37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me 2022 in the United States

– Hot Springs Near Me 2022 –

Do you need to unwind? Relax in mineral-rich waters in one of the United States’ natural thermal pools. Which range from Alleghany Springs in Virginia to Chena Hot Springs in Alaska.

However, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest locations to stay. Thus, here you will read about the greatest hot springs in the United States. Ranging from Alaskan pools that are ideal for seeing the northern lights. To a national park named after its geothermal waters.

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Be that as it may, note. In the United States, natural hot springs have long been a favorite road trip destination. Also, there’s nothing quite like bathing in these geothermal wonders’ healing waters.

With the arrival of the cooler season, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the greatest hot springs in the United States. We took sure to point out where you may park your RV while visiting because these are ideal RV locations.

However, note. Naturally, hot springs may be quite harmful, and be careful only to swim safely.

1. Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Valley View Hot Springs is about an hour north of Great Sand Dunes National Park. And features many naturally fed springs tucked among the grandeur of nature.

Hike 400 feet up a trail to find yourself alone amid trees in a 4-foot deep pool. Or swim laps in the naturally heated pool near the cottages.

Also, the temperatures in the different pools range from 93 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the time of year. They also have a sauna that is powered by hydroelectricity.

With eight different pools to select from, you will find the ideal place to take in the scenery.

Additionally, the entire grounds are clothing optional, and RV camping and private cabin rentals are available.

2. Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Burgdorf Hot Springs is the best of the best hot springs in Idaho. It has two hot pools with an average temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius).

And a tiny pool for children to wade in.

Also, the site includes primitive cottages where you may stay. But you must provide your own bedding. The resort is accessible by road during the spring and summer months.

But it is only accessible by snowmobile throughout the rest of the year.

It is open 365 days a year, so you may bathe here even on Christmas Day.

3. Hot Springs Arkansas

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Hot Springs National Park is located north of Hot Springs, Arkansas, in Garland County. It contains 47 natural thermal hot springs.

Long before the advent of Europeans, nearby Native American tribes venerated the healing qualities of the waters. And by the late 18th century, Hot Springs had become a popular holiday destination.

Begin your tour at the visitors center, which is housed in the historic Fordyce Bathhouse. Then proceed to Bathhouse Row, which is home to seven more historic bathhouses.

Of course, you’ll want to take a classic bath at the Buckstaff Baths. Which were inspired by 18th-century European baths.

4. Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Hot Springs State Park offers a free bathhouse.

Located in lovely scenery just a few hours from Yellowstone National Park along the Big Horn River. It’s not much better than seeing bison wander around in the 104-degree hot baths.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are excellent after walking around the park. The naturally created Rainbow Terraces are flowing every 24 hours over 8,000 gallons of water.

5. Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, Alaska

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Take a dip in the wet and sunny vistas around. But you can see the northern lights or aurora borales dancing across the sky while you swim in the highlight.

From September through March are the greatest periods to observe the northern light.

6. Calistoga, California 

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Calistoga, in Napa Valley, is well-known for its many hot springs. Several resorts in the region include mineral pools where guests may relax and enjoy the waters.

For example, Calistoga Spa Hot Springs features four geothermal mineral pools. Including a hot whirlpool and a warm lap pool.

Solage, Auberge Resorts Collection, is home to an enormous spa with a bathhouse. Containing geothermal pools of varying temperatures for visitors searching for a luxury stay during their wine country tour.

7. Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Glenwood Hot Springs, which claims to have the world’s largest hot springs pool. It is a luxury resort with a gigantic pool, water slides, a mini-golf course.

And a luxury spa with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Also, the springs were initially named “Yampah” by the Utes. Which means “big medicine” regarding the healing properties of the mineral water.

The waters include 15 distinct minerals. That when combined, give several health advantages in addition to easing aches and pains.

8. Travertine Hot Springs, Bridgeport, California

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

View the Sierras during your holiday at the Travertine Hot Springs natural around Bridgeport, California. These tiny, rustic pools are the perfect break after a day of trekking in California State Parks, off Route 395.

9. Alleghany Springs, Virginia

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains belong to the wide range from the east of the United States to Canada. Over 100 heat wells may be found within the state, some barely tender, and others over 100F. (38C).

Also, the therapeutic powers originate from the 1600s when an indigenous American found them. There are now two famous swimming pools, Warm Springs and Jefferson Pools, utilized by Thomas Jefferson.

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10. Fifth Water Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

These natural hot springs, approximately an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City. Maybe a little more challenging to get since it’s roughly 2.5 miles from the trailhead with a 700-foot elevation increase.

This location, also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs. It has a waterfall and many bathing pools that appear like they’re right out of a fairy tale, with gorgeous turquoise waters.

They have a somewhat sulfurous odor, but bathing in these pools is the ideal way to cap off the trek up to them. Because this is a popular site, try to visit during the week or early in the morning to avoid crowds.

However, rates are entirely free to use and also, RV camping is available nearby at the Diamond campsite.

11. Faywood Hot Springs Resort

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Bathing in natural hot thermal waters in the middle of the desert is a unique experience. At the rustic Faywood Hot Springs Resort in New Mexico. The resort has several outdoor pools that are all supplied by natural geothermal springs.

There are private pools available in a variety of temperatures. As well as the chance to go skinny-dipping in the “clothing optional” pools, which are popular with naturalists.

Also, there are also some indoor hot baths, as well as self-catering cottages. And a campsite where you may park your RV or pitch your tent for the night.

12. Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores, Colorado

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

In a scenic environment, Dunton Hot Springs, a ghost town center dating back to the 1800s, provides a range of hot spring ponds.

Soak in the bathroom, outdoor pool, or hire the Well House for your own personal experience in thermal springs.

Dunton Hot Springs is a tiny and exclusive resort located deep in the mountains of San Juan. Fully renovated and the ghast city lives on the contrasts.

Handmade log cabins decorated with great flavor. A living lounge that serves high-quality cuisine. Also, this ancient picturesque mining village still offers fast Wi-Fi in every cabin

13. Glen Ivy Hot Springs

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Since 1860, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs in the Santa Ana Mountains have drawn thousands of health-conscious visitors. Just to enjoy one of nature’s finest gifts: naturally occurring hot mineral springs.

When you visit Glen Ivy today, you will enter one of America’s largest health spas. Which has 19 thermal pools and a comprehensive spectrum of spa treatments and activities.

You may get hot and sweaty in one of the new saunas before trying a cleaning red clay mud treatment. A relaxing massage, or a calming facial.

Also, the resort is located across a vast beautiful region and provides excellent nutritious meals to compliment your hot spring experience.

14. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

This enchanting resort is the ideal place for those seeking a luxury hot springs experience.

Secluded pools nestled in the stunning desert terrain provide a one-of-a-kind soaking experience. And an all-inclusive stay includes meals, access to the springs, and activities such as guided walks and farm visits.

15. Boquillas Hot Springs, Big Bend National Park, Texas

A distant hot spring in the United States is difficult to discover. The springs are located just over the Rio Grande River in the Big-Bend National Park in West Texas.

With beautiful views of Mexico on the other river.

It is almost a 2-hour journey to enter the National Park. Before you reach an extremely narrow dirt road leading to the trailhead. It is a short half-mile walk from the parking lot to the springs.

The geothermal heating temperature of the spring water is 105 degrees throughout the year. Hop into the river Rio Grande to cool down from the heat of the springs!

Tariffs are free to use when a charge of $50 per car is paid.

16. Montezuma Hot Springs

montezuma hot springs

Visitors to Las Vegas may get away from the glitz and glamour for a few hours. Driving 6 miles northwest of the Montezuma Hot Springs. Which have been renowned for hundreds of years for their mineral-rich therapeutic properties.

They have dammed the naturally hot and boiling waters into a series of cement pools of different sizes and temperatures. Those are along the picturesque Gallinas River.

Near many ancient structures that you may enjoy after your bath in the pools.

The Lobster Pot and the Africa Pool are two raging natural rock pools for the daring. Entry to these wonderful hot springs is free because they are located and managed on private land owned by the United World College.

17. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Mono Hot Springs, California

mono hot springs

Situated in northern California, the Mono Hot Springs Resort is situated near the Sierra Nevada. The mountains tamped this quiet location, 70mi (113km) southwest of the hubbub of Fresno.

Treat yourself to one of twelve hot springs along the River San Joaquin. Old Pedro is the hottest at 107F (42C) and the Reed swimming pools are a little cooler.

Making it possible to drink longer. Then stop at the fresh trout restaurant fished by the river.

18. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a new mineral springs spa and resort near Glenwood Springs. Which opened to the public in 2015. It was founded by couples Jeanne and Steve Beckley and Coop and Mogli Cooper in 2015.

The facility has soothing and exhilarating pool and spa areas with waters rich in over 14 minerals. Including sulfate and iron, that are recognized for their calming and therapeutic effects.

A huge family pool holds 100,000 gallons of water, and heated pathways Link 16 smaller pools. There’s also an onsite bathroom, as well as the Sopris Cafe, which serves wrap sandwiches and flatbread pizzas.

19. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Warm Mineral Springs

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Warm Mineral Springs, rumored to be the Fountain of Youth sought by the Ponce de Lyon in the 1500s. It is a little-known natural thermal pool near North Port, Florida.

The springs have a fascinating history.

Archaeologists have discovered evidence that they knew the pool to ancient civilizations. Who revered it as a holy location and buried their dead along the pool’s margins.

Visitors may now spend a few hours soaking in the health-giving qualities of the 85-degree waters in a beautiful park-like setting while also making use of a choice of pre-booked spa services.

20. Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

About one hour from the stretch of Las Vegas, the peacefulness of Goldstrike Canyon provides a strong contrast of peace and quiet.

You will discover an oasis of pools with gushing waterfalls after an exhausting two-mile ride, with a little scrapping over rocks and aid from some cleverly positioned cords.

The waters vary between 70°C and 144°C and there are even pools that are deep enough for you to swim. You’re going to hit the Colorado River after you walk another 30 mins from the hot springs.

Pro tip: avoid this high heat increase because numerous heatstroke deaths have happened.

21. Fifth Water Hot Springs, Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

These natural bathing pools, also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, are about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) from the main trailhead and contain many soaking pools and a spectacular waterfall.

Also, the hot springs appear like something out of a storybook, with their beautiful blue waters, and while they have a little sulphurous (eggy) scent, they are ideal for a bath at the conclusion of a trek.

You may generally trek the path without snowshoes in the winter, but you’ll need a four-wheel-drive car to get to the trailhead.

22. Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

hot springs near

In the springs, there is nothing like a soak to calm your tribulations following a tough day on the pistes. In a rural mound scenery, the 104° mineral water is an appropriate temperature to get into the surrounding snow, great for winter visitors.

Note: The park is reserved for adults after dark and optional attire. Strawberry Park also provides a rusty cottage for people seeking a unique camping experience, capped cars, and railroad cabooses.

The entry cost is $20 every day. RV campsite in Steamboat Springs close.

23. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Deep Creek Hot Springs

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

The Deep Creek Hot Springs is in the San Bernardino National Forest near the hamlet of Apple Valley, at the base of a deep fissure.

Also, the springs are accessible by a relatively short 2.5-mile hiking path from Bowen Ranch, which dips rather steeply to Deep Creek — be prepared for a tough climb back up to the trailhead.

After crossing Deep Creek, there are around five or six different hot pools to sample — the water temperature varies from pool to pool and can range from pleasantly warm to very hot.

If you need to cool off, you may jump into the creek’s chilly waters. Bring lots of water as well as sunblock.

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24. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Gila National Forest

When you visit the interesting national monument of Gila Cliff near Silver, New Mexico, it’s worth a walk to view some of the natural thermal baths. A 20-minute walk along route 157 starts at the Gila Visitor’s Center and brings you to Light Feather Hot Springs.

You will discover water pouring from the base of a steep canyon, which is approximately 130 degrees degree.

If you are looking for a longer walk, you may reach the extremely populous Jordan Hot Springs that is around 90 degrees in a very comfortable three-foot-deep swimming pool with mineral-rich thermal waters.

25. Kirkham Hot Springs, Lowman, Idaho

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

Idaho is recognized for its vast open areas and pristine natural beauty. Kirkham Hot Springs is regarded as one of the greatest unspoiled hot springs in the United States, with pools along the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, on the South Fork of the Payette River.

Hot water cascades over the cliff, where you may have a nice shower beneath the waterfall. Even on busy days, you can find a peaceful spot to appreciate the lovely surroundings thanks to the 10 different pools.

The hot springs are free, however, parking is $5, and it offered RV camping at the Kirkham Campground for $15 per night with no hookups.

26. Quapaw Bathhouse, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bathhouse Quapaw is definitely a unique experience in the world of hot springs in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. The waters were over 4,000 years old with carbon and many household names were named after therapeutic waters including Babe Ruth and Al Capone.

A wide range of spa treatments, private baths, and group thermal pools are also available at the Quapaw Bathhouse. Relax in one of the warm mineral pools in a private room, or take a couple toilets beneath the magnificent stained glass ceilings.

Daily prices vary and start at $20 per person and RV camps are valid for $30 a night with full connections in the adjacent Hot Springs National Park at Gulpha Gorge

27. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

The Tecopa Hot Springs Resort, located just east of Death Valley National Park and about 80 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, provides an affordable chance to enjoy the therapeutic mineral waters of the Tecopa Hot Springs.
The resort offers a variety of overnight accommodations, including cabins, lodge rooms, and campsites, all of which include free use of the mineralized hot springs.
There are five private soaking tubs accessible on a first-come, first-served basis; the resort pumps natural thermal waters into these tubs, which are housed in the bathhouse or the hotel, so you may enjoy their healing effects in privacy.

28. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Truth or Consequence’s waters are clean and clear, with temperatures ranging from 98 to 115 degrees and an abundance of beneficial minerals in a neutral pH environment.

Despite being one of the most mineralized waters in the United States, the mineral water here is odorless.

The entire town was constructed around the notion of a strict health regimen of 21 days of soaking to potentially cure-all ails – well, maybe not, but you’ll feel better after taking the waters, resting, and indulging in massages, mud wraps, and reiki sessions.

The Pelican Spa, nestled right amid the bathhouses, is your best choice for similarly pleasant lodging.

29. Umpqua Hot Springs, Clearwater, Oregon

springs near me

You must earn a plunge in the Umpqua Hot Springs. It may reach them through a short.3-mile trek along the North Umpqua Trail, which crosses the North Umpqua River three times.

The path is categorized as moderate because of some higher hills and rougher terrain. In addition, the higher trailhead occasionally closes during the winter months, resulting in a lengthier trek to reach there.

Also, the Umpqua Hot Springs is a collection of tiny pools, one of which is sheltered by a modest wooden building.

Be advised that clothing is not required in these pools, which are becoming increasingly popular with hikers wanting to relax after seeing local sites such as Toketee Falls.

30. Chico Hot Springs, Pray, Montana

Chico Hot Springs has been open for almost a century and is popular among visitors to Yellowstone National Park. The resort, which is located at the base of Emigrant Peak, provides a variety of hotel choices, including a Victorian inn, cottages, and glamping.

You may use the resort’s two outdoor hot spring pools for free if you stay on the premises. You may also purchase a day pass to come for the day – be sure to inquire about the senior discount.

Book a spa treatment and then finish the day with a dinner poolside or inside the old bar before returning to bathe beneath the Montana sky.

31. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Travel back in time to the Victorian era to enjoy the waters in elegance at Eureka Springs’ resort village.

Winding roads lack traffic signals, and old stone cottages and manors will charm the pants off you, successfully preparing you to leap into the bathhouses or the Blue Spring Heritage Center, where the source of all the heat can be found.

This beautiful hamlet, dubbed “America’s Little Switzerland,” will provide you with many opportunities to unwind and enjoy the pure air of the Ozarks.

Stay in the heart of the action at the Basin Park hotel, which is positioned on the corner of one of the city’s most renowned twisting streets.

32. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Tuscan Springs Hotel and Spa

Located in Desert Hot Springs, North of Palm Springs, Tuscan Springs Hotel and Spa provides visitors the possibility to rest, relax and have a drink in a natural spa.

Also, the Hotel residents may spend an hour or two in one of two hot tub spas which are supplied by 117 degrees of natural heated volcanic water or choose to absorb the minerals in a big heated thermal pool that remains at a perfect temperature.

You may pick your hot spring experience from a large variety of therapies. The resort also offers day trips, and as you pass by you are invited to come and enjoy the waves.

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33. The Spring Resort and Spa California

hot springs

Located in Desert Hot Springs, Spring Resort and Day Spa provides tourists a peaceful area where you may have a renowned California Thermal Spring experience.

When you come to visit the peaceful area, where loungers can be found surrounding the three thermal spring pools, a drink of cold water will welcome you.

Also, the waters in the spring are among the warmest waters in the area, and hence offer greater levels of therapeutic minerals full of health advantages. You may enjoy all your wellness and add a massage or other wellness treatment to your visit.

34. Saratoga Springs, New York

37 Best and Amazing Hot Springs Near Me in the United States

A fault line near Saratoga Springs, the horse-racing capital of the world, permits massive volumes of mineral-rich therapeutic water to flow to the surface. While the springs have a sulfurous stench, it is more than tolerable.

Additionally, the water’s flavor, on the other hand, varies from pure freshwater to a hint of salty or sodium bicarbonate. Bring a bottle of water to take home as a memento so that your family and friends can benefit from the therapeutic benefits.

Visit the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa, which employs Saratoga Springs water in their opulent spa treatments, or simply soak away your aches and pains in one of their private bathtubs.

35. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: El Morocco Inn and Spa California

Welcome to the kasbah! You can rest in naturally geothermal waters surrounded by luxurious Moroccan-themed relaxation zones at the El Morocco Inn & Spa in Desert Hot Springs.

Additionally, to soaking your worries away in the natural thermal, mineral-rich waters of the whirlpool bath and pool, you may book a variety of traditional spa massages and treatments, with a focus on all things Moroccan.

Also, the inn’s elegantly designed rooms all face the thermal pool, and you’ll be surrounded by rich jewel-colored textiles and imported Moroccan furnishings to create the perfect setting for a romantic desert hot spring experience.

36. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Miracle Springs Resort and Spa California

The Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, located only minutes from the famed Joshua Tree National Park in the foothills of Desert Hot Springs, promises guests a soothing and rejuvenating hot spring spa experience.

A huge palm-fringed leisure area with eight pools is scenically set against a backdrop of snow-covered Mount Jacinto. Hot mineral waters that flow up from aquifers lying 300 feet below supplied the pools.

Also, the water temperature at the source is around 140 degrees, and the pools are approximately 90 degrees–ideal for soaking and swimming. On-site lodging, eating, and a complete range of therapeutic spa treatments are offered.

37. Hot Springs Near Me 2022: Two Bunch Palms

hot springs near me

Over 70 years, Two Bunch Palms have been delighting visitors – The Springs in the 1940s. Today, when visiting one of the lovely rooms of this Desert Hot Springs, tourists may look forward to a peaceful therapeutic experience.

The water of the aquifer at Miracle Hill provides a peaceful and health-relaxing hot mineral environment and reaches the optimum water temperature of around 99 degrees when reaching the pools at Two Bunch Palm Resort.

You may select from a variety of therapy options, including outdoor pavilions, rest in a rock alcove river and enjoy cool outdoor showers.

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Mineral-rich waters stream underground throughout the United States, sprouting up to provide a natural method to relax and maybe even heal some diseases.

Additionally, you may opt for a modest bath in the heart of the forest or an ultra-luxurious all-inclusive resort–each hot springs experience is as unique as the water that flows through it.

Also, the existence of a continuous line of active, dormant, or even extinct volcanoes along the west coast of the United States handles the country’s vast number of natural hot springs.

Furthermore, the geothermal fluids that seep, trickle, or flow from under the Earth’s surface all along this line of volcanic activity are rich in minerals considered to have health-giving characteristics and have drawn individuals with a variety of diseases for hundreds of years.

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