How do I Access Google Messages on my iPhone?

How do I access Google messages on my iPhone? Earlier this year, Google introduced Messages for Web as an easy way for iPhone users to text from their computers. However, Messages for Web can go beyond just messaging from your laptop if you’ve got a tablet or an iOS device, you can text from there as well.

How do I Access Google Messages on my iPhone

It could be a useful approach for users who own an Android phone and an iPad or an Android phone or iPhone to communicate remotely. 

An iPod Touch may be able to use it as well. Furthermore, you can create a shortcut to the Messages website on your home screen.

Ways to Access Google Messages on my iPhone

You’ll need an iPhone with the Google messages app installed in order to get started. The majority of iPhones come with this function out of the box.

However, if you have an iPhone or another device made by a different company that doesn’t, you can get Messages for free through the Play Store.

The first time you open Messages after downloading it, it should prompt you to make it your default SMS app. 

Otherwise, go to Settings, then select “Apps & notifications” > “Advanced” > “Default apps,” then select “SMS app.” It will provide a list of all the SMS-sending apps available on your smartphone. Ensure that Messages are chosen.

Open Messages and select “Messages for web” from the overflow menu after installing it and make it the default SMS app on your iPhone

Now is the time to grab your iPhone, iPad, or other devices that you wish to use Messages to connect to. 

How to Access Messages on IOS Devices

You must first open your preferred browser on your iPhone or iPad to get started. Any browser will function, however, if you want to add Messages as a shortcut to your home screen, you must use Safari. 

Search for “messages for web” in the browser. A QR code will be displayed to you on the Messages website. 

A switch that allows you to get the Message “remember this computer” is also available. If you don’t want to have to set this up again later, turn that on.

Finally, take out your device once more, tap the “QR code scanner” button, and then use your iOS device to scan the code. 

The two will eventually link, and you can access your texts through the Messages for Web interface after a brief delay. 

Although not an ideal experience on a mobile device, it works rather well and is fairly quick. It even includes dark mode, however, it deviates from the iOS 13 system toggle.

The final thing to do is to click on the “Share” button followed by “Add to Home Screen” if you want to add Messages as a shortcut to your home screen. 

You may now send messages or access your iPhone using the steps that have been provided in this post. 

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