How do you Write a Short Sympathy Message?

Death or any kind of grief is difficult, However, writing a short sympathy message is one way to offer comfort to those going through this difficult phase.

How do you Write a Short Sympathy Message?

A short sympathy message filled with empathy goes a long way in consoling the bereaved, most times, we might not do much, but conveying our support where necessary is thoughtful.

Messages like this can be sent through mobile phones or simply written on a card

Tips on How To Write a Short Sympathy Message

Here are some suggestions on how to write concise sympathy messages:

Keep it Short: Messages of sympathy shouldn’t be too long, it is advisable that your message is brief, and the genuine tone of your empathy is felt.

Mention the Person’s Name: If you are quite familiar with the person going through this loss or you are familiar with the person who died or whatever the case may be.

Mentioning the name of the person makes it more relatable and heartfelt.

Things you Shouldn’t do When Writing a Sympathy Message

Don’t Make False Promises: Do not promise them when you know it will be hard to deliver on such promises

Do not Remind them of the Good Things They Still Have: This is not the best time to remind them of what they have or what they don’t have.

They are going through pain and understanding the situation and offering support is what is best at the time

Examples of Short Sympathy Messages

  • Although your father is no longer among us, his ideas, hopes, and  his dreams will continue to live on
  • I sincerely apologize for your loss. No amount of sympathy can convey how much your Dad meant to me or how sorry I am for your loss.
  • We had the honor of working and playing golf with your dad, who was a wonderful man who adored everyone.
  • All the people that worked with your Dad are devastated, I want you to know. He was a wonderful person, and we will miss him greatly.
  • I am aware of how proud your father made you feel. The family must be struggling with his passing. For you, we are sending our condolences
  • Many years ago, I played football with your father in high school. Over time, he would mention his beautiful family and thank God for giving him such blessings. He will be missed greatly.

The best way to write a short sympathy message is by making sure the tone of the word offers the needed strength to the person going through this hard phase.

We hope the tips above prove very useful for you and help you write better messages to your friend or colleague

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