How Much is a Contact Lens Exam at Walmart?

– How Much is a Contact Lens Exam at Walmart –

Most people are shocked to find that a contact lens exam at Walmart in 2022 will cost about the same as a regular eye exam. However, reading this article will make more sense as regards the cost of a contact lens exam at Walmart.

Contact Lens Exam at Walmart

About Walmart

All of your needs can be met at Walmart for a reasonable price, including contact lens exams.

You should also take Walmart’s vision center into account when searching for an affordable, practical location to receive an eye checkup.

Although there are free online eye exams available, Walmart’s eye exams are competitive with other in-person options.

Contact lenses, eyewear, glasses, and sunglasses are all sold at Walmart. 


Contact Lenses at Walmart

eye doctor

The Walmart eye clinic provides a range of services and eyeglasses in addition to eye tests, such as the following:

  • Prescription glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Treatment for eye infections or disease
  • Computer glasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Contact lenses fitting
  • sunglasses
  • Eye drops and eye care

For men, women, and children, Walmart offers over 600 distinct designs of glasses, with prices starting at just $20.  Most of the contact lens at Walmart is under $130.

More Things to Know

Additionally, on any color, you can select your lenses in clear for no charge, basic tint for $41, polarized tint for $65, or transition lenses for $65.

Clear color lenses with an anti-scratch coating are free at Walmart. Additional options include a no-glare coating ($50) and impact resistance ($31).

Some Walmart locations will replace lenses into your own frame for $25 as a service fee if you need Walmart Vision Center to put lenses in your frames.

Costco charges the same price, and this is less expensive than other locations where they often charge $40.


Average Cost of Contact Lens Exam at Walmart


Depending on where you live and the kind of vision clinic you visit, the average cost of a routine contact lens exam will change.

Having said that, remember that they are averages. Without insurance, contact lens installations can cost as little as $100.

You’ll discover that well-known brands like Walmart and America’s Best will provide the most affordable selections.

To locate the most affordable eye test prices for your needs, we advise phoning a few optical/optometry offices in your area.

Factors Contributing to the Cost of Contact Lens at Walmart

Contact Lens Exam at Walmart

The price of a contact lens exam could be a little bit more expensive than expected if you require tests that are not part of routine eye exams, including tear film.

But in order to choose the best type of contacts for you, several additional tests are required.

You might not need more extensive eye testing if you do not have any eye issues other than refractive defects.

Additionally, some eye disorders might need to be treated before you can wear contact lenses.

Finally, we would be pleased to know about any additional fees for your contact lens exam if you are concerned about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much are Contacts at Walmart Without Insurance?

As low as $45.

2. What is the Cheapest Place to Get an Eye Exam?

America’s Best.

3. How Much does Walmart Charge for Lenses?

Usually around $80.

4. How Much does it Cost to Check your Eyes at Walmart?

Between $50 and $100 without insurance.

5. How Much do Prescription Contacts Cost?


6. How Much do Contacts Cost Without Insurance?

Between $20 and $30 a box.

7. Can I Use my Glasses Prescription for Contact Lenses?

Your current prescription for glasses cannot be used to obtain contact lenses.

8. Which is Cheaper Glasses or Contacts?


9. Can Contacts Get Lost in Eye?

Contact lenses cannot be lost behind your eyes permanently.

10. How Much do Contacts Cost Monthly?

 $60 to $180.

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