How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay Managers?

Due to the current state of the world economy, everyone aspires to land a well-paying job. For most people, working for one of the most well-known bakery companies like Dunkin Donuts is a dream come true. Read through to get more information on how much does Dunkin Donuts Pay.

how much does Dunkin Donuts Pay

About Dunkin Donuts

The largest chain of bakeries and coffee shops in the world, Dunkin’, serves over 3 million people daily. True to their name, they sell over 50 different donuts.  

They also sell a wide variety of other baked goods, premium beverages, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. Besides sandwiches and bakery items, including donuts, muffins, bagels, cookies, and munchkins,

Dunkin’ Donuts offers hot coffee; iced coffee and teas, frozen drinks like Coolattas, and sandwiches. Despite having a sizable menu, their specialty items are coffee and doughnuts.


How Much Does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay on Average?

Several variables influence the typical compensation for a Dunkin, including their level of experience, department, and state of employment.

We should also point out that each Dunkin’ Donuts franchise is free to determine its own wage rates, perks, and working hours. As a result, average compensation may not be consistent across all Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

The typical entry-level position at Dunkin’ Donuts is crew member, so we’ll use that as an illustration of how much an ordinary person may make there.

How Much does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay an Hour?

how much does Dunkin Donuts Pay

Approximately $12.54 per hour is what a crew worker at Dunkin’ Donuts makes, according to the most recent national average. This average wage will primarily serve as the foundation for our subsequent salary computations.

Before determining the typical weekly, monthly, and yearly pay for a Dunkin’ Donuts crew member, there are a few items to consider.

How Much Does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay Part-Time?

The average pay of a part-time worker at Walmart depends on:

  •  How many hours they work (anything less than 35 hours per week is seen as a part-time job)
  •  Their job position
  •  The state where the restaurant is located

Dunkin’ Donuts’ pay per hour is the same for full-time and part-time employees. However, because full-time employees work more hours, they will earn more.

How Much does Dunkin’ Donuts pay monthly?

Crew workers at Dunkin’ Donuts may expect to make around $2,174 unadjusted/$1,965 adjusted each month. That this is only gross monthly revenue should be noted.

How Much does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay Annually?

Crew members may expect to make about $26,083 unadjusted/$23,575 adjusted each year, according to their predicted wages.

 However, keep in mind that this is only an expectation of total annual income and that annual wage calculations are typically a little erroneous.

Occasionally you’ll take unpaid time off, work overtime, or use some sick days, so you may expect that this amount will be less than what we show here.

How Much Does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay per State?

The state where a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise is located greatly affects an employee’s hourly wage. Let’s look at some state averages for original positions at Dunkin’ Donuts and see how they differ.

How Much does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay in Florida?

In Florida, the pay is lower than the national average:

  • Crew members make roughly $11.01 per hour ($22,901 per year, unadjusted).
  • Shift leaders earn about  $11.77 hourly ($24,482 annually, unadjusted).
  • Restaurant managers make as much as $44,416 per year, unadjusted.

How Much does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay in California?Dunkin’ Donuts


As expected, state averages in California are significantly higher than the national ones.

  •  Crew members in California-based Dunkin’ Donuts franchises make approximately $15.00 per hour ($31,200 per year, unadjusted).
  •  A shift leader will earn $15.96 per hour ($33,197 per year, unadjusted).
  •  A restaurant manager’s annual salary is about $41,778, unadjusted.

What’s clear from this is that restaurant managers in Californian Dunkin’ Donuts franchises are, on average, paid less than their counterparts in Florida. 

How Much Does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay Per Position?

Most people who apply for jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts want to know what the minimum wage is. Many of them continue to hope for a raise or promotion. Let’s look at the Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide pay averages for various positions.

  •  Bakers make approximately $11.92 per hour ($24,794 annually, unadjusted).
  • The average pay of a shift leader is $12.19 per hour ($25,355 per year, unadjusted).
  •  A crew member makes around $12.54 per hour ($26,083 per year, unadjusted).
  •  A barista will earn approximately $13.14 per hour ($27,331 annually, unadjusted).
  •  Restaurant managers at Dunkin’ Donuts make about $47,524 per year, unadjusted.

Dunkin’ Donuts Benefits

Aside from analyzing Dunkin’ Donuts’ hourly compensation for various roles, job seekers may also wish to look into employee benefits and perks.

However, because franchises are free to choose their own benefits, they may differ across the United States. Here are some conclusions from a general survey.


Health, Insurance, and Retirement Benefits

Dental, health, and life insurance are available through some Dunkin’ Donuts locations. This, however, is not a general norm.

Indeed, many employees in other franchises have expressed dissatisfaction with their lack of health and insurance benefits.

While 401(k) contributions are typically advertised as a benefit, employee reviews suggest that this is not available in all franchises.

Frequently Asked Question on how much does Dunkin Donuts Pay

1. Does Dunkin Donuts Pay?

Average Dunkin’ Donuts hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.74 per hour for Owner Operator Driver to $19.40 per hour for Replenishment Associate. 

4. Does Dunkin Donuts Drug Test?

No. You need to be vaccinated against covid 19.

5. Do Dunkin Donuts Employees get Breaks?

6 hours granted a 15-minute break; more than that granted a 15 and a 30 minute break.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ hourly salary for various positions is very close to the industry average. Working at Dunkin’ Donuts is recommended as a temporary solution or if you’re in between employment.

Why? Dunkin’ Donuts does not provide many benefits, which is a crucial consideration while seeking for a job.

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