How do I Send a Message with a QR Code?

With the way the world has gone global, it is safe to say that QR codes have become very important. However, you might want to ask, how do I send a message with a QR code? You can use this code for digital communication after generating the code.

How Do I Send a Message with a QR Code

In business, it has also found a way to make transactions easier and quicker for both customers and brand owners. But if you don’t know how to use the QR code, it can be very frustrating. 

QR code is one of the easiest ways to send direct messages with your mobile device while ensuring that you have a code reader app. 

All you need to do is to use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code to enable you to send a secret message or a hidden message. 

Can you Use a QR Code to Send a Text?

You should know that a QR code is a type of Barcode technology made specifically for direct messages on your smartphone. 

With a QR code, you can send important information like addresses, phone numbers, links, and text messages when you scan them. 

Previously, individuals will have to get a specific code reader app in order to scan a QR code. Fortunately, in recent times, you can comfortably scan QR codes using your phone

You can either choose to use your Android phone or an iPhone camera while holding it close to the code like you are taking a photo.

When you scan the code on your phone, it will redirect you to either a web page, a download page, or even an advanced text message.  

Now that you know that you can use a QR code to send a text, let’s talk about how to send a message using a QR code. 

How do I Send a Message with a QR Code?

  • Select the SMS tab in the generator to generate an SMS QR code.
  • Then, type the phone number that will be used to receive the text message at the destination location. This could be a short code or a regular phone number.
  • Provide a text message that has already been pre-filled to make it simpler for your audience or consumer to send the message with small typing.
  • To see if it works, choose “Generate QR Code” and scan the result. This action is important to prevent expensive reprinting.
  • If everything is in order, change the QR Code’s appearance to reflect the color of your company’s logo. Additionally, you can include a call-to-action frame to promote scans and a logo to promote brand identification.
  • The QR Code can now be downloaded and added to your marketing materials.

Since everything in today’s society is online, the QR code idea has gained more traction than before.

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