How do you Start a Sympathy Card?

Have you received news that a friend or your friend’s parent has passed on? Sending them just messages is not enough, think about sending a sympathy card to show how much you care.

How do you Start a Sympathy Card?

Finding the right words to express your condolences is never simple. We understand that writing down your feelings during such a painful moment might be challenging.

Therefore, this is a guide on how to start a sympathy card.

Steps on how to Start a Sympathy Card

The recipient will feel your affection and worry even more in a sympathy note because it carries greater weight and personal feelings.

Your time and effort in crafting a message will be appreciated by them.

Begin with an Appropriate Salutation

Beginning the card with an appropriate salutation is very important. 

The most common way is by greeting the receiver with words “dear” or “dearest”, do not greet them casually or start the salutation with “ Hi. 

Please be formal, as this is not the time or the place to be overly familiar with them. Greeting the recipient formally shows how understanding you are of the situation.

Keep it Brief if you don’t Know the Person Well

There’s nothing wrong with keeping the sympathy message very brief, especially if you don’t know the person well.

In fact, it is advisable to keep it short and end with conventional phrases like” “kindly accept my sincere condolences” or “my thoughts are with you in sympathy“.

If the card has a poem inside of it already then keeping it short is more suitable.

Other short messages you can include in the card are:

  • My prayers are with you in this difficult time
  • You are in our thoughts
  • I’m praying for you during this hard phase

Share your Memories of the Deceased

This would only come in if you had a close relationship with the deceased.

Sharing some of the moments you’ve had with the deceased will help the recipient know that they are not alone in this grief.

Offer your Assistance to Help

Offering your assistance in this hard phase is a show of kindness.

In fact, the recipient will welcome your assistance with gratitude and if they reach out for help, do not hesitate to lend a hand.

Always Conclude with the Appropriate Closing

When signing off your card, please conclude with appropriate words, and make sure you choose words that express your relationship with the person. Words like:

  • Our deepest sympathy
  • With loving memories 
  • My sincere condolence

Is a Sympathy Message Necessary?

Writing a  sympathy message might sometimes be difficult especially if you are close to the person, most times we struggle to string the right words together

Although, it is hard, but you have to rise to the task to show them your support and offer them strength in this trying period.

It is the right thing to do, even if they don’t see it now, they will remember how you were there for them.

Bear in mind, that the person you are writing for is not looking at your good command of English or evaluating your writing style, the sole purpose of the card is to express your condolences

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