How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

You may have a lot of concerns if you’re thinking about undergoing an abortion, including how much it would cost. The price of an abortion varies greatly from state to state. Furthermore, because regulations are often changing, it is challenging to acquire a trustworthy estimation of how much an abortion will cost.

How Much Does an Abortion Cost

About Abortion

When a pregnancy is terminated in order to prevent childbirth, this is known as an abortion. It is often referred to as “terminating the pregnancy.”

Abortion is the process of ending a pregnancy through surgery or medication.

By the time they are 45 years old, around 1 in every 4 American women will have had an abortion, according to Planned Parenthood.

A woman’s choice to undergo an abortion is very personal.

If you’re thinking about ending your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to get counseling so you can learn about all the dangers, advantages, and potential alternatives.

How Much Does an Abortion Cost

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Although it’s frequently less, an abortion can cost up to $750.

The price of an abortion can differ based on the country, the health facility where you receive treatment, and whether you are eligible for health insurance.

You can get more details regarding the price of the abortion and any funding options that may be available at your local Planned Parenthood health clinic.


Some Things to Know

Whether or not you have insurance, the staff at Planned Parenthood will make every effort to get you the treatments you require.

To learn more about prices and to see if you qualify for any financial or logistical support, get in touch with the health facility that is closest to you.

With health insurance, your abortion can be free or inexpensive. Abortions are not always covered by insurance policies.

To learn more about their policies, you can directly contact your insurance provider.

More Details 

How Much Does an Abortion Cost

Abortion is covered by some state-sponsored health insurance programs (like Medicaid), but not by others. Some insurance policies only cover abortion in specific circumstances.

Depending on your plan and the location of the abortion, you might be able to have your health insurance pay all or part of the cost of the procedure.

To find out if your insurance can help offset the cost of an abortion, contact the Planned Parenthood health center that is closest to you.


Other Things to Know

Their staff can also inform you of any funding options for your abortion and other associated expenses, such as travel.

In general, an abortion can cost anywhere from $350 and $1,500 or more, depending on:

  • Your choice of abortion method
  • where it is carried out
  • how far along you are in your pregnancy

Finally, if you’re concerned about the expense of healthcare, contact the Planned Parenthood health center closest to you to find out your choices for receiving care that you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much does an Abortion Cost?


2. How Much does an Abortion Cost Without Insurance?

Up to $750.

3. How Much does an Abortion Cost in California?

An average of $306 out of pocket.

4. What is the Cost of Abortion with Medicine?

Up to $750.

5. How Much does it Cost for a One-Month Abortion?


6. What is the Cost of Abortion in Mumbai?

Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000 in Mumbai.

7. How Much does an Abortion Cost in India?

 500— Rs.1000.

8. What is the Cost of Surgical Abortion in India?

Rs. 2000—3000.

9. How were Abortions Performed in the 1930s?

Midway through the 1930s, a variety of corporations in the United States promoted medications that caused abortions to women under names including Molex Pills and Cote Pills.

10. Will People Still have Abortions Even if it’s Illegal?

Yes, they will.

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