How can I See my Messages Without the App?

Looking for ways to see your messages without the App? Then read through this article to find out how you can still see your messages without accessing your app.

How can I See my Messages Without the App?

Most times we can be preoccupied with our desktops and our phone are not nearby, it is important that we find ways to still communicate with our clients or friends without necessarily using the app.

Technology has indeed made life easier for us.

You can still access your messages from your system, and of course, there are various messaging apps that are available for use, from Whatsapp, and Facebook to other instant messaging apps.

How to See your Messages Without the App

There are different ways that you can communicate, and see your messages without using the app. They include:  

Using your Computer

Through messages for Web, which displays the content of your messages mobile app, you can chat with your friends from your computer.

Similar to the mobile app charges will apply when you want to send your messages.

Messages from the web send SMS using a connection from your computer to your phone.

Setting Up your Messages for Web

  • On your mobile device, open Messages. Click  More, Device Pairing.
  • On your computer, open Messages for the web in a browser, like Chrome or Safari.
  • Using your phone, tap to  Scan the  QR code and hold your phone up to the QR code on the web page. 

How to Check your Messages on Facebook Without the App

For other messaging platforms, like Facebook there are various ways you can check your messages without using the messenger app:

Check Facebook Messages on your Browser

Your browser is the primary option for checking Facebook messages devoid of Messenger. To access the Facebook or Messenger website, your browser is required.

The procedures are the same regardless of the browser you are using, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Bing, etc.


The messenger website is another option to access Facebook messages from a browser without using Messenger. The desktop site only supports messages.

You can avoid installing the messenger software even though the link instructs you to do so by configuring your browser to request a desktop site instead.

Switching from a mobile to a desktop site will make it easy to navigate the website. 

Read Facebook Messages Using Instagram

The same person is the owner of both the Instagram and the Facebook Messenger apps. As a result, it permits communication across platforms.

Instagram users can now read messages sent through the messenger app and vice versa.

Create Facebook Messages Bookmark on Home Screen

Facebook messages can be read more quickly by adding them to your home screen and skipping the messenger app altogether.

In other words, the bookmark will let you access pinned chats directly without using Messenger.

It is advisable to try and have other means, by which you can check your messages, this would help you meet up with your client’s needs and other relevant information that is needed for your use.

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