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How Much Does it Cost to go to Antarctica

– How Much Does it Cost to go to Antarctica –

The notion of exploring the Earth’s final frontier excites many travelers. They come to a halt and question themselves, “How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica?” This article has provided thorough answers for you. Read through.

How Much Does it Cost to go to Antarctica

This is a crucial question. Although a trip to the icy continent is never inexpensive, there are methods to stretch your budget to aid with Antarctica travel expenses.

Visitors to this pure environment will find magnificent fauna, beautiful ice fields, and incredibly shaped icebergs.

Let’s look at the prices of visiting Antarctica, as well as money-saving suggestions and important travel facts like weather and how to get there.

Price for Antarctica Cruises, per Person

‘How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica?’ is a question that has no clear solution. There are numerous variables to consider, including the following:

  • The duration and schedule of the cruise.
  • Dimensions of a ship
  • The standard of living is high.
  • Selecting a room type (from shared to suite).
  • The food’s quality.
  • Expedition crews, a cruise with David Attenborough on board may be quite costly.
  • Wine is one of the inclusions. Clothing?
  • The ratio of staff to passengers.

Some individuals choose an 8-day fly-and-cruise trip or a 10- to 11-day cruise. There are lengthier cruises that incorporate the Ross Sea, such as two-week and three-week itineraries, as well as 35-day cruises.

Cruises are frequently priced in US dollars ($). The typical prices per person for several Antarctica cruises are listed below. Flights to other countries are not included.

Average Price for Antarctica Cruises (per person in US$)


The traditional Antarctic Peninsula voyage lasts 10-11 days and costs between $6,000 and $14,000. Crossing into the Antarctic Circle takes 12-14 days and adds to the expense, which can range from $8,000 to $18,000.

Cruises to South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, and Antarctica can last anywhere from 18 to 23 days. Expect to pay between $12,000 and $25,000.

You can fly to Antarctica instead of sailing via the Drake Passage, which takes two days. On a per-day basis, an 8-day fly and cruise to Antarctica cost between $11,500 and $27,000.

Other Things to Know

The cruises listed above are the most popular in Antarctica. Those with more time and money may like to visit the Ross Sea area in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott.

Trips to this location cost upwards of $23,000 and leave from New Zealand.

Finally, there are a few noteworthy departures to the interior of Antarctica and the South Pole. Trips lasting 7-9 days can easily cost $50,000.


Average Cost to Antarctica From the UK?

How Much Does it Cost to go to Antarctica

Almost all Antarctica cruises depart from Ushuaia, Argentina’s southernmost city. Passengers must fly to Buenos Aires and then fly to Ushuaia for four hours.

During the peak travel months of December to February, flights become extremely congested.

Allow GBP 1,000-1,500 per person for international flights and GBP 350-550 per person for repeat flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia.

More Things to Know

Before and after the trip, most tourists require a night or two in Buenos Aires or Ushuaia, with per person per night prices.

This prices ranges from $25 / GBP 20 for a hostel, $90 / GBP 70 for a three-star hotel, and $200 / GBP 150 for 4-5 star lodging.

Flying to Antarctica from Chile is also possible, thanks to a specific fly-cruise option from Punta Arenas, which may be reached through Santiago de Chile or El Calafate.

Cost to Antarctica From the USA


North Americans must fly to Ushuaia through Buenos Aires on the same airline path. Prices are determined by the season and availability, with deals being tougher to come by in December and February.

The cost of flying to Buenos Aires varies based on your departure city. Around $700 per person return would be a decent deal, with prices ranging from USD 1,000 upwards during busier times.

Allow $500-900 per person for flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and back. It is feasible to fly from Punta Arenas to Santiago de Chile or overland from El Calafate on a Chile fly-cruise.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Antarctica?

  • Emperor penguins on Snow Hill Island in the Weddell Sea.
  • Kayaking at Wiencke Island and Port Lockroy.
  • The Ross Sea is known for its orcas, whales, and ice shelf.
  • Cuverville Island and Danco Island are great places to go whale watching.
  • Glaciers, lava, and birds can all be found in the Weddell Sea.
  • Paradise Bay is a great place to camp.
  • Send a letter to the world’s southernmost Post Office, Port Lockroy.
  • The Falkland Islands are a haven for birds.
  • The South Shetland Islands are home to penguins.
  • Icebergs and whales can be seen on the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • The Drake Passage is a historic and occasionally thrilling journey.

When Is the Best Time To Go to Antarctica?

The optimum time to visit Antarctica is during the Austral summer, which runs from November to March. Thick sea ice melts, allowing tourists to visit the continent for a brief time.

During this time, there is an abundance of sunshine, with 24 hours of daylight for several weeks. The wildlife of Antarctica is very active, so it’s a perfect time to see whales, penguins, elephant seals, orcas, and other animals.


Other Things to Know

The nesting season for penguins, icebergs, and landscape photography all peaks around November. The 24 hours of sunlight in December result in penguin chicks hatching and seals mating.

January is bustling with fauna, bouncing penguin chicks, and wonderful light. The ice on the Polar Circle begins to melt in February, allowing visitors, whales, and penguin colonies to return.

The last month of the year is ideal for whales, colorful sea algae, and fewer visitors.

How Much does it Cost to go to Antarctica?

The cost of visiting Antarctica is prohibitively expensive, from the cruise to the flights and personal gear. So, how much does a trip to Antarctica cost?

An 11-day Antarctica cruise, flights, and related hotels are expected to cost between $9,000 and $13,000 / GBP 6,900-10,000 per person, according to our estimates.

Depending on your bar bill, boat tipping policies, and cruise length, tipping might cost anywhere from $150 to $300 per person.

Finally, because cameras, binoculars, and clothing can be purchased or borrowed, this amount is more difficult to pin down. We’d be delighted to assist you in realizing your Antarctica cruise ambitions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Total Cost of Going on an Expedition to Antarctica?

When you add it all together, a trip to Antarctica might cost anywhere between $7,000 and $10,000 per person.

2. How Much does a Week Adventure Trip to Antarctica Cost?

$8,000 per person.

3. How Much does it Cost at a Minimum to Visit Antarctica?

Under $5,000.

4. How Much Would a Flight to Antarctica Cost?

 $1000 – $1500 for flights.

5. What is the Least Expensive (but safe) Way to Visit Antarctica?

Boat travel.

6. What’s the Cheapest Way to Travel to Antarctica?

Look for shorter cruises for the best value.

7. Can I go to Antarctica for a Month?

Yes, you can.

8. What is the Best Month to Cruise Antarctica?


9. How do Tourists Visit Antarctica?

The majority of visitors arrive on a cruise ship.

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