How Long do Instagram Private Messages Last?

How long do Instagram Private Messages Last? If you’ve been asking this question, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out.

How Long do Instagram Private Messages Last?

Your Instagram Private Messages or Direct Messages  (DMS) might not last forever as you thought they would.

Just so you know, your DMs can be deleted by Instagram after a while and the expiration date is due to many factors like your device, OS, and the type of messages that were sent.

If you turn on your disappearing messages, they can expire automatically after the recipient has seen them. Other messages too can expire after a period of time.

To check if the messages you sent have expired, search for the delivered checkmark or click the message details in your chat thread to see when the message was last updated. 

How Long do Instagram DMs Last?

Your Instagram private messages do not expire and will remain unless you manually delete them or it was due to the device.

When you delete your private messages, they are removed completely from both the sender’s and receiver’s boxes.

However, once you delete your account, all messages that you sent are deleted permanently.

For regular users, messages that are older than four months might be automatically deleted from the server. To prevent this from happening, the sender and receiver must keep the conversation active.

 Why do DMs Disappear on Instagram?

Instagram DMS (Direct Messages) might vanish for a variety of reasons. It is possible that the person one is messaging has either blocked or deleted their chat.

The conversation will end as a result of these actions or if a message has been deleted by Instagram’s automated security system.

Additionally, the communication will be inaccessible if either side deactivated their account.

A chat might also be deleted if one or both users altered their privacy settings to only accept messages from users they follow or manually approve.

Sending Bulk Messages

If this setting is turned on, messages that are not accepted within the first 24 hours may disappear.

Finally, if the user had been sending messages in bulk through third-party services (such as software bots).

It will trigger Instagram to delete the messages as a result of automated security measures procedures.

In doing this, Instagram is ensuring that the platform is safe and secure for its users, so you should be careful and not send bulk messages at once.

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