How Often Does it Snow in Texas | Where? (Austin, Dallas, Etc.)

-How Often Does it Snow in Texas-

Texas is a large, hot desert state that boasts an area of 268,597 square miles and a population of 29 million people. The question now is, how often does it snow in Texas? That is exactly what we’ll be answering in this article.

How Often Does it Snow in Texas

Does It Snow In Texas? (Austin, Dallas, Etc.)

Texas, with its traditionally warm climate and iconic images of cacti, ranches, and hot-weather pursuits, may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of snow.

It does, however, have several high-altitude locations where it is cold enough to snow in the winter.

Remember the February 2021 snowstorm that cut off many households due to burst pipes and a snow-covered Houston? It just goes to show that it can snow in Texas.

So, does it snow in Texas, and if so, where should you look for snow and colder temperatures in the winter?

How Much Snow is in Texas?

If you’re wondering how much snow to expect in Texas, the answer is that it varies. Although snow can fall in south and central Texas, it is more likely to fall in the state’s northern and western regions.

In Texas, the average snowfall is around 0.1 inches. When compared to areas such as New York, this amount appears to be insignificant.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of some snowfall in Texas. With Amarillo receiving 17.8 inches of snow per year and El Paso receiving a respectable 6.9 inches, there is certainly snow to be found in this otherwise arid state.

Texas Climate

Texas has a wide range of weather because of its diverse geography, which includes arid areas in the west, and humid areas in the east.

Because Texas has such a large surface area (695,662 km2), there can be significant weather variations. Tornadoes are common in Texas, with 139 recorded each year.

Every year, the northern and western regions of Texas experience the coldest and snowiest temperatures.

This includes cities such as Austin and Waco, where temperatures have dropped below freezing frequently.

Record Cold and Snow Events in Texas

They could consider even the colder parts of Texas snow-free almost any year. However, some significant snowstorms and cold snaps have been recorded, which are worth mentioning.

Northern Texas experienced an epic snowstorm in February 1956, with 61 inches of snow falling at Vega.

Does it ever snow in El Paso? On another occasion, on December 13-14, 1987, they received 22.4 inches of snow in 24 hours.

In December 1983, four weather stations in Texas recorded temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the longest continuous stretch. Temperatures in Lubbock were below freezing for 207 consecutive hours.

Regular Snow In Texas

In a normal year, you can expect snow in Texas in the winter, though much less than in other northern states. The average snowfall is 0.1 inch, and it usually melts in a few days, causing no major disruption.

The western region of Texas receives the most snowfall in Texas, including Amarillo (17.8 inches per year), Lubbock (8.2 inches), and El Paso (6.9 inches).

Wichita Falls, in North Central Texas, receives approximately 4.2 inches of snow per year. The rest of the state would normally receive little if any, snow.

Where Is the Most And Least Snowfall In Texas?

Because the north and west regions of Texas have lower temperatures than the rest of the state, they receive most of the snowfall.

Snowfall occurs in the southern and central regions, but it is not common. The southeastern region receives sporadic amounts of snow that can range between two and thirty inches.

Where Can I Go To See Snow In Texas?

When it snows in Texas, make a big deal out of it. It falls so infrequently and sporadically that seeing it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many who do not live in the state or near one of the snowfall areas.

The panhandle and the west end of the state receive most of the snowfall. If you monitor the weather, you might catch some in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

The best places to enjoy fun snowfall, however, would be at the highest elevations. The best places to do this are Guadeloupe National Park and Amarillo, Texas.

1. Amarillo

Amarillo is one of the best and most beautiful places in Texas to see snow. It receives 18 inches of snow per year. It is most common in January, but if you pay attention to weather patterns, you may also see it in October and possibly April.

Palo Duro State Park, also known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, is one of the best places to see the rare Texas snow.

It will quickly dump on Amarillo once it moves in from the Rocky Mountains. Its duration will be determined by how quickly the weather returns to normal warmth.

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2. Lubbock


Now and then, the birthplace of musician Buddy Holly receives a good snowfall. This is one of those erratic places we’ve discussed.

You can go an entire winter without seeing a single snowflake, and then get around eight inches the following year.

The earliest you might see snow in Lubbock is October, but the best months to catch it are December, January, and February.

3. El Paso

El Paso is susceptible to snowfall. Again, if you are fortunate enough to witness it when it occurs, enjoy it.

If you want to see snow in a picturesque setting with snow-draped mountains, El Paso is the place to go.

Franklin Martin State Park is an excellent place to hike and venture further into the mountain range to experience the rare Texas snow.

You’ll get less than four inches, and the mountains will hold the snow for a longer period because of temperature differences at higher elevations.

4. Guadeloupe And Big Bend National Park

Guadeloupe And Big Bend National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, in West Texas near the New Mexico border, contains Texas’ four highest peaks. Winter snow is common in the park’s higher elevations, which range from 3,000 to 8,000 feet.

 During December and January, snow can cover high-altitude hiking trails, such as the path to the summit of Guadalupe Peak.

Both campgrounds in Guadalupe Mountains National Park are open all year. The smaller Dog Canyon Campground has more shelter to protect campers from the harsh winter winds.

5. Dallas/Ft. Worth

Dallas/Ft. Worth

For many reasons, including weather, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is the same. Rushing to Dallas to see snowfall is unlikely to work on the fly.

Dallas’ temperature is volatile, ranging from 60 degrees in the winter to much colder in minutes. If you’re lucky, you might see snow in January, February, or March.

We wouldn’t say Dallas is the best place to see snow.

What Is The Texas Snow Party?

The Texas snow party is something unique that takes place during the winter in parts of Texas that do not see snow, which is most of the state.

If you can’t travel or aren’t interested in finding the icy stuff, a company can bring it to you. Yes, you can drive to a nearby location to see and play in the snow, albeit a great likeness.

You can actually rent snow with a tubing hill. You can hire this service for any occasion, such as a birthday or simply to bring a little winter into your home.

The Texas snow party has been used for winter wonderland weddings (yes, it’s a thing).

What’s it Like in Texas Snow Party?

A snow machine is brought to the desired location, and snow is blown into the air and deposited on the ground.

Participants can slide down artificial hills brought in and placed around the outdoor area. This service costs around $900 for 4,000 pounds of snow to $2,600 for 20,000 pounds of snow, with rates in between.

It is not a cheap venture. If you’re going to do this, it should probably be for a large group. It’s not really suitable for an afternoon with the kids.

What Can I Do And See In Texas Cities That Get Snow?

Texas doesn’t get much snow, so if you’re going to drive a long distance to see it, do something in one place we mentioned getting snow occasionally.

Here are some places to visit while you wait for the snow to fall—if it does. If it doesn’t, you’ve got a staycation to compensate.

The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo is a bizarre, artistic display of actual Cadillacs painted in bright colors and stuck headfirst into the desert sand.

The exciting part is that you can use one can of spray paint scattered around the area to create your own graffiti!

More on What Can I Do And See In Texas Cities That Get Snow

If Lubbock is your cup of tea and you enjoy the history and music of rock and roll, this is the place for you. There are many live music venues to select from.

After you’ve had your fill of playing in the Texas snow, you can spend the night listening to music and visiting the Buddy Holly Center to learn more about the musician’s life.

There are many museums dedicated to aviation, agriculture, and other topics. You can find a science center and Prairie Dog Town, which is ideal for children.

They have an art museum in El Paso, and the Magoffin Home State Historic Site is another interesting attraction.

How Often Does it Rain in Austin?

While snow is uncommon, winter remains the wettest season of the year. Winter accounts for 28 percent of Austin’s annual precipitation.

March is the wettest month, with an average of 8.6 days of rain. Such precipitation, combined with freezing nighttime temperatures, can cause the dangerous icy driving conditions mentioned above.

Snow Near Texas

Snow near Texas

While Texas snow is unique and does not last long, neighboring states provide true winter playgrounds where snow is guaranteed.

 Some of the best places to see snow near Texas are in New Mexico and Colorado. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and snowshoeing are popular winter activities in these states.

Texans looking for snow can visit the mountainous terrain of New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest.

This national forest, located 75 miles west of Roswell, includes high elevation landscapes such as the Sierra Blanca and the Sacramento Mountains.

More Information on Snow Near Texas

Ruidoso, a mountain town, is an excellent starting point for exploring the snowy landscapes, including the nearby Ski Apache resort.

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter sports are popular in the nearby Santa Fe National Forest. Ski Santa Fe is a 15-minute drive from the city and offers downhill skiing.

The state of Colorado attracts winter enthusiasts from all over the world, thanks to the world-famous Summit County and several incredible ski resorts.

FAQs about How Often Does it Snow in Texas

1. Where in Texas Does it Snow Frequently?

Western Texas has the most snowfall in the state. Amarillo (17.8 inches), Lubbock (8.2 inches), and El Paso are all in this region (6.9 inches). 

2. How Often Does it Snow in Texas?

The central part of Texas rarely sees snow, and the coast has even less of a chance. However, if you are fortunate enough to witness it, there may be a good snowfall on the east Texas coast.

3. What Is The Average Snowfall in Dallas, TX?

They list the official snowfall for Dallas as 1 inch per year. This compares to the average city in the US which gets 26 inches of snow per year.

4. Why Does it Snow a Little in Dallas, Texas?

Depends on how far north but NO it is not common

5. Does it Snow in Houston? If So, at What Temperature?

Houston witnesses 0.1 snowfall days in December and records a snow accumulation of up to 0.08 inches (2 millimeters).

6. Has Texas Ever Had an April Snow?

On the weekend of April 29-30, a powerful late-season low-pressure system moved across the Texas Panhandle. On Saturday morning, April 29th, heavy snow fell in the far northwest Panhandles.

7. What’s the Weather Like in Texas During the Winter?

Summers are humid; winters are short, cold, dry, and windy; and it is partly cloudy all year.

Throughout the year, the temperature typically ranges from 36°F to 96°F, with temperatures rarely falling below 24°F or rising above 102°F.

8. Is Texas Experiencing Snow in all countries For the First Time?

Texas Is Experiencing Snow In All Counties For The First Time In 126 Years. Most of the US states are deep in snow at the moment, with a few exceptions.

More FAQs about How Often Does it Snow in Texas

9. How Often Does Houston Get Cold Compared to Dallas?

In comparison, Houston gets close to freezing a few times a year. Dallas has only experienced temperatures below zero once in the last 50 years. Dallas has some very nice weather in the winter. 

10. How Hot Does it Get in Dallas During the Summer?

The hot season lasts for 3.4 months, from June 4 to September 18, with an average daily high temperature above 88°F. The hottest month of the year in Dallas is August, with an average high of 95°F and a low of 76°F.

Expect to be surprised by the weather in Texas, depending on where you are in the state. Texas has significant temperature variations because of its vast land surface.

 To be certain of seeing snow, visit national parks with tall peaks, where the higher altitude ensures cooler temperatures. But don’t be surprised if you get caught in a blizzard in places like Houston–it’s happened before!

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