How do I Scan Messages? A Step-Step Guide

How do I scan messages? Do you have limited experience with scanning messages and need a clear and easy-to-follow guide? We will provide a comprehensive guide for you as regards scanning messages.

How Do I Scan Messages

You’ve probably downloaded and used a third-party document scanner app from the App Store if you’ve had the best iPhone for a long. 

While there are many excellent solutions available, there are times when you just want to use the features that are already included in the device you purchased rather than downloading additional software.

How do I Scan Messages on iPhone and iPad?

On iPhones and iPads, the document scanner is hidden in the Notes app. You may easily scan a document and then convert it to PDF and share it with another app with only a few touches.

  • Open Notes on your iPad or iPhone.
  • To add a document, either create a new note or touch on an existing one.
  • At the bottom of the screen or above the keyboard, tap the camera button.
  • Tap on scan Documents
  • Set the desired document to proper alignment.
  • If the scanner doesn’t scan the paper automatically, press the shutter button. For every document you want to scan, repeat this procedure.
  • Once you’ve scanned all the required pages, tap Save. The number of pages you scanned is indicated on the button.

The pages that have been scanned will appear in a new note in the Notes app. If additional text or images are required, feel free to do so. This message is no different from any other, after all.

How do I Scan Messages?

Here’s how you scan documents, images, and even add a handwritten signature with your fingertips using the Notes app.

  • Create a new note by opening the Notes app (or selecting an existing one)
  • Select Scan Documents by tapping the Camera button at the bottom of the screen (yes, even if it’s a photo).
  • Place the object you’re scanning in the camera’s field of view. Your document will be automatically scanned if your device is in automatic mode. Tap the Shutter button to scan manually if necessary (or one of the Volume buttons).
  • Tap Keep Scan after adjusting the scan’s corners to fit the page.

At the bottom of your iPhone screen, if you scanned a photo, you’ll also find various editing options, like cropping, adjusting the color and lighting, applying a filter (like black and white), and more. Tap Save after selecting Done.

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