How Tall Was Alexander the Great

How Tall Was Alexander the Great?

How tall was Alexander the Great? The Greek legend was one of the most powerful Kings of all time, but do you know how tall he was?

How Tall Was Alexander the Great?

So how tall was Alexander the Great?

Alexander stood about five feet tall, which was the average height for a Greek man at the time the Macedonian king lived.

He was one of the most influential Greek kings, popularizing the idea of combining cultures rather than demolishing a conquered land’s pre-existing culture.

Nobody knows exactly how tall the brave leader was.

However, historians point to the story of Alexander the Great meeting King Porus of India in 326 BCE (B.C.E.).

King Porus was a massive man who stood approximately seven feet tall.

Plutarch’s Description of Alexander The Great

Plutarch, Alexander’s biographer, recalled Alexander’s king saying that the Indian King and his elephant were proportionate to Alexander and his horse.

When he and his army went to fight King Porus, the Indian king’s army included 35,000 men and 200 war elephants similar to the one he rode.

When a severe thunderstorm struck, he waited for the right moment to strike and began leading the charge.

The battle was bloody, but Alexander III of Macedonia triumphed.


What Areas Did Alexander The Great Conquer?

How Tall Was Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great would conquer lands ranging from northeast Africa to southwest Asia in his quest for world dominance.

After conquering a new country, Alexander would concentrate on improving the city.

He was eager to push himself and his army even further after his first victory.

Fortunately, many of the war resources that the young king would require, his father, had made available.

The League of Corinth was a Greek city-state confederation that assisted Alexander the Great in maintaining control of his Greek domain and in war planning.


You’ve probably known how tall Alexander the Great was by now.

Arrian stated he was of average height, while Curtius stated he lacked an impressive physique and/or stature.

Existing art shows him to be muscular with a suitable length of leg and somewhat stocky, so Curtius must refer to his height.

Whatever the case is, Alexander has had a great impact on the world today and he was a prominent leader.

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