home depot classes (Did You Know?)
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Home Depot Classes (Did You Know?)

Did you know there are numerous free Home Depot classes available for both adults and children. You have the option of attending in person with your kids or online via live streaming. Sure you want to know more about this. We’ve got you covered, keep reading.

Home Depot Classes (Did You Know?)

What is Home Depot?

The Home Depot is an international retail chain for home improvement items and services based in the United States.

The largest retailer of home improvement products in the US is Home Depot. The corporation generated more than $151 billion in revenue and employed 490,600 people in 2021.

With an Atlanta mailing address, the business has its main offices in Cobb County, Georgia, which is incorporated.

The Home Depot also owns the MRO business Interline Brands, which has 70 distribution sites nationwide and is currently known as The Home Depot Pro. 

Home Depot Free Online Classes


Live, interactive courses offered by The Home Depot are intended to teach consumers how to take care of their houses.

Home Depot employees may assist you with anything from organizing and cleaning to taking on specific projects through these programs.

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Home Depot Kids Classes


Free kid seminars used to be offered by The Home Depot. Over the past few years, they have stopped hosting these activities.

Nowadays, many Home Depot locations give away free kid-friendly workshop kits at the beginning of the month in place of the workshops.

More Things to Know

A hammer, fine sandpaper, wood glue, and everything else you need to build an airship are all included in these kits.

On the Home Depot website, there is a video that shows you how to create step-by-step.

Check to see if the kits are available before you leave for the store. These kits are frequently distributed at the customer service desk at many establishments.

Seasonal Workshops

Home Depot Classes (Did You Know?)

You can now learn how to defend yourself and your family from storms and the fire season in our free, interactive seminars thanks to Home Depot’s seasonal workshops.

DIY Spring Lawn Prep

The best time to get your grass ready for springtime lawn care is around the end of winter. Now is the time to begin making plans for the best lawn maintenance.

You’ll learn how to safeguard your yard from pests and various seed mixtures in this class.

Fire Safety Workshop

You can learn how to safeguard yourself and your family from fire threats with the help of this on-demand workshop.

Additionally, you’ll discover how to set up carbon monoxide detectors and write a fire escape plan.

Wildfire Preparation Workshop

In order to keep their families and houses safe in the event of a fire, participants are given the necessary training by our instructors.

Owners of their own houses are the perfect audience for this program.

Home Depot Classes (Did You Know?)

Below are some facts about Home Depot that you should know;


1. A Man Tried to Cut Off His Arm in a Store

Here is one more unrelated tidbit about Home Depot. Numerous odd things have happened in Home Depot stores over the years.

While some of these stories are humorous, others are ominous. The incident when a man attempted to cut off his own arm at one of Home Depot’s stores is an illustration of the latter.


2. Home Depot Employs 385,000 People

One of the largest employers in the country, Home Depot employed approximately 385,000 people in 2016 in both its corporate offices and retail locations.

Many people are shocked to find that despite having a vast workforce, there is still no organized labor.

Store employees in Detroit were offered the chance to request union representation in 2004, but they decided against it.

They would have been the first retailer to do this if they had established a union.

3. Home Depot Uses Product Mix Tricks

Home Depot intended to give the impression to its new consumers that it was already doing a ton of business when it first opened its stores.

Additionally, they sought to give the impression that their vast stores were stocked to the gills with goods by giving them a warehouse-like appearance.

Empty goods packaging was one tactic they employed to do this. These empty goods cartons were placed on the uppermost shelves, out of reach of customers.

This contributed to giving their businesses the appearance of a warehouse and giving the impression that they had a ton of inventory.

4. Home Depot Funds a Project at Duke University

Home Depot is supporting the “Home Depot Smart Home,” which is a fascinating experiment at Duke University.

Ten upper-class engineering students will be living in a specially constructed residence on campus as part of this initiative.

The home is constructed to resemble a laboratory. While residing there, the students are required to gather data and provide comments regarding cutting-edge technology in the home.

Home technology, security and surveillance equipment, communications, entertainment, energy-efficient technology, and environmental technology are all included in this.

Conclusively, you should know that many people are unaware of the lengthy and fascinating history of Home Depot but fortunately for you, you know now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lowes or Home Depot Higher Quality?

Home Depot is of higher quality.

2. Is Home Depot Owned by Lowes?

Absolutely not.

3. Is Home Depot Older than Lowes?

Home Depot is not older than Lowes.

4. Is Lowe’s Owned by Walmart?

No, it is not.

5. Is Lowes Black Owned?

Lowe’s is not black owned.

6. Who Owns Home Depot?

Bernie Marcus.

7. Who is Bigger Home Depot or Lowes?

Home Depot is bigger than Lowe’s.

8. Who is Lowes Owned by?

Carl Buchan.

9. Who Owns Walmart Now?

Walton family.

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