How to Become a Thirty One Consultant and How Much You Can Make

– How to Become a Thirty One Consultant –

Becoming a consultant for Thirty One Gifts means signing up from home to start your own company, selling attractive bags and organizational products.

How to Become a Thirty-One Consultant

Wallets, key chains, stationery, storage / organizational products are some other things you can sell, and they also have a line of children’s products.

Additionally, with embroidery, you can have the things you purchase customized, which is really cool.

Still, are they worth it? Below, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of being a consultant for Thirty-One, so you can judge for yourself whether or not you should move into this.


What is a Thirty One Consultant?

A consultant is like a representative for Thirty-One products. She can help you create custom bags, lunch boxes, totes, cases, and much more. All shoppers on the website must have a consultant to make purchases.

Being a Thirty-One consultant is very rewarding. It allows you to be the boss of your own career and achieve the financial goals you choose to put into action.

If you’re interested in becoming a consultant, don’t worry if you have no sales experience. Anyone can learn how to sell these products. Your leader will show you everything you need to get started!

What Do They Sell?

Thirty One Gifts sells a variety of products, such as:

  • Handbags and Accessories: Shoulder bags, totes, and jewelry
  • Travel: Duffle bags
  • Thermals
  • Home: Pillows and home decor

How to Become a Thirty One Consultant

Becoming a consultant for Thirty One Gifts follows the same traditional method other MLM companies do. It’s a simple, three-step process:

1. Sign-up

This is one of the ways and guide on How to Become a Thirty One Consultant. Signing up is as straightforward as you can get. You have two options:

You’ll have to fill out an application, which asks for standard information like:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • If you need a consultant to sponsor you

Regardless of whether or not you’re signing up under a consultant or having one assigned to you, you’ll need to purchase a starter kit before your application can be completed.

2. Purchase a Kit

This is one of the ways and guide on How to Become a Thirty One Consultant. Like most companies, you’re required to purchase a kit before you can get started.

The idea is that you’ll be given some products to use (in hopes of attracting customers), display at parties (with hopes of making sales), or sell them directly.

There are two kit options for you to choose from:

  • Signature Kit: $99
  • Custom Signature Kit: $130

Both kits provide you with products, your own replicated website that you can send your customers to so that you earn a commission, and some business supplies to help you out.

The only difference is that, with the Custom Kit, you get to choose which items you want to use, sell, or display, instead of just getting the standard ones.

Hidden down near the bottom of the page, before you complete sign up, is a little note informing you that there’s also a $16.95 fee per month which pays for your website, as well as branded emails that get sent to your customers.

Once you’ve purchased your kit and finished the sign-up process, you’ll be able to start selling!

3. Sell!

This is one of the ways and guide on How to Become a Thirty One Consultant. After you receive the starter kit you purchased beforehand (which usually takes 2-3 days), you’re ready to start selling. There are a few ways you can go about this:

  • Get individual sales
  • Host home parties
  • Online Sales

The first idea is to get individual sales. The easiest way to do this is to reach out to family and close friends, asking if they want to purchase or not.

Selling Thirty One Products

Selling Thirty-One Products

Selling Thirty One Gifts is fun and very rewarding. There are several ways to do it, and depending upon your goals and commitment, it can become a lucrative opportunity.

1. Individual Orders

One way to is to collect individual orders. These are orders you collect from friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else you show the book to or that contacts you want to sell.

2. Home Parties

This is the fastest way to make money. You can host your own party and invite your friends and family, or you can have a friend host one for you.

Thirty-One offers great incentives for hostesses including free merchandise, half-price items, and items that exclusive to hosts only.

3. Catalog Parties

This is a great way to bring in large orders as well. With a catalog party, you simply put together a packet with catalogs, flyers, and order forms and give it to your hostess.

4. Online Sales 

You can collect sales when customers shop on the website. You can pass out your link on the website to friends and family who do not live nearby.

This is another great reason for networking and using social media. You can also set up online parties using your website. This is a great way to party with friends who are not local.

How Much You Earn As a Thirty One Consultant

After becoming a Thirty-One consultant, you can get 25 percent commission on all your sales. You also earn a percentage of the sales from other people you recruit to become Thirty-One consultants.

The company will need you to sell at least $200 in product every three months to remain active. They also offer all kinds of bonuses and other incentives. Plus, Thirty-One consultants get a discount on products — 25 percent!

When Do Thirty One Consultants Get Paid?

Many people are curious about how the Thirty-One commission payout schedule works. You submit all the money from your sales to the company, and they will send you a commission via direct deposit to your bank twice each month.

Cost to Start with Thirty One

How to Become a Thirty-One Consultant conclusion

Just as it is with any home business, making money often means spending money. To start, you’ll have to pay $99 for your consultant kit.

The consultant kit includes $300 worth of items made up of new products plus some business supplies. They have another kit that is higher-priced ($179), but it comes with more items to start you off.

If you are making sales, you should be able to earn this investment back. And another thing to think about is that even if you decide to become a Thirty-One consultant is not for you, you can still keep the items from the kit for your own personal use.

We hope this article has been useful for you. Please let us know your thought in the comment section. Also, endeavor to share with your friends and love ones. Do have a lovely new year ahead!

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