How many Quarters are in a Roll: Alternatives to Rolling Quarters

How many Quarters are in a Roll would definitely be the information you need to find out before clicking on this article. Not to worry though, this article is detailed enough to not only show you how many quarters are in a roll but also have other amazing information concerning the quarters in a roll.

How many Quarters are in a Roll and Alternatives to Rolling Quarters

The table below shows the coins found in rolls of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars. If you have a lot of change lying around, you may want to consider rolling it up.

Many people often don’t realize the value of their change until it is rolled up and ready to go to the bank for cash.

Coin Coins Per Roll Total Value of One Roll Roll Image
1 Cent (Penny) 50 50 cents  
5 Cent (Nickel) 40 $2.00  
10 Cent (Dime) 50 $5.00  
25 Cent (Quarter) 40 $10.00  
50 Cent (Half Dollar) 20 $10.00  
One Dollar Coin 25 $25.00  

How Many Quarters Are in a Roll?

Are you looking to roll your quarters but aren’t sure how many go in a roll?

You’ll need 40 quarters to fill a role that is equivalent to $10.

How Much is a Roll of Quarters Worth?

As stated above, a roll of quarters is worth $10.

Where to Purchase Quarter Roll Sleeves?

You can purchase rolls for your coins in many places. Some of the best include:



Office Supply Stores

Dollar Stores

Advantages of Using Coin Rolls

By rolling your quarters, you’re sure to get the most for your money when compared to other options. Not only will this maximize your returns, but it will also help you to keep your coin organized and easy to count.

Advantages of Using Coin Rolls

By having your quarters rolled, you can easily identify that each roll is worth $10, limiting the amount of time it will take you to count every quarter.


Tips to Rolling Quarters

The traditional method of rolling quarters was by inserting quarters into the sleeve by hand. This can be very tedious and somewhat time-consuming.

With today’s technology, this has become much easier. There are machines that you can purchase to roll your quarters for you.

Not only do machines have the capability of rolling your coins for you, but they can also sort your coins, making them easier to roll.

Below is a list of machines that can help you organize and roll your coins with ease!

Royal Sovereign 1 Row ECO-Friendly Manual Hand Crank Coin Sorter (QS-1), Single, Black.

Nadex Coin Manager Pro – Coin Organizer Tray with 120 Coin Wrappers Included

Alternatives to Rolling Quarters

Rolling your quarters isn’t the only option! Save some time by considering some of these alternatives.

Use Coinstar

CoinStar is available at many local grocery stores and offers the convenience of not having to roll your quarters. Simply approach the machine and insert any popular coin into the tray and it will count your coins.

Once completed, a receipt will be printed so that you can take it to customer service and receive your cash.

The catch? They’ll charge a fee upwards of 10% for their services so if you want to get the most for your coins, it’s better to roll them.

Want the convenience of using CoinStar without the fee? They have the option to opt for an e-gift card instead of receiving cash. This can be delivered to your email for the full amount of your coins’ worth.

Depositing Them at a Bank

Not all banks will require you to roll your quarters to deposit them. If you’re lucky enough to have an account at one of these banks, consider depositing them without rolling them to save a considerable amount of time.

Where to Purchase Rolls of Quarters

If you need rolls of quarters, you can purchase them at a local bank. Better yet, there is no fee to purchase a roll of quarters but they might have limits on how many rolls they can provide depending on your needs.

Finally, we have realized how many quarters are in a roll and the equivalent of the quarter in dollars. There are alternatives to rolling your quarters that you may need to try out and as well amazing tips to rolling your Quarter.

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