How Old do You Have to be to Gamble in Vegas? What to do as a Minor

If you are reading this article, it is either you want to head right up to the gambling city and what to know what the legit gambling age is over there or you are already in Las Vegas.

How old do you have to be to gamble in Vegas? What to do as a minor.

And want to be certain of when you can gamble with the extra money you’ve got.

Whichever be it, this article will guide you through all you really need to know about the legit age to gamble in Las Vegas and additionally in other prominent states. Let’s get right into it.

Gambling is legal in most U.S. states and in most countries around the world. But the age at which you can place your first official wager is different depending on your location.

How Old Can Gamble in Las Vegas?

The legal age to gamble in Las Vegas is 21 years. At this age, you are free to play or be found around gambling houses. Those below this age are not allowed to gamble.

They even may not be close to a slot machine or stay on the casino floor.

That’s it about how old one needs to be to gamble in Las Vegas. I also shared other information regarding gambling in Las Vegas you may want to know. Read on!


Can An 18 Years Old Gamble in the United States of America?

Gambling is one activity highly regulated across the United States of America.

Outside the U. S, many countries where gambling is legal also have laws, which stipulate the age limit allowed to be involved in any form of gambling.

So, countries around the world where gambling is legal only permit reasonable adults. However, what I would want you to know is that every country has its policies on gambling.

Even back here in the United States of America, every state has its laws regarding gambling.

Back to the question; can someone that’s 18 years old gamble in the United States of America? The answer is yes, and no. I said yes because most states permit it.

It’s the age limit for persons to be seen near a casino or be actively involved in gambling.

However, I would like to clear the air by letting you know that in Las Vegas, things are quite different. It’s not legal for persons 18 years and under to gamble or be close to a casino. The minimum age is 21 years old.

Anything below that is against the laws of the land and is a punishable offense.

The implication is that the casino where the violation occurred might be closed down or be visited with the full weight of the law.

So, yes, you can gamble in the United States even if you are 18 years old but not in a state like Las Vegas. You must be 21 years or above.

Also, while some states allow 18 years old to be involved in all gambling types, some only restrict their activities to certain games.

In other words, 18 years old might be allowed to take part in gambling activities like horse racing or lottery alone in most of the 21+ states.

These states allow gambling for 18 years old but for specific gambling types, as stated above.

However, states in this category (allows 18 years to partake in specific games) include Arkansas, Maine, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and Kansas.

It’s also worthy of note that only four states, which include Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa, and Idaho, legally permit citizens 18 years old to make any form of bets while gambling.

But other states such as Florida, Indiana, Oregon, California, and Wisconsin legal permit specific types of wager (the part-mutual wager is an example) for someone who is just 18 years old.

Why Do You Have to Wait Till 21 Most Times to Gamble?

They set the gambling age at 21 for a reason that most likely has to do with how the law interprets an individual’s legal status in society. Until a person is an adult, which is usually 21, they are the responsibility of their parents.

Why you Have to Wait Till 21 Most Times to Gamble?

In other words, if an individual were to gamble and rack up a huge gambling debt, his parents would be legally obligated to pay for him or her.

That’s why in most cases, they set the gambling age in the USA at 21, although this has been adjusted in some states depending on the activity and at what age they consider an individual an adult.

Popular Destinations and Age to Gamble Around the world

Countries around the world are free to set their own specific limits and restrictions on gambling and, by extension, on the legal gambling age. While the United States has over 2,200 casinos today.

There are other countries where gambling is legalized and there is a legal age that individuals must meet to take part.

United Kingdom

  • Gambling age: 18

The United Kingdom is one of the most liberal markets in the world for gambling. The legal gambling age is 18.


  • Gambling age: 18

Australia allows individuals as young as 18 to gamble and take part in sports betting and casino gambling products. However, online gambling is restricted in the country with some exceptions for sports and horse racing betting.

Hong Kong and Macau

  • Gambling age: 18

While China doesn’t officially allow any type of gambling, other than the national lottery, we consider both Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions where gambling activities are permitted.


  • Gambling Age: 16-21

Europe comprises many jurisdictions where gambling is always different. Most countries agree that 18 is a wonderful age.

But some, such as Estonia and Denmark allow individuals as young as 16 to take part in certain betting contests. Portugal expects gamblers to be at least 21 years of age.

Things You Can Do Besides Gambling in Las Vegas

You might wonder what other fun things can you do since you can’t gamble. There is a lot to keep you from gambling as a minor in Las Vegas.

So, Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital. But despite that, there are other ways you can keep yourself engaged and happy other than gambling.

It’s essential for non-gamblers and those who are below the legal age to know that there are activities they can enjoy in Las Vegas. Let’s look at some of them.

Read Also:

Things You Can Do Besides Gambling in Las Vegas

  • Climbing the Tallest Tower in the United States:  Are you acrophobic? If no, then here’s an activity for you! When you visit Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to visit the Stratosphere Observation Deck.
  • It’s 1,149 feet high and will offer you a 360 view of Vegas, including her beautiful desert.
  • Visit the Red Rock Canyon: Here’s another fun-filled activity for you to take your mind off gambling. It’s just 17 miles away from the strip and looks attractive.
  • Explore the red rock and learn about Vega in this rocky environment. And don’t forget to take your camera with you.
  • Entertainment: There’s everything for you in Las Vegas. You will find top concerts and shows hosted by renowned casinos and some entertainment venues.
  • So, check for upcoming shows and book your ticket right away.
  • Pay a visit to the Hoover Dam: Las Vegas is home to many side attractions that will blow your mind away. One of them is the Hoover Dam. It’s one of the engineering marvels of the world, and a place you will love to spend quality time.

At this point, you are now aware of what age you should be to gamble legally in Las Vegas, the world game city.

Also, you now know why you have to wait to 21 to gamble, some prominent gamble cities and states, and most importantly, some really exciting activities you can do instead of gambling if you are a minor.

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