How Much Does the Earth Cost?

“How much does the earth cost?” is an unusual question that people have always asked out of curiosity. Are you one of those who have wondered what the value of the earth is? This article will satisfy your curiosity. Read on.

How Much Does the Earth Cost

Curious About Earth’s Value?

Greg Laughlin, an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has estimated that the Earth could cost $5 quadrillion if it were to be sold, taking into account factors such as the planet’s mass, temperature, and ability to sustain life.

He also estimated the worth of other planets in our solar system, with Mars being valued at $16,000 and Venus at just one cent.

Although the Solar System contains enormous amounts of water, only Earth is home to liquid surface water.

Only one astronomical object, Earth, which is a third of the Sun is known to support life.

The oceans cover around 71% of Earth’s surface, dwarfing its lakes, rivers, and polar ice.

Land, which consists of continents and islands, makes up the remaining 29% of the surface of the Earth.


Can the Earth be Sold?

Can the Earth be Sold?

Realistically, no, the worth of the resources on Earth and their capacity to support life are unfathomable.

Your initial inquiry is most likely to be this: How much would a whole planet cost?

What effects would it have if the value of life on Earth were to be quantified in dollars?

No one knows for sure.

It is obvious that the Earth has no intrinsic value and that any attempt to place a fictitious monetary value on it would be absurd.

So, why then even try?


Other Things to Know

The reason is that nature is something that we as humans have a horrible habit of viewing as something that we can exhaust.

We tend to forget that there are limits to what we can take from and give back to nature since we are a hungry race that always wants more.

Assigning a monetary value to nature is the most effective technique to serve as a reminder of those natural boundaries.

Finally, the cost of the earth cannot be really estimated as many things must be considered.

In other to be very understood, you have to know that humans on earth actually make up the earth and they will also determine its cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

$217 trillion

The humans on earth are actually the owner of the earth.

No one owns the moon.


The third planet from the Sun, Earth formed when gravity drew spinning gas and dust inside.


4.543 billion years.

Around 300,000 years ago.

Four billion years.

4.53 billion year

Many times, in the search for knowledge we can get caught up with some information we might not totally agree with.

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