How to arrange pages in Word Documents

How to Arrange Pages in Word 2022 Documents

You can end up having to make certain rearrangements depending on the sort of document you develop using Microsoft Word. For long texts, this is highly probable.

How to arrange pages in Word Documents

How to Arrange Pages in Word

You can not find a way to rearrange your Word pages when you are able to rearrange your PowerPoint slides. But since Word is a word processing program, it’s like a long paper scrolling. PowerPoint is a slideshow app with slides as its own parts.

But please rest assured, in Microsoft Word, there are ways to move and change pages and we’ll show you a few simple ways.

1. Using the Navigation Pane

The easiest method to rearrange pages in Word is to use the navigation pane to move pages from A to B. Technically, this doesn’t allow you to move pages, but it does allow you to move entire sections if you’ve used headings to split up your document.

This is a better method—if a section in your document carried onto multiple pages, but you only moved a single page, your document would no longer make any sense.

As we’ve mentioned, this will only work if your document has been organized with headings applied using the Styles section in the Home tab on the ribbon bar.

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If your document doesn’t use headings, you’ll need to use the cut and paste method described below instead.

To use the navigation pane to rearrange your document, you’ll first need to click on the View tab on the ribbon bar. Under the Show section, click the checkbox next to the Navigation Pane option.

Using the Navigation Pane

This will bring up the navigation pane in a menu on the left-hand side.

You’ll see a list of your headings in the Headings tab. Main section headings made using the Heading 2 style will appear prominently, with sub-headings made with the Heading 3 and 4 styles shown underneath these.

Clicking on any of these headings or sub-headings will bring you to the start of those sections in the editing screen.

To rearrange any of these sections, use your mouse or trackpad to drag them into a new position in the navigation pane.

Once dropped, the heading and all of its content will be moved into a new position on your document. In the example below, Section 2 of a sample document was moved below Section 7 in the navigation pane.

You can repeat these steps if you’re looking to move multiple sections.

2. Cutting the Section You Need

You move pages in any Word document on any version of Microsoft Word by simply cutting the contents of the target page(s) from their current location and pasting them to whatever location in the document you you to move them to. In order to do so, simply:

  • Open the Word document you want to re-arrange pages in.
  • Right-click and drag your mouse pointer over everything on the page(s) you want to move to highlight and select the contents.
  • Press Ctrl + X to Cut the selection of text. The page(s) the text was on will be eliminated once it has been Cut.
  • Place your mouse pointer in the location within the Word document you want the pages moved to.
  • Press Ctrl + V to paste the contents of the target page(s). The contents will be moved to the new location and Word will automatically create space to accommodate the text that you have pasted, successfully moving the target page(s) from their previous location to the new location you have chosen.

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Tips for the Cut and Paste Methods

Tips For The Cut And Paste Methods

Regardless of whether you use the cut and paste method with your keyboard or mouse, here are a few tips to help.

Remember Undo Move

If you make a mistake during the cut and paste process, remember that you can undo what you just did. Click the Undo Move button in your Quick Access Toolbar. This will undo your last change, but you can click the arrow next to the button to go back through your history changes.

If you would like to customize settings in Word like that Quick Access Toolbar, here are some tips to check out.

Copy Instead of Cut

If cutting text from your document makes you nervous, you can use a copy, paste, delete method instead. Follow the same steps for using your keyboard or mouse to select the text, but rather than choosing Cut, choose Copy.

Then, once you paste that selected text into the spot where you want it, you can go back and delete it where you copied it from originally. This will take longer than a simple cut and paste, however, it might feel safer to you.

Use Your Clipboard History

Another cool way to paste a page you cut (or copy) is via the Clipboard History tool on Windows. Move your cursor to the spot in your Word document where you want the page you just cut (or copied).

Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + V to open your clipboard history. Then click an item in the history window to paste it.

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