How can I See my Messages on iCloud?

How can I see my Messages on iCloud? Most iPhone users know that iCloud is the best way to keep backups of their data, contacts, and photos. However, did you know that you can also sync your text messages to make it possible for you to access them anywhere on any device?

How can I See my Messages on iCloud

If you can see your messages without necessarily having your phone with you, it is because you can always use your Apple device or a messaging app on your Mac device. 

If you are an iPhone user, you might most times wonder where your messages are on your iCloud. It is normal to be curious about it and also find answers to your questions.

You should know that Apple gives options for its users to check iMessage online. It is very much possible to see your messages on your iCloud using a Windows computer

This post will dwell on providing ways how to view your text messages and iMessages on your iPhone device. 

It will interest you to know that even your iPhone 6 and 6S can also use this feature. Getting your test messages on iCloud is not a difficult one after all, especially if you follow the right steps. 

Can I View iPhone Messages on iCloud?

On your iPhone, the history of all messages including iMessage, SMS (text messages), and MMS messages are saved in iCloud. 

Users can save iMessages to iCloud storage and see iPhone texts on Mac, iPad, and other devices as a result of the new feature Messages on iCloud.

More so, the precise location of your iCloud backup data cannot be disclosed by Apple. At, you can browse photographs, contacts, notes, and reminders, but text messages and iMessages are often not viewable.

How to View Text Messages on iCloud

View iMessage on a Mac

You can always access iMessage and SMS messages on your Mac if you log in with the same Apple ID as your iPhone. 

Additionally, the messages on your iPhone will sync with your Mac if you have iOS 11.4 or the latter (including iOS 13 and iOS 14) and Messages in iCloud enabled.

View iMessage on a PC

Since iMessage is an Apple service, a Windows PC cannot display iMessage in the same way as a Mac machine. 

Using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, or another Apple device is the only way to check or receive iMessage.

Additionally, while the history of your iPhone texts is stored on an Apple server, you cannot immediately access the messages online or read text messages from other phones on iCloud.

However, you might be curious in other situations, such as how to see iPhone text messages on a Windows PC or remotely check Mac text messages.

Does this imply that there is no method to satisfy the need? Obviously not! You absolutely don’t need to restore all of the text messages to your iPhone or check iMessage online, you can check Verizon to help you out. 

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