Home Gym Décor Ideas and How to Style Your Yoga Studio

While setting up your home gym, look at Amazing Home Gym Décor Ideas that you’ll wish were yours. In your home gym, a feature wall creates a focal point for the space and gives you something to look at as you work out! As you read, become acquainted with wonderful Home Gym Décor Ideas.

Home Gym Décor Ideas

What to Know About Home Gym & Décor

A home gym is a little piece of equipment that allows you to execute multiple workouts at once. Multi-gyms, or multis, is another name for them.

These workstations are small enough to fit in a spare room, cellar, or garage, allowing you to lift weights at home. Exercising at home has a lot of benefits.

Gym Decor, on the other hand, refers to the gym’s interior design, which is targeted toward beautification.

Best 21 Small Home Gym Décor Ideas

Making time for exercise may be the last thing on your mind while you care for your children, juggle work commitments, and plan date nights.

If you can’t make it to the gym, why not recreate the experience in the comfort of your own home?

Below are home gym décor ideas you can’t afford to overlook when setting up a home gym to assist make your next training session more efficient and pleasurable.

1. Living Room-Inspired Gym

Design firm Interior Impressions turned a basic gym into a statement space with the addition of an accent wall, featuring floral wallpaper.

However, don’t stop there. If space allows, add a small sofa and accent tables to create a cozy living room atmosphere.

2. Neutral Gym

Sometimes less is more, and this home gym by North Carolina-based design firm, Design Lines Signature, is proof.

A neutral room, complete with elegant wood flooring and towel shelves, keeps the focus on your training regimen.

3. Create Outdoor Access

If you prefer to exercise outside, make sure you create a home gym that you’ll actually use by selecting a location that receives enough of direct sunlight.

The accordion doors in this converted barn by General Assembly open all the way up for fresh air exposure. If you don’t have access to the outside, you could always install a fan to create the illusion of a cool wind!

4. Choose an Elevated Color Scheme

Heather Hilliard made her home gym look lovely by painting it a cool gray color and using gray-toned training equipment.

Everything feels stylish and elevated because to the constant color scheme, which doesn’t sacrifice utility.

A full-length mirror can also help you improve your form while also making a cramped basement or small gym feel much larger.

5. Paint Boldly

Crisp white paint isn’t the only option! In fact, sometimes a moody deep tone enhances the sense of intimacy and simply makes the space cooler.

Here, design firm Sunny Circle Studio used Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, hung abstract art, and incorporated decorative seating.

Home Gym Décor Ideas

6. Optimize for Yoga

A backyard barn was renovated into a beautiful home yoga studio by Leanne Ford. The drooping tree branch is the perfect finishing touch (it’s also a good plant to have on hand if you’re on a budget).

If you don’t have access to a backyard garden shed or barn, consider painting an unused garage white and filling it with beautiful cream meditation couches and mats.

7. Home Rock-Climbing Wall

Climbing rocks is ideal for thrill seekers and a terrific way to work your muscles (it will also be a hit with the kids).

A set of rock-climbing grips may instantly alter a garage.

8. Industrial-Style Basement Gym

Reimagine a drab basement into a functional home gym, like this look from Kirsten Kaplan of Haus Interior Design.

Make the walls a focal point with a bold paint color, statement art, and an inspiring quote that will encourage you to give your workout 100%.

9. Small Living Room Gym

Have you forgotten about your boxing class? Hang a punching bag in your living room to bring the pleasure into your home.

Designer Vanessa Alexander matched the bag with sleek seats and motivational wall art in this small area.

10. A Garage Gym Set-Up

Why not turn your garage into an exercise area if you can afford to give it up?

Designer Marie Flanigan illustrates all you need is a pair of dumbbells, a good-quality mat, and a chair for rest breaks to keep up with your regular workout regimen.

There is a Murphy bed that can be lowered if people need to sleep there, but the floor is otherwise free for exercise equipment.

11. Contemporary Living Room Gym

There’s nothing like outfitting your home gym with colorful equipment to keep you motivated.

Interior designer Kammi Reiss crafted a home gym in New York City that played up her client’s love of vibrant hues and contemporary art.

Using these bright, cheerful colors, rather than the standard black, made the room a fun and happy place to exercise.

12. A Gym With a View

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a breathtaking view, designate a small area in it to exercise.

Designer Taniya Nayak recently transformed a space in her living room outside of Boston into the perfect exercise spot.

The foundation of your workout haven is a basic mat. But don’t worry if you don’t have one.

An area rug with a non-slip backing can also be used for this.

If your floors are hard surfaces like wood or tile, a slipping towel or rug is not a good idea.

13. Bedroom Corner Gym

If you can’t turn an entire room into a gym, use a corner of your bedroom! You don’t need a lot of space to lie down a yoga mat or place your favorite workout machine.

14. Mirrored Look

Keep your form in check by making an oversized floor mirror a part of your gym’s design scheme, as Los Angeles-based designer Vanessa Alexander has done here.

It can even help to brighten up your space.

15. Attic Gym

Rather than overlooking an unused attic, take a cue from designer Benjamin Johnston and transform it into a gym.

Home Gym Décor Ideas

Make sure it’s well-lit and equipped with simple essentials, like a wall-mounted TV, an exercise bike, and some weights.

16. Exercise Nook

Don’t let a small apartment prevent you from breaking out a sweat. Set up an exercise bike in a corner, fill a wall with words that’ll push you to make the most of every session, and you’re all set.

17. Consider an Indoor Pool

Now, this is a good use of basement space.

In this home designed by Breegan Jane, the indoor swimming pool area feels sexy and stylish as well as serene thanks to the circadian rhythm light system that changes color and moderates the internal clock.

Opt for a long, slim design that stretches from wall to wall to accommodate a narrow floor plan and allows you to get in those laps.

If you can’t make yours long enough for laps, install a jet that allows you to swim against the current in place.

18. Separate It With a Pocket Door

If your media room shares a space with a home gym and/or home office, consider creating more separation with a sliding door.

It’ll help delineate the hobbies done there and add a little privacy without taking up all the space a swing door would.

19. Add Whimsy

Have fun with design treatments, like wallpaper and decorative paint on windows and ceiling moldings.

In this former bedroom and now a home gym, plaid wallpaper adds whimsy, and a view of the backyard makes it feel fresh and inviting.

20. Set the Right Mood

Consider how you’ll use the area so you can create the ideal atmosphere that will motivate you to use it.

From the hanging foliage to the ornate wood wall piece and wave-like wallpaper, Regan Baker Design integrated plenty of nature-inspired decors to create a peaceful ambience in this area.

It’s ideal for restorative yoga and other mat exercises.

21. Add Some Spa Features

If space and budget allow, add some bells and whistles, like a home sauna for some post-workout detoxing. Here, Studio Griffiths gave this wooden paneling an inky stain, and then back-lit the walls for added drama (heat-resistant lights are a sauna essential).

This ensures a peaceful transition to the edgy concrete materials used in the adjacent space.

10 Easy Home Gym Decorating Ideas

You can create the ideal home gym with a little imagination, the correct equipment, and some additional room.

These home gym design and organization techniques make it simple to create the home fitness room of your dreams.

Furthermore, whether you have an under-used bedroom, attic or basement, or even garage space!

1. Basement Workout Space

Well use a basement bonus room by turning it into a bright home gym. Rubber flooring, overhead lighting, and mirrors will help keep the space open and inviting!

If you have a bathroom and kitchen in the basement, you can even turn the entire space into a workout suite.

2. Attic Fitness Room

An attic or loft space provides plenty of room for a home gym.

For comfort and air quality, make sure any exposed insulation is covered by drywall, and add a window air conditioner and fans to keep the space cool.

Also, if you plan to use heavy equipment or weights, be sure the floors are properly braced.

3. Creative Art

Use amusing versions of sporting items and equipment as decor, such as a surfboard or skateboard in this example. To keep the enthusiasm in this modern home gym up, quirky, colorful seating and neon wall art is the best option.

A punching bag, such as this one, can also be used as decoration.

4. Lighting

The wide windows create the illusion of being outside, but with the comfort of air conditioning!

They kept the usable floor area mostly empty and dressed it up with whimsical lighting, floating shelves, and some artwork to ensure the room can be used for different activities like reading, resting, meditating, or even as a mudroom.

5. Set the Right Mood

Consider how you’ll use the area so you can create the ideal atmosphere that will motivate you to use it.

From the hanging foliage to the ornate wood wall piece and wavelike wallpaper, use and integrated plenty of nature-inspired decors to create a peaceful ambiance in this area.

It’s ideal for restorative yoga and other mat exercises.

6. Get Organized

You’ll need a schedule if you want to make sure you actually sneak in frequent sweat sessions.

Put up a whiteboard and plan your monthly workouts on it. Pro tip: Use bright colors to make workouts more enjoyable.

7. Down Rubber Flooring

Protect the floors from damage in your exercise room with rubber mats! This home gym flooring idea is both cheap and easy to install.

Not to mention, it helps to reduce the noise of running on a treadmill or setting down heavyweights.

8. Sound System

In your gym room, you must have a sound system! Install speakers in the upper corners of your home gym, or use a Bluetooth speaker for a more portable and cost-effective choice.

Hands-free gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are also useful for switching playlists without getting off the treadmill!

9. Shelving Units

Keep loose items like free weights, jump ropes, kettlebells, and yoga mats organized and off the floor with shelving units. Floating shelves, bookshelves, or wire storage units are all ideal storage for any in-house exercise room.

10. Coat Rack for Exercise Bands

Are you looking for a place to keep your resistance bands, jump ropes, and sweatbands? Repurpose a coat rack that is hung on the wall!

This simple gym organization trick can help you keep your workout area clutter-free and off the floor.

Cool Gym Decor

Do you enjoy working out but despise the monthly fees? Have you ever dreamt of having good Home Gym Décor ideas?

It’s no problem!

Home Gym Décor Ideas

Take a look at these real home gyms, which range from stylish but simple workout rooms to glitzy modern spaces outfitted with the latest fitness equipment, and be inspired to create your own workout haven.

1. Modern Garage Gym Conversion

A monochrome gym with geometric patterned walls is the best argument we can think of for decluttering a garage.

With a statement Sputnik-style chandelier, a gorgeous hardwood floor, and a painted-brick band by the floor, it’s a triumph of interior design but it’s got everything you need to get in regular exercise every day. We feel inspired!

2. Bright Converted Outbuilding With Mirror Wall

This super simple workout studio with its triple mirrored walls, white interior, and pretty purple fairy lights is the perfect place to work on your form.

The brick mural wall and wood flooring give the room a light feel to it, complete with a cute potted plant in the corner for a bit of nature.

Non-slip rubber flooring has been used almost like a rug to protect the floor underneath and provide grip for squats and lunges, and the gabled roof adds some height to the room.

There’s also a clock for monitoring the time, a TV for keeping entertained on the treadmill, and a wall-mounted towel rack.

3. Two-Toned Gym Set Up

Choosing a bright and zingy theme for your training environment, such as this lovely turquoise and white gym, will help you get into the zone.

White walls, a functional storage box, and a contrasting blue wall create a simple yet modern style anyone can achieve in a spare room of their home.

The training mats, which are designed for free weights and cycling, match the floor and feature wall, as well as divide the workout area, and provide some cushioning.

Apparently, this is a great option for Home Gym Décor Ideas

4. Chill Out Den

This hip gym, complete with a plush blue sofa and flat-screen TV, is the ideal setting for a hard workout followed by relaxation and unwinding.

The modern box room is equipped with a variety of equipment, allowing two individuals to work out at the same time.

It’s a functional and basic facility with everything you need in a gym.

Full-length mirrors to check your position, a kettlebell rack, and even lockers for storage, thanks to its pristine white walls, practical laminate flooring, and bright overhead ceiling lighting.

5. Diy Medal Room And Workout Space

What better way to keep yourself motivated than to display your prior medalists and race mementos in your workout area? As seen in this stylish home gym, runners can incorporate their marathon numbers into the decor.

The right-hand equipment storage rack also serves as a healthy snack tray, which is sure to satisfy any hunger pangs. Motivating quotations and posters on the walls will help you keep focused on your goals while working up a sweat.

6. Aerial Yoga Haven

Aerial acrobats rarely get to train at home, so this dedicated room with specialist space is a rare treat, allowing two people to hang out together!

This gym keeps things simple with less equipment, with just a neat corner storage unit, a large mirror, and a mellow sage green feature wall, leaving plenty of space for stretching, dancing, and aerial yoga.

Keep your workout room low-key and minimal to get rid of any unwanted distractions.

It will help use the space you have, regardless of size.

7. Converted Garage Weights Room

Got an enormous garage and not much use for it? How about transforming it into your own personal fitness space? Be sure to add in a workout- friendly floor so you can squat, bench press and deadlift without slipping and to warm up the concrete floor.

8. Stylish Basement Gym

We love this large modern home gym filled with enough essentials for you to work out alone or with friends.

Some of the equipment, like the leg press machine on the left, is multi-purpose which is a great idea for spaces smaller than this one.

Rubber flooring throughout means that every inch of the room is exercise-proof and the large mirrors let you check your squat positions.

9. Custom-Built Garden Gym

A custom-built garden room with your own ideal gym arrangement is available for serious exercisers.

With floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a beautiful pale wooden floor, and a white paneled ceiling, the space is clean and modern.

It also has a built-in air conditioning unit, so you can use it for nearly any type of workout all year.

10. Climbing World

This training room’s rear wall has been creatively transformed into a tiny climbing area, ideal for improving core strength.

Pull-up and resistance training hooks have also been put on the ceiling, making the most of every square inch of space.

There are plenty of workouts to pick from, including a classic treadmill, two exercise cycles, and a gym ball, as well as plenty of room for friends and family to exercise.

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