How Many Sides Does a Pentagon Have?

How many sides does a pentagon have? Everyone is familiar with some of the basic geometric forms that are all around us, including square, rectangle, circle, triangle, and more. But did you know that as the number of sides increases, so does the name? The Pentagon is one of those intriguing forms.

How Many Sides Does a Pentagon Have?

How Many Sides Does a Pentagon Have?

Any polygon with five sides and five angles is referred to be a pentagon. The Greek word for five is the source of the term pentagon, which is “penta.”

The Greek term for angle is “gon.” Thus, combining the two terms results in “five angles,” which is the same number of angles as the shape.

As I just stated, a shape must have five sides and five angles in order to be classified as a pentagon. The sides of the pentagon must be straight; if any of them are curved, the shape is not a pentagon. 

Types of Pentagon

Do all Pentagons have the same appearance? How can a Pentagon look different when it has five sides? First, a pentagon must have five sides and five angles in order to be considered one.

Every Pentagon has a unique set of sides and angles, though. In this regard, pentagons vary. As a result, the following list of pentagon kinds based on sides and angles:


1. Regular Pentagons

How many sides are there in a standard pentagon? constantly five Regular pentagons have sides that are all the same length and angle. Equiangular forms are those with equal angles.

because a polygon’s internal angles add up to 360 degrees. Consequently, a regular pentagon has 108 degrees for each interior angle. Furthermore, the length of each side is the same.

In a pentagon, the angle generated by two lines joining the adjacent corners to the center is 72 degrees.

2. Concave and Convex Pentagons


How Many Sides Does a Pentagon Have?

All five angles of a convex pentagon point outward; hence, if the Pentagon’s corners are linked, they will create a circle outside the shape.

 As opposed to a concave pentagon, which has all of its corners pointing inside the Pentagon in a circle, the Pentagon’s inner corners would create a circle if they were united.

The golden ratio describes how the diagonals of a regular convex pentagon relate to its sides.

3. Equilateral Pentagons

This are types whose sides are the same but angles are not the same.

4. Cyclic Pentagons

This type can’t  be circumscribed in a circle, where corners touch the circle, are called cyclic pentagons. These may look like a regular pentagon, but they are not so.

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Area of a Pentagon

Do you know the size of the pentagon now that you know what it is? or how to determine a pentagon’s area? Let’s first define a region. Any polygon’s area is its bounded region.

 An area is, to put it simply, the area bounded by the sides of a polygon. The area in the Pentagon is  designated by: A is equal to 5/2 x s x a, where s and an are the side and apothem lengths, respectively.

The apothem is the distance between each side’s center and the Pentagon’s center. For a normal pentagon, one with equal-length sides, the area is represented by: A is equal to 145(5+25)s2, where s is the polygon’s side length.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a Pentagon has 6 Sides?

A pentagon is a geometrical shape, which has five sides and five angles. Here, “Penta” denotes five and “gon” denotes angle. The pentagon is one of the types of polygons. 

2. What are the 7 Polygons?

The most basic types of polygons found in everyday life are: 1) triangle, 2) quadrilateral, 3) pentagon, 4) hexagon, 5) heptagon, 6) octagon, 7) nonagon, and 8) decagon.

3. What’s a 10 Sided Shape Called?

In geometry, a decagon is a ten-sided polygon or 10-gon. 

4. How Many Sides are Pentagon?

A pentagon is a geometrical shape, which has five sides and five angles. Here, “Penta” denotes five and “gon” denotes angle. The pentagon is one of the types of polygons. 

More Frequently Asked Questions

5. What is a 7 Sided shape Called?

In maths (geometry), a heptagon is a polygon with seven sides and seven angles. 

6. What is a Shape with 9 Sides Called?

A 9-sided figure is called a nonagon in geometry. It is also called enneagon or 9-gon.

7. Is there a Shape with 100 Sides?
A 100-sided polygon is called a hectogon, centagon or 100-gon.

8. What is a 12 Sided Shape Called?
In geometry, a dodecagon or 12-gon is any twelve-sided polygon.

9. What is the 11 Sided Shape Called?
In geometry, a hendecagon (also undecagon or endecagon) or 11-gon is an eleven-sided polygon.

A pentagon has five sides, five corners, and five internal angles, which is a universal fact. There are no curved or connected sides because it is flat and confined. It is referred to as a regular pentagon if the sides and angles are equal.

A regular pentagon has five lines of reflectional symmetry and rotational symmetry of orders 72, 144, 216, and 288. A regular pentagon will appear the same when viewed from each of its corners in a mirror.

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