How Can I See Who my Daughter is Texting?

So it is totally okay to ask questions like “How can I see who my daughter is texting?” As parents, when it comes down to the safety of our loved ones, we do this with all of our strength.

How can I See Who my Daughter is Texting?

Parents have the duty and responsibility to protect their children. 

No matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel to check your children’s text messages, you have to. It will enable you to remain up to date on the most recent events in your life. 

Many children spend more time on their phones, and they might text or do something else.

Now, as a parent, you are concerned about who your daughter is texting and what the content of these messages is.

You can go through this guide if you are a worried parent looking for information on how to track your children’s text messages.

How Can I See Who My Daughter is Texting?

Your daughter might be texting someone you do not approve of or someone you don’t even know and they can get sneaky, hide it, or text while you are not in sight if you react to this habit.

What many parents do not wish is that something out of the ordinary is happening right under their watch and they cannot do anything about it.

In this guide, we will be showing you some of the ways you can monitor your daughter’s text on your iPhone.

How to See your Daughter’s Texts on iOS 

How to See your Daughter’s Texts on iOS 

If your daughter uses an iOS, there are several ways you will be able to see their imessages:

Through iCloud

The very step you need to take if you will be using iCloud is by getting your hands on their Apple ID and password. This way, it’ll be easy to have access to their iCloud .

If you and your daughter both have Apple devices, you can sync the devices and see her text messages via iCloud. Here’s how to do this

  • Go to and log in with your child’s Apple ID.  
  • You can find messages in iCloud and activate synchronization by moving it to the right. 

Note that if you’re using one Apple ID on multiple devices, you need to pick the phone you’d like to monitor. 

Seeing your Daughter’s Text Through Automatic Forwarding 

Another option for you is automatic forwarding, which simply means setting both your devices to send all their received and sent messages to you automatically. Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Open Settings, and go to Messages. 
  • Turn on Send & Receive. 
  • Log in with your Apple ID. 
  • Go back to Settings and turn on text forwarding in Messages. 
  • Select the recipient device and type in the verification code sent to you. 


For children, texting is the favored form of communication. Monitoring your child’s text messages can be quite helpful in letting you know who they are chatting to.

The safety of your children is always your top priority and also monitor your children’s text messages.

You can learn more about the kinds of things your child and his or her buddy exchange by looking through your child’s text messages.

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