How do I Retrieve Imessages From Verizon?

How do I retrieve imessages from Verizon? If you’ve been seeking an answer to this question, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out to restore your messages on Verizon.

How do I Retrieve Imessages From Verizon?

Deleted Verizon text messages are not always retrievable, but some messages are simple to recover if they were recently deleted. 

Message deletion is not common, but some people delete conversations and set up an autodelete option to remove old messages.

This procedure keeps things organized on the phone and safeguards sensitive information.

It is extremely frustrating and annoying to have your imessages deleted. However, you can retrieve imessages from Verizon using the methods we’ve outlined.

Using Verizon Cloud

Here is how you can retrieve your data through the website and app with Verizon cloud .

On Website

  • log in to your My Verizon account. Go to Account > Add-ons & apps > Verizon Cloud.
  • Press the Manage Add-on from the Verizon Cloud section and choose Access Verizon Cloud.
  • Click the Verizon Cloud web portal from the Access My Cloud section on ‘How to access Verizon Cloud’ page.
  • Click Settings > Trash > Media > Contacts. tap the on the check box of the messages you want to restore.
  • Tap the Restore button and press Ok from the Restore Trash Content dialog.

On App

  • Open the App on your phone and tap the navigation menu from the upper left corner.
  • Choose Settings > Tools > Content Restore.
  • Choose the contact files you want to restore by tapping the check marks.
  • Tap on the Last 3 Months to change the time period. Next, press Ok

Using Verizon Messages App

Install any updates to your phone and the Verizon messages app before you begin the recovery process. Using the most recent version ensures that everything works properly. Wait until all updates have been completed before proceeding if the phone needs to be reset.

Open the Verizon messages app to begin the recovery process. Do not navigate to a specific thread within the app because the recovery works for all threads.

Other conversations are retrieved when the imessages you seek are restored. Remember this in case some of these conversations need a second round of deletions to protect sensitive information.

Choose the menu icon in the upper left corner of the Verizon app and then the “Settings” option. Find and select the “Account” option, then the “Restore Messages” option.

Older phones have a final option to “Restore from SD Card,” whereas newer phones only restore messages from the internal hard drive.

Allow the phone to have some minutes to restore the messages before checking to see if your accidentally deleted messages are still active.

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