How Long does it take to learn Java?

The duration it takes to learn Java will be one question that will pop up in your mind when you start a journey in programming. Is it going to take 10 months, 6 months, 4 weeks, or even a year to become a good programmer depending on your level of understanding.

How Long does it take to learn Java? Can I Learn Jave in a Month

How Long Does It Take to Learn Java: Can I Learn Java in a Month?

This article is here to put more clarification on your question on learning Java, and interestingly answer more questions that you will be needing their answer during your course of studying Java. Let’s get right in.

In this article “to know Java” doesn’t mean you can write “Hello world program”. It is about knowing Java well enough to find your first job.

What is Java Programming Language?

Java is a backend programming language, primarily used for writing server-side applications.

Frameworks written on Java EE Enterprise edition, like Spring make it really easy to write web apps in Java, taking care of all the boilerplate code, configurations & stuff.

Besides writing server-side code, we can also develop standalone applications & mobile applications with it. It has a massive community & is adopted by the big guns in the industry.

Big online platforms, be it e-commerce, FinTech, or any other, run on Java.


How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?

Java learning journey has no end. Java evolves, introducing new features now and then. So, there’s a need for constant improvement in knowledge. This is necessary if you want to remain relevant in the Java programming world.

Furthermore, the time it takes to learn Java differs from person to person. Some individuals are quick learners, while some require constant practice to master certain concepts.

So, learning speed matters a great deal. It’s also possible that most beginners may do something useful with Java within 3 to 6 months of learning.

Others might spend a few years learning and acquire sound knowledge in Java.

Certain factors can determine how far you’ll go and the duration of time you need to learn Java. These include your skillset, determination, and how much time you’re ready to invest in it.

You also need to take certain steps to speed up things. Get the best Java-based courses, expert tutors, and practice consistently.

Keep in mind that there’s no proper time to learn Java, and practice makes perfect.

What is the Best Way to Learn Java?

Well, you might ask what is the best way to learn Java. I’m sure you don’t want to spend your time on unnecessary tasks, and you want to utilize your time as efficiently as possible.

What is the Best Way to Learn Java?

My advice would be to start from basics and write console applications in the first 1-2 weeks. Then you might need to write the rest APIs using advanced libraries such as spring.

How to Learn Java

Well, to learn Java, first you need motivation. I’m sure you have it that’s why you reached this point in this article. So, you’re ready to take the challenge and become a Java guru.

Other than motivation, you also need a few things such as a computer. Without a computer, you can’t learn Java.

So, if you got the right attitude and equipment, you’re ready to go.

The first thing to do is download and set up Java on your local machine. Once you have done it, download a tool on which you will code. I’d recommend going with Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea.

After downloading these tools, you’re ready to start the learning process.

So, what you need to get your way:

  1. Setting up a Java environment on your local machine
  2. Download your preferred tool for coding. My recommendation is Intellijor Eclipse.
  3. Writing the first Hello World application.
  4. Starting an online course to guide you through.

While the first three points seem obvious, an online course might get tricky when it comes to finding the right resource.

A good designed online course will guide you through setting up your environment, and other stuff to get started.

Keep in mind, that only one course does not know Java. You should experiment and master your skills.

A course can guide you through the basics, and how to complete simple tasks. But, to become a successful Java engineer you have to search for much stuff by yourself and get things done.

So, the next step is what resources to use to learn Java. I’ll help you find the right resources, and get started along the way.

Resources to Use During your Java Study?

The first thing to do is to follow some really helpful people on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. They will provide insights to motivate you, as well as code samples to help you along the way.

Resources to Use during your Jave Study?

Other than that, you need proper guidance to study. You can take advantage of Plural Sight courses. It has lots of materials to guide and help you along the way.

The monthly subscription is $26, so it is not much expensive.

Other than that, you can use Udemy courses. This course could be good for many people, but it’s quite expensive. You can also search for cheaper courses in Udemy.

Last but not least, subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll send you weekly tutorials and updates about the latest technologies.

Jobs For Java Programmers

You can apply your skills in Java in many ways. You can write and test codes for clients as a freelancer or do so in a corporate setting. Now testing codes aim to make an application work correctly.

Clients may also hire you to test programs and applications. The aim might be to know if they’re working properly and identifying and getting rid of errors from the code.

Below, I summarize what you’ll be doing as a Java programmer.

Other Things to Know about Learning Java

How Hard is Java Programming Language? Will I Be Able to Learn it?

Java is as easy or as hard as any other programming language. A programming language is just syntax.

The hard part is applying the logic. And that is common to any programming language. The more you practice. The easier it gets.

What Can Java Do? What Is It Good For? Applications Used In Building?

Java is the most ubiquitous programming language in the world of software development. Right from mobile apps to server-side apps likes social networks.

We can write everything using Java.

I wrote popular big data frameworks like Hadoop in Java. ElasticSearch the most used enterprise search framework in the industry is written in Java.

Apache Foundation has over 200 projects written in Java which are adopted by the software industry. Pokemon Go is written in Java.

Which Certification Is Best for Java?

You can get OCJP Oracle Certified Java Programmer & OCJWCD Oracle Certified Java Web Component Developer. The certifications awarded by Oracle hold value in the industry.

A few of the organizations also reimburse the complete cost of the certification. My employer reimbursed both of my certifications.

 Which Programming Language Has Most Jobs?

If I incline you towards fetching a job in the industry. I would say you should definitely learn Java. Most of the popular online portals use Java in one way or the other. There is no scarcity of Java jobs.

Be it an Android Developer or a back-end dev. Also, the availability of jobs makes it easier to switch & move places, we aren’t tied down to one organization.

At this point, I believe every question you may have a head about learning Jave has been answered, jump right straight into it if you feel this is certainly what you need to be giving your time, resources, and study times too.

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