6 Highest Paid Clinical Trials: You Can Earn Up to $6000

– 6 Highest Paid Clinical Trials: You Can Earn Up to $6000 –

Are you willing to participate in paid clinical drug trials? If so, this will bump up your bank balance so knowing the facts is super important before you sign up for medical trials.

6 Highest Paid Clinical Trials: You Can Earn Up to $6000

It can be a way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time to participate in paid clinical trials, but there are serious potential downsides so be very clear about those if you go in for this.

You can receive anything from £ 100 to about £ 5,000 depending on what kind of trial you’re taking part in, how intrusive the trials are and how long they take.

But if the £5,000 figure impresses you, ask yourself, how much could this ‘treatment’ harm my body to pay me so much money?

What is Involved in Clinical Trials

There are various types of clinical trials for money that you may be able to partake in. Drug trials are probably the most common as every new drug has to go through testing before it can be widely used.

You would be involved in Phase One testing as a health voluntary. Phase one drugs are tested in laboratories and on animals before this, but Phase One is when the drug is first administered to humans.

The aim is to measure what happens to the drug once it is in the human body to the point where it has been excreted.

This may well involve staying for a period of days in free accommodation, where food and entertainment are usually provided for free.

Even though this type of testing is closely monitored and rarely causes serious problems, there is always the risk of being the first human being to test a drug and we will say more about it later.

Just be aware of what you get into before signing up.

In fact, before you look for yourself at any possible drug trials, you should recall this trial where things went horribly wrong for some of the human testers.

There’s also a good article on clinical trials here today on the BBC website.

Other types of testing are less common so they will be harder to find and need to be in the right place at the right time, but they don’t bear the same risks as drug testing.

These experiments include psychological tests, studies on sleep deprivation, and food and diet research.

Do You Meet the Criteria for a Clinical Trials?

Many paid experimental trials would have unique criteria that you must meet to participate.

Though age is typically not a factor (typically anyone between the ages of 18–75 is fine), you’ll probably need to be in pretty good health, a non-smoker, and not too much drink either. We know that the latter can already rule a lot of us out …

On the other side, other trials may ask for individuals with particular needs and ailments, such as asthma sufferers, women on the contraceptive pill, or diabetics – it all depends on the type of trail you’re taking part in.

Only make sure you know what you’re signing up for – and don’t lie about anything you do!

How Much Can You Make?

The amount of money you will make depends on what trial you participate in, how long it is going on and how intrusive the trial is going to be. You can gain anything from pounds a few hundred to pounds a few thousand.

Trials4us, for example, do overnight trials and match up to £ 120 for every 24 hours you spend with them. They have tests for people with frown lines/crows feet that cost £ 720 but also have trials for good volunteers costing up to £ 1,750.

FluCamp, which is based in Whitechapel, London, is one of the highest paying clinical trials you can take part in. They bid up to £ 3,750 to participate in one of their studies.

However, their clinical trials last between 10-18 days, including having to catch some kind of cold, flu or respiratory infection and the medications can be not only nasal sprays and tablets, but also injections and drips.

As with most clinical trial accommodation, you are provided with a room and entertainment, such as a television and games consoles. For some this might sound like the easiest way to make £3,750 they have heard of, for others it might sound like a nightmare.

The Highest Paid Clinical Trials 


Convance assists in conducting clinical research trials on behalf of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms worldwide. As more drugs enter the market, more study persons are needed. It is here that they appear.

This business has a few branches scattered across the US with some studies costing more than $8,000! However, even if a place is not nearby, taking advantage of the drive may be worthwhile. To see if it makes sense, you just need to do the maths.

Just click on the “Browse Studies” tab to find a study, and then filter your findings to see what’s nearby. Again, if a study isn’t nearby, be sure to read

Trials 4 Us

Trials 4 Us is the UK’s main clinical research organisation, evaluating medicines for different disorders and diseases.

They offer accommodation with unrestricted access to gaming and internet, and rates of up to £120 a day.

Trials 4 Us also provides money to donate blood (if you suit the right type of blood) and some trials include paying psychological tests as opposed to drug-taking.

ClinicalConnection.com acts as a third-party provider to help you find clinical trials in your field. They had quite a few studies, which could not be find anywhere else.

To use, when you have one, all you need to do is enter your zip code along with a health condition. That is not important.

In addition to being able to search in the USA, they also have an international alternative.

National Cancer Institute

All the clinical trials you find on the NCI website are cancer related and licensed by the NCI.

If you are at risk or battling cancer now, you may want to look at their website to see if there is anything worth it. You will need to enter your cancer form, your age and your zip code to find a paid cancer clinical trial.

In doing so, you can browse through the several clinical trials funded by the NCI. Here you can see a summary, eligibility requirements, places, goals, and much more.

If you are involved in any, please contact the coordinator for more details.

6 Highest Paid Clinical Trials: You Can Earn Up to $6000


FluCamp has over 25 years of running clinical trials, and their key goal is to find common cold and flu remedies.

You should expect to make £100 or more if you are picked and the trials appear to last for 10 to 14 days. Only be conscious that during this time you will be in quarantine.

You can scan more than 300,000 + clinical trials in more than 209 countries. Maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

By far, if you live outside the United States, that is your best choice. In addition, it has the most available research.

You will find a study straight on the main page to use. Look for a condition (use safe if there are no conditions) and at least include your geographical position.

By recommending that you use advanced searches as you can narrow down the results to the particular demographic benefit.

Once on the results page, make sure you click on “recruiting”. This only shows the studies you can apply for right now.

When you find a study of interest, click on it, read through it. Make sure it’s something you’re interested in and then contact the researcher for more information.  All information can be found near the bottom of the page under the “Contacts” subheading.

Clinical Trials seem to offer the most trials of the list mentioned above. But you will have to jump through some hoops to find out what you could get paid.  To me, that’s the only annoying part.

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