Hardware Stores Near You (Home Improvement Stores in USA)

Hardware and home improvement stores are important places to check for home remodeling projects and repair tools and equipment, whether you are looking to remodel your home or to do any random project that requires some hardware.

Hardware Stores Near You

Best Hardware Stores in the USA

Here is a list of the Best Hardware Stores in the USA for remodeling your home or random project.

1. Newtown Hardware – Newtown, PA

Newtown Hardware - Newtown, PA

Located on historic State Street, in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Newtown Hardware has been serving customers continuously at this location since 1869.

But what makes this store stand out is the personal help and special services it provides.

They still cut keys, repair screens, rewire lamps, and re-glaze windows at Newtown Hardware, securing the store a reputation as a community treasure.

2. Chagrin Hardware Supply

Chagrin Hardware Supply

Chagrin Hardware has evolved over the years but one thing hasn’t changed: its dedication to customers.

This independent hardware store has been operating on Main Street in Chagrin Falls, Ohio since before the Civil War.

Today the 19th-century shelves (some made out of old ammunition crates) hold 21st-century products, ready to serve the modern-day needs of today’s homeowners.

3. Bryant Hardware

Bryant Hardware

Bryant Hardware has a friendly, knowledgeable staff that is ready to help you find anything you need for your next project.

But they also have a large inventory of obscure hardware and architectural details, perfect for those undertaking a historic home renovation. The atmosphere is friendly while being a one-stop shop for the needs of its local customers.

4. Larson’s Hardware Hank – Osagie, IA

Larson's Hardware Hank - Osagie, IA

Hardware Hank, located on Main Street in Osage, Iowa, has been owned and operated by the Larson family since 1979. It maintains a family.

They sell everything from automotive and building products to ranch and pet supplies. Customers can stop in to get a chainsaw sharpened, rent a carpet cleaner, and apply for fishing and hunting licenses—all in the same trip.

5. Felton Hardware – Felton DE

Felton Hardware - Felton DE

At Felton Hardware, they have everything you need to get the job done, all in one place. The store may be well-stocked but according to the local fan, Matthew Windsor, “It’s really about the staff, not the stuff,” at Felton Hardware.

The employees are both knowledgeable and eager to help their inquisitive customers find the right tools and materials for the task at hand.

That sterling customer service makes this independent hardware store one of Delaware’s finest.

6. Fusek’s True Value Hardware – Indianapolis, IN

Fusek's True Value Hardware

Fusek’s Hardware is a True Value store located in Indianapolis. They believe in locals helping each other out because they will deliver within a five-mile radius absolutely free.

So you can stay at home and order online.

Because they are partnered with True Value, you can get any True Value item delivered site-to-store to keep your favorite items in stock at your local hardware store. If you live near Indianapolis, you can’t miss this store.

7. Fuller & Son – Arkansas

Fuller & Son - Arkansas

This hardware store has made America’s Best Hardware Stores list more than once. Their slogan is, “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” implying that they have everything that you could need in a witty way.

Like any good hardware store, Fuller & Son employs people who have been trained and are knowledgeable in all things hardware.

So not only can they help you find something, they can give advice too.

8. Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware, San Antonio, TX

Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware

San Antonio is a town with a lot of character and this shop is no exception, fitting in nicely with the lovely city.

Not only can you find everything you need at Sunset Ridge, but you can also find something extra.

Their extras are run-of-the-mill items, but hardware and home decor items you’ll fall in love with immediately.

You’ll always leave with more than you intended. Which can be a pro or a con, depending on the day!

9. Sloan’s Hardware – Vonore, TN

Sloan's Hardware - Vonore, TN

Sloan’s focus on serving its customers has made it a superior one-stop-shopping experience since 1901. How does this independent operation compete?

They cater to their local clientele and offer groceries and sporting goods along with full-service hardware. Sloan’s Of Vonore is everything! They are a hardware store, convenience store, and sporting goods store all in one.

Yes, they even have a small restaurant so you can grab lunch while you’re at it. Because this store has it all, you won’t need any other store.

10. Our Hardware–Baton Rouge, LA

Our Hardware–Baton Rouge, LA

Our Hardware doesn’t look like much when you’re driving by it, but after taking a step inside, you’ll be surprised you ever passed by it without noticing its charm.

The inside is adorable, with a personality to boot.

But the real reason that everyone loves it so much is that the owners are friendly and welcoming. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep people coming back again and again.

Check it out if you’re in the area.

11. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a nationwide hardware chain that sells what you need for home improvement and more.

Why Ace Hardware is the Top Hardware Store: With frequent sales online and in-store, you can save money by price shopping with Ace.

If you head to one of their locations, you can take advantage of the range of services they offer, from key cutting to painting matching and more.

12. True Value

True Value

True Value Hardware Stores offer great prices and discounts on everything from hardware to housewares. With seasonal sales on items you need when winter or summer rolls around, you’ll be able to rack up the savings.

DIY enthusiasts will also love their website’s Projects section, which is packed with detailed how-to’s for weekend warriors.

13. Brother’s Hardware, New York, NY

Brother's Hardware

As you may have guessed Brother’s Hardware is owned by two brothers. Being a family business, its goal is to make life as easy for families as possible.

They’re always helpful and willing to lend a hand.

They offer the best prices in the area which is saying something for a New York business because there’s always a lot of competition in the city.

This time, the small-time business, Brother’s Hardware won that competition.

14. Newton Hardware

Newton Hardware

Newton Hardware is more than just useful, it’s also aesthetically alluring. When you step onto this street, you’ll feel you’re stepping back in time.

Until you step into the store, of course, which has been modernized.

Newton Hardware is so popular that they now have its own clothing line, food line, candle line, and more. All are exclusively available through them.

Now that would make sure you have souvenirs for everyone! 


15. Hardware Hawaii Kailua — Oahu, Hawaii

When you think of a small-town hardware store, you probably don’t picture Hawaii. But Hawaii needs hardware stores just like every other state does.

Hardware Hawaii Kailua is one of the best hardware stores in Hawaii. Because of the location, Hardware Hawaii Kailua specializes in hurricane protection.

So you can make sure your home is safe from natural disasters even if you’re new to the area and don’t know where to start. 

How Many Home Improvement Stores are in the USA?

There are 13,444 stores from seven home improvement stores in the US. Ace Hardware is the largest home improvement chain with 4,118 stores present in all 50 states.

True Value has the second-largest presence, with 2,266 stores.

The Home Depot comes third with 1,976 stores. Many home improvement chain stores are one-stop destinations for all house-related needs, from construction materials to furniture, home decor, and accessories.

Home Improvement Stores in the US

Below is a list of Home Improvement Stores in the US

Ace Hardware Locations

Ace Hardware Locations

The largest home improvement store Ace Hardware has 4,118 stores across the US. The states with the most stores are California (358), Florida (269), and Texas (223). 

Ace Hardware is the world’s largest hardware retail cooperative, and the biggest non-grocery American retail cooperative. 

According to J.D. Power, Ace Hardware ranks number one in customer satisfaction with customers preferring quick service and offline shopping as compared to its competitors.

Home Depot Locations

Home Depot Locations

There are 1,976 Home Depot stores across the US. The states with the most stores are California (233), Texas (181), and Florida (155)

In terms of retail e-commerce sales, Home Depot ranks fifth, after Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Apple.

The pandemic has led to a surge in the number of people indulging in home improvement activities which have benefited Home Depot by driving its share price up 15.5%.

In 2017 Home Depot released One Home Depot, a multi-year strategy with an $11 billion investment to create a frictionless interconnected shopping experience.

Tractor Supply Locations

There are 1,921 Tractor Supply stores across the US. The states with the most stores are Texas (212), Pennsylvania (98), and Ohio (96)

Tractor Supply Company has been gaining strength in demand for summer seasonal categories and everyday merchandise. Including consumable, usable, and edible products.

The company’s omnichannel investments include curbside pickup, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, a re-launched website, and a new mobile app which contributed to digital sales growth.

Lowe’s Locations

Lowe's Locations

There are 1,727 Lowe’s stores across the US. The states with the most stores are Texas (142), Florida (126), and North Carolina (113).

Between February and April 2020 foot traffic rose at Lowe’s stores by 21%.

This was when retail visits and spending in the US collapsed. Lowe’s has also better targeted young homeowners through a millennial-focused marketing campaign and is expecting to outperform Home Depot.

Harbor Freight Tools Locations

Harbor Freight Tools Locations

There are 1,101 Harbor Freight Tools stores across the US. Harbor Freight is America’s go-to retailer for low-cost power tools, generators, jacks, tool boxes, and other items.

The states with the highest number of stores are California (358), Florida (269), and Texas (223). The states with the least number of stores are Illinois (60), Wisconsin (44), and Minnesota (40).

Menards Locations

Menards Locations

The Midwest chain Menards has 335 stores in 15 states.

While Menards might not have quite the same amount of stores on the rest of this list, it has become a well-known Midwestern chain that holds its own against competitors like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Menards prides itself on being the low-price leader in the home improvement industry and is known for its special deals and rebate offerings.

And while it’s a home improvement retailer at its core, Menards also sells food, mattresses, and personal care products.


Hardware and home improvement stores have shaped a unique path by providing quality products for home remodeling projects and DIYs.

This article has pointed you to various hardware and home improvement stores in the United States, we hope you found it helpful.

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