Create a deep side part.
  • Remembering “left under, right under,” divide your hair into three strands and braid it in a Dutch braid along your ear.
  • Flatten the braid.
  • Take a two-inch chunk of hair in the center of your head (this will be your “Mohawk” part) and braid it into a typical three-strand French braid down the middle, stopping at the curve of your head (right over, left over, snagging pieces as you go).
  • Create a two-strand twist there and fasten it with a clear elastic.
  • Make a high ponytail with all of your hair and fasten it with an elastic.

How to do a Double Side Braid


  • At your hairline, take a one-inch chunk and divide it into three smaller sections.
  • French braid your hair by going right over left over and adding hair from the root as you go.
  • Use an elastic to hold.
  • Add a second French braid after the first one, about an inch behind it.
  • Use an elastic to hold.
  • Any flyaways or shorter parts that protrude should be pinned back.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Multiple Braids Called?

Tiny cornrow braids, a head full of box braids, or a simple triple or quadruple French braid.

2. Can you Braid your Hair Yourself?

Yes, you can.

3. Is it Better to Braid your Hair Wet or Dry?

Your hair will be excessively heavy if you braid it when it’s wet.

4. Is Braiding Good for Dry Hair?

Making braids keeps hair moisturized and nourished by helping to trap moisture.

5. Halo Braid Definition?

This is a form of plaited hair that is made by wrapping two lengthy Dutch braids around your head and pinning them in place afterward to provide a lovely halo appearance.

6. What is a Butterfly Braid?

This is constructed from two substantial braids on either side of your head, which connect to a single braid at the rear of your head.

7. Mermaid Braid Definition?

There is a choice of plain or ombre-colored hair extensions for the two full braids.

8. What is a Waterfall Braid?

This is a partial French braid in which only a portion of the hair is braided and the remainder is let to fall down like water.

9. Is there a 5 Strand Braid?

Put strand two underneath strand five and above strand three.

10. How Many Strands of Hair are in a Braid?

Three or more strands of hair.

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