Adidas Product Testing: How to Become an Adidas Product Testing

If you are wondering about a way to score free shoes and apparel, look no further than the Adidas product testing program. Keep reading for more information on the Adidas product testing program.

Adidas Product Testing: How to Become an Adidas Product Testing

Reebok, which is owned by Adidas, provides its own product testing service that operates essentially the same way as that of its parent company. Head to Product testing. to sign up to be a Reebok product tester.

How to Apply for the Adidas Product Testing Program

Product testers must meet a minimum set of requirements, including:

  • Living in the United States
  • Internet access and a valid email address.
  • Read and write in English
  • Age 18 or older
  • Provide body measurements
  • Do not test any competitor products.
  • Not share information related to products being tested via social media, personal messaging, or other forms of communication

How the Adidas Product Testing Program Works

You will receive an email inviting you to participate if you have been chosen for the Adidas product-testing program.

Complimentary test gear with instructions on how long to wear the product or the amount of mileage will be given to those who want to participate.

Testers will mail back the product (Adidas will pay for shipping) for evaluation by the company after wearing the gear for the required period.

During the testing period, participants are asked to keep detailed logs of their activity, as they will be asked to complete a short survey at the end.

Signing Up

To sign up, you will want to head to the official Adidas product testing website and scroll down until you see “Get Started”. Click on it.

After you click on it, it will begin to ask you questions.  These are the questions you will want to answer as they will help Adidas match you up with products that fit your demographic.

Adidas Product Testing: How to Become an Adidas Product Tester

The entire survey probably takes about 10~ minutes. How long it takes really depends on how many sports you click on as Adidas will ask you about each sport if you were to click more than one.

This could make the process a bit longer.  Just make sure that you’re 100% honest with the application.  Since they are looking for all walks of life, you do not need to be a super athlete to qualify.

After you fill out the survey in full, you will then see a “congratulations” logo, and from there, you will be asked to confirm your email address to successfully add your name to the database.

Adidas Product Testing: How to Become an Adidas Product Tester

After you confirm your email address, it’s really a waiting game from here.  Again, as mentioned, it will really be dependent upon your demographic as Adidas is looking for particular people when testing a product.

Waiting Time

For now, the entire process is done and it’s now a waiting game. Keep your eye on your mail.

If you do get an email, then you will be asked to follow the directions. However, this entails wearing the products for up to 4 weeks and then mailing back the test product once done.

During this time, you will be asked to keep a daily log. Basically to let the company know what you did for the day. And how long you wore the product.

All of this information will be sent in a very simple survey at the end.

Bottom Line

If you like, the idea of a few weeks of testing Adidas shoes and getting your feedback, then it could be something to consider. Remember, however, that signing up does not guarantee a pair of shoes for free.

Adidas Product Testing: How to Become an Adidas Product Tester

You will need to return them a few weeks later. Even though you were eligible to apply, so the shoes and apparel are really never yours to keep.

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